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    I was born weird,then I became a reject,and then an eccentric.
  1. Did you miss me? I like my coffe without sugar,so I guess no.
  2. Hello hello,so I'm back from the trip, and I finally have wi-fi. So I 'll tell you what happened, active sessions. A lot of active sessions. the good news is that he's sentient. Bad news is he isn't vocal. Neutral news is that he likes to bombard me with emotions. Another exciting(?) thing is that he has a feminine side. He likes to shapeshift between his female -male forms. (And yes, we still haven't sorted out his name.) I've worked a lot on visualizing and got the two forms near perfect, stabilized his personality, narrated (at least I tried? ) ,long story short, got shit done. Though I didn't work on our wonderland at all...I'll have to do that. Oh and I forgot, I also drew his forms today. Because he wanted it,and I think he understood that I draw like a friggin ten year old. Now he wants me to upload them. He counts me trying to draw his forms as progress, I guess. *Sigh* I never even attempted to draw something else then lines before,regardless,I don't want to break his precious little essence,so... Welp,it won't let me upload it because the size is too big. I don't have the programme to reduce the size,so it'll have to wait.
  3. I am indeed impressed with them. Next person has a thing for cookies.
  4. Going on a trip in 3 days, the travel is going to take near 8 hours and I plan on tulpaforcing like crazy in those 8 hours. I talk to him and work on visualizing him passively but not actively and hopefully that travel will make up for the lack of active sessions.
  5. oh, whatever. This place is getting more macabre every minute. First suicides, then lost corpses and land mines. *hops into car * I'm leaving. The throne's all yours. *Rides into the sunset while Happy plays in the background *
  6. *wakes up * wait, where'd the corpse go? did someone take it?
  7. *wakes up and notices the corpse * WHAT THE HELL?! *faints again*
  8. Forced for near one hour today. Weird sensations, stomach ache (?) and a general state of confusion.Visualized and parroted, also worked on the essence a little bit. I really can't seem to get a hold of this narration thing, I remember it being hard before but I almost don't talk to him at all now. I will try reading books &creepypastas to him though, hopefully they make up for the general lack of communication with him. I decided on writing little letters to him, you know, in my head, instead of talking to him in my mind voice. This is a good solution I think. But would it get in the way of him developing a mindvoice?
  9. ...but tulpas were too cool to give two shits about laws, so they decided to...