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  1. I do in fact practice meditation, but my problem is more with passive narration, while doing other things like walking the dog ore washing dishes.
  2. Recently during a conversation with my Tulpa I noticed that he would answer in different ways to the same questions. After some research I found out that some of the answers were made up by my brain. I have no problem differentiating between the real ones and the fakes. My question is if there's any way to calm your brain down and to make it not interrupt?
  3. Thanks for all the replies (read all of them). It always surprises me for friendly and helpful the people here are. It's the best before I go to bed, and the thing is that it feels like him. I'm pretty sure what I'm hearing is for the most part not hypnagogic hallucinations since I have experienced those a few times. Those don't tend to be wholse sentences with pauses and different intonations. For me they're short sounds like names or bangs. I agree most with Phaneron/Quilten's idea.
  4. I was successful in developing some simple communication with Gordon, but there's still a LOT of progress to do. We communicate best right before I go to bed. The odd thing is that Gordon doesn't use his own voice, he replies with voices of people that I have met or heard, using a phrase or a word that they've said. It doesn't sound like he's making the replies himself but is playing back (parts of) sentences, with their initial intonation, emotion etc. Is this a 'normal' stage of development that will solve itself? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks Linkzelda for your exhaustive (and helpful) relpy :)
  6. I've been working on my tulpa for a few months and he's vocal now. I usually ask him 'yes or no' questions because it's easier. The thing is that for a positive reply he answers 'of course'. Nothing else, not a 'yeah' or a 'yes' it's always 'of course'. The last question is about replies. My tulpa likes to coment on things I do. Videos I watch etc. The things he says don't come through like speech it's more of a thought relay where he sends his 'thought' into my brain and I don't hear it I just know that's what he meant. Is this a problem or will this change overtime as he develops? For the past few days I've been getting songs stuck in my head. It's not like usually where it stays around and when you change the subject it fades away. I think my tulpa has something to do with this because the songs sit in the back of my head and play like a recorder. Doesn't matter what I do, they're always there. They change form time to time but there's always music in my head. Is this caused by my tulpa? or is it just some nonsense? Sorry if something doesn't make sense.
  7. Another question. This one is a little more complicated. Why is my Tulpa vocal in my dreams but not IRL? I get the exact same feelings in dreams that I get IRL when thinking about my Tulpa (shivers, head/ear pressure, etc.). The only difference is that he actually answers in dreams. Is it just me?
  8. This is probably for more experienced Tulpamancers. I've been working on my Tulpa, he's not quite vocal yet. And noticed that every time I call him I feel this awkward feeling running down my spine (like a shiver). Sometimes is pronounced enough to make me my hand shake a little. This morning I woke up @ 5:30 and fell asleep again, after that I had a very realistic dream of that morning. At one moment of the dream I called my Tulpa by his name and that sent a shiver so strong that it shook my whole body. Like being stun gunned. Now a few questions Is the whole shiver thing normal? Do Tulpae interact with you in a dream like IRL? Can they make you aware that you are dreaming and make you lucid or are they restricted like any person sleeping?
  9. No. I noticed as a general statistic that the smaller the community the more intelligent it is, has less trolls etc. etc. From the Tulpa's point of view you'll get a lot of people that just heard of them and will try to make one themselves without any proper idea, or use them in the wrong way, leaving many Tulpae harmed. I think our community should remain (relatively) small.
  10. I'm quite new to the forum and tulpamancing in general. Sorry if this is a noob question or if I use some of the vocabulary incorrectly. For the past 6-7 days I've been forcing I've got a rough idea of my Tulpa's form (so he can decide himself) and I'm about half way through creating the personality. I'm pretty sure I'm doing everything right. I know it's different for everybody, but is it normal at this stage to feel strong emotions (friendship or even love) towards your Tulpa?