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  1. I'm not the best artist but i am a game developer, so here is a screen shot
  2. I kind of forgot to be honest, but i started when i heard about it back in 2014. to this now day I am now striving to be a better 'mancer.
  3. I want to say i am sorry if i came off as rude or overconfident to anyone. I am going to tulpamance a tulpa properly for now on out, I've kept my main 4 for my own reasons (probably because i trust them a lot) the others i kinda forgot, that being said what you see on my signature is what i have, i will not give up. That being said i would like to thank everyone for your help with my tulpamancery experience, i promise to tulpamance better.
  4. I've successfully recalled all my tulpas, and for the most part they aren't mad at me, they kinda enjoyed a little down time, i forgotten some of my older tulpas because not all of them where kind or nice to my younger ones and i wasn;t going to recall any of them if they aren't going to be kind. I've decided to do what the others told me to do, keep the ones i successfully made. That being said they went through some changes, Red is now a foxie along with blue, Archimedes is a owl and Claudia is a ghost cat. I'm not going to play pokemon until i am ready for it. so for now i decided
  5. i would also like to than you lot for giving me a proverbial kick in the rear to get me back on the right path.
  6. i won't lie to you lot, i want to have more than one tulpa but it is difficult for me to remember them all, but you all are right.. i shouldn't trat my tulpas like that, and this one won't be treated like that either. it's just recalling them all is a kinda hard thing for me..
  7. I am not all that worried about negative attention in the Tulpa community I enjoy having my Tulpa and if people don't like it... not my problem
  8. 1. Partnership 2. Wonderlands and making games the will reinvent 3d rpgs. 3. Fun. 4. A good friend that appeals to my favorite things cats and ghosts
  9. Claudia seems to like it when I rub behind her ears. So I would imagine that you can touch them.. if for darker intent... I guess that can happen too.
  10. I know it sounds silly but I tried to summon my Tulpa but I don't seem to have any anymore so I created my ghost cat Tulpa. All is going good but I feel kinda at half strength with my focus and I have difficulty with focusing on her will this go away when I just keep forcing with her?
  11. I regard them as Important NPCs. I made my world to run like a rpg. As for my official tulpas I have Archimedes and Aqua as my "main" Tulpas and a few entities as friends and family and about a few servitors. I hold them in high regards!
  12. Archimedes and Aqua seem to have a slight rivalry with each other , at best it is a friendly one, at worse it is a hostile rivalry. They stare at each other with a slightly agitated look on their face. I guess they are competing to be my favorite.
  13. Aqua and I get intimate sometimes Aqua is a girl gel cat and she is Pretty "sticky" as she calls it for me She is usually the first one I see purring and Rubbing her paws on my face to wake up It is pretty cute I guess.
  14. While I have had red and blue I guess they merged into Archimedes and I feel that I am happier with my beloved rowlet. He has really Made me feel something that I haven't felt since I was 12... actual joy...!! For this my Dear friend, Archimedes I personally thank you
  15. So far I can see his eye mask thing and his beak, It is pretty freaky so see it at night but I will keep at it until I can completely manifest Archimedes.
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