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  1. A companion would always be nice. I'm tend to get ronery sometimes, so i figured a tulpa would be the way to go, as I have a bad case of social anxiety, because of which i am unable to go out into the world and make real friends. The memory recall is great too and would do wonders for my performance in school as well as self improvement, which I strive for most in life.
  2. Seriously though, it doesn't need to be anything special. I'm absolutely fine with Tulpa info. It's simple, yet informative. It also implies we're a modest and simple community. At least, that's what I like to think.
  3. Hello. I am also Albatross. Do not be fooled however, as the other one is but a clone of me. I haven't started a tulpa yet, but i do plan on it when im done with school.