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    I'm just a small town guy where I live, I'd like to be friends with lots of people in person, or on the web, the most that I do is hang around with my friends, we do lots of stuff like, mudridin, fishin, snake huntin, frog catching, or just running around, and when I'm with my brony friend, we hang around his house or at the park, or just walk around. Now what I do when I'm not with my friends is being bored, its seriously boring when I'm not with my friends, but then I get out of the house and jog or workout, the reason why I jog is cause, I was really chubby last year, I still am, but not as much as I was back then, never again will I be that chubby....I hope, but I won't be chubby like that ever again cause I love jogging and working out, but I love jogging even more, because I feel freedom cause of it, it feels good, but that's it of me, there's not much to say but that, but I hope whoever reads this has a happy day or night, especially if they have a tulpa
  1. So I created a little wonderland a week in a half before school started for me, its just a little living room with two doors that lead to other rooms but I'm not gonna go through them let until I feel like adding on to it, there's a door going outside that I'm not going through either, a couch, a t.v, two Windows and two lamps. Ok, I make it so I can improve on my visualization, but when school started, I couldn't visit my wonderland for a bit, but I started to visit it again last week, so a few days ago, I was in my wonderland, and I was looking through one of the droors of the office like dresser with a lamp on it, the dresser is like one you see in a office room, that you put stuff in , so I opened the bottom one, and I see a rubber ball rolling around in it, it starteld me, now I know that yall were thinking that I was going to say something exciting happend, but the thing is, the rubber ball I saw, was a very special thing to be that I lost a long time ago, that rubber ball is what my first and best friend gave to me years ago. The thing that really startled me was that I completly forgot about that ball, but now I remember it, I wish I never lost it, has anything weird like that happend to yall in yalls wonderland? And I hope I described everything good enough to yall
  2. Thank you for that answer amber, now I know that I was doing it right lol, thanks for that, oh god, now I want an Apple right now, like badly
  3. Can yall help me with this, this has been bugging me for a while about visualization. Is it like imagining something until you feel like you can see it or really vivid? The same thing goes for the tulpa, I'm just confused about it
  4. Thanks for the answers everyone, yall have great answers and amber, that journal idea is cool, when I make a tulpa ill try that, because that is a really good idea, thank you for that
  5. I wish I can try this, this is a very good idea, but I'm not that good at visualization yet, but when I am, ill try this
  6. Wow, that's not bad, atlest you all do something with your tulpa, I can't because I haven't made one yet, because I'm trying to improve my visualization, but soon I will make one
  7. What do yall do with your tulpa in your wonderland (if yall have one) what do yall do with your tulpas, do yall play a game of cards, teach lessons to each other, play games, go on adventures like exploring yalls wonderland or searching dungeons for items, spar with each other or death match, or do yall role play, I would tell yall what I'm doing with my tulpa, but I haven't made one yet, I'm still practicing my visualization. So if yall want too, tell me what yall do with yalls tulpa (and sorry for all the yalls, also I'm new here)