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  1. Granted. You can't control it and different parts of you are immediately teleported to the center of the earth, the sun, outer space, inside a rock, and your head replaces one of a department store mannequin, making the whole situation a lot creepier than it needed to be. I wish I could open the Adobe install manager on this laptop so I could finally be able to adjust the settings to view PDFs.
  2. Welp!!!... Yea, you're getting ahead of yourself. Hee. Imposition isn't something you should attempt until you have form and personality down 110%. But for future reference, it takes a -very- long time. From what I've seen, it takes around a year, but some have gotten to where they can see them (just not super well) in several months. Even master tulpamancers can't seem to break it in a short amount of time. It's just extremely difficult. But you can do it if you put your mind to it! Just slow down, focus on making your tulpa and getting to know them. Imposition is the absolute last thing on the list.
  3. No problem! Always happy to help. Feel free to PM if you have any more questions or anything like that.
  4. Either or! It makes sense to talk to them in your head if there are others around. But if you -can- talk to them out loud without risk of people asking you questions, it helps a bit. It has to do with brain chemistry. (My sister is a neuro-bio-whatever type person) Yes! Yes you can. It helps a great number of people to do that. I certainly need a picture of my tulpa Sigma to visualize him better. I -can- already, but I want it to be absolutely perfect. With a looooooooot of time and effort. It's an extremely lengthy process that requires various techniques of "experiencing" your tulpa with your physical world senses. There are several guides on this. I can't go into specifics, having not achieved this yet. Always always ALWAYS assume it was your tulpa in the beginning. You'll get to a point where you'll be able to get head pressure or emotional responses, and if you have any doubts at -that- point, you can ask them if it was them. Just focus on them, and wait for them to reply. Either way, they communicated with you, or you bunkered down and communicated with them anyway. There's a lot of doubt in this process. Just do your best to banish it from your mind. Of course! It's like any skill. The more you do it, the better you get at it. For some, it takes a very long time. Others can get it in nothing flat. It's an extremely personal process that's different for everyone. Hope I helped!
  5. A Deviant Among Deviants It occurs to me, as I want to write an update on how the little ones are doing, that I'm a deviant among deviants! I mean, I have a tulpa in an inter-host relationship, and have little baby tulpas in my head. How often does -that- happen?! Ah, well. I'm happy, and not hurting anyone, so I don't even care! Onto the kippies! They're all doing super well! They're all wobbling about, flopping all over the place as they try to be more sure of their walking abilities. And their eyes all opened yesterday! I know that's pretty fast, but they both aren't bound by typical canid aging laws, and have a giant-ass wolf and a magical kitsune as parents, so screw the rules even if they -were- bound to them! Skip this if you don't want to know about their eye color. It's just me gushing about how adorable they are. Viola was the first to open her eyes. She has the deepest emerald green. Chime was next, and has -gorgeous- eyes. They're like prisms; every angle you look at them, they're a different color. Jazz has a striking blue color, like lasers. And last was Fife, who has purple, with a tint of pink to them. Their eyes are all so gorgeous! Ok, back to me not gushing. Except this whole thing is me gushing, so screw that noise. Fife was actually the first to walk! Surprising, considering he's still smaller than a twinkie. But he has his mommy's feet-wings, so we figured he somehow figured out how to fly in some capacity, and used it to lift himself up so he could use that with his legs and mimic walking. And then he taught Chime to walk! Being all brotherly and encouraging hir by nosing hir up and providing helpful squeaking noises. Chime also has the feet wings, so the two of them were walking a full day before Jazz and Viola. They're walking too, but they're a lot more stumbly, since they don't have the flight ability to stabilize them. Gotta do it the good 'ol fashioned way! What else... oh! Everyone has some sort of ocular ability, like their mom. Fife and Jazz have bioluminescence just like their mom! And Viola has some sort of thing where she can make her eyes shimmer like pools of water. It's really pretty. Chime has something different entirely. It -looks- like bioluminescence, but it has some sort of trance-inducing property to it. It's a problem! Shi keeps using it on her siblings. And then we have to go in and tell hir "no", and shi gets upset cuz shi didn't think shi did anything wrong, and then we have to kiss hir and make her feel better, but make sure we scold her enough so that shi'll get the point. Last thing I promise! Fife figured out how to make different noises by moving his lips around. His favorite noise is, "Mao!" And he's so tiny, he almost sounds like Kirara from Inuyasha. He'll mimic pretty much any noise you make, save that it doesn't have any difficult letters. Like L, T, D, B, etc. Anything little ones can't say. He gets this little scrunchy face when he can't say a word. Friggin adorable. Anyway, he's teaching his siblings to do the same. He's becoming quite the leader! But Vi and Jazz are still trying to compete for that spot. Chime's just fine with being adorable though. Ok, that's it! See you guys later!
  6. Chibi-esque thing that I copied by sight and edited to make it look more like Amy. Note, she has a 5th tail that's vanilla tipped, but is behind her head in the drawing.
  7. I have been doing this foooooor... exactly 84 days! Have two fully formed and vocal tulpas (as well as some little twinkie-sized happy little accidents via an inter-host tulpa relationship) and am super happy! I've always been good at developing things in my mind, so I think that really helped in making things go fast. That, and I have literally all the time in the world on my hands. Not something most tulpamancers have the luxury of!
  8. That's a lot tougher! You have to force-train it. Like, forcing to improve form solidifying or vocality, but with an ability to partition information instead. I'm still working on it, and it's tough, but I'm getting there.
  9. It does my heart good that you spent so much time and effort thinking about if you really wanted to make a tulpa! All too often, I see people just jumping on the bandwagon, asking thirty thousand questions on the question boards, and then are never seen again. So, good for you! I also spent a... wow, also a year and a half contemplating it. Go figure! I loved that stage you're at right now, where it's like, an idea forms in your head, but it's not exactly yours. It's such a strange and wonderful feeling, isn't it? Anyways, hi there! And good luck!
  10. It's tough to train it, but some things I really wanted to keep from Amy! Like a certain comment about her on a thread. So, what I do, is when I experience something like that, I make a super-solid black box, designed specifically to place the information. I symbolically force the information in there, and no one but me can access it under any circumstances. It works, but it took a bit of practice! Hope that helps. >Also, hi again~! *giggle*
  11. WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Amy had the kippies~! A bit early, but they're all just fine! Here's what they are. Jazz: A boy, very red-fox looking. But definitely has some wolf in him. Viola: A girl, and the biggest! Takes after her dad the most, but has a cream belly, boots, and eyebrow dots from her mom. Chime: A surprise lil' half-n-half! Mostly white, with striking blue markings. Has hir mom's feet wings, too. Fife: A -very- tiny little boy. Grey-green fur, with some markings of indeterminate color that keep popping in and out of my vision. I suppose they'll become clearer with time. I think it's hard to focus on what he looks like, because I'm too worried about how he's doing. He's healthy... but he's -so- tiny, it's worrisome! We had to put a tiny pen around him so he wouldn't get squished by his litter mates. Also has feet wings. The new mommy and daddy are -so- happy and doing well. I. Am. SO happy right now.
  12. Wishes?! Betch, I -have- ice cream!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA~~!!! Next person's computer screen could use some cleaning.
  13. It's Really Funny When "Life", Right? First off, thanks guys! I worked really hard on it! I used colored pencils, BTW. Well, the only real tulpa related update I can think of is that Amy's pregnancy is going faster than expected! She's distraught over her shedding her belly fur (which apparently canids do) and she thinks she'll have the kippies on the 20th instead of the 30th. That's rather soon! Like.. JEEZ THAT'S SOON. HOLY CRAP. Whooooooaaaah, not ready. Having serious "Oh my God, four itty bitty babies are coming and I have -no- idea what to do" pressure going on! BAAAAH! Why haven't I been preparing mentally! *falls over, fails weakly*
  14. >You have a two-tailed fox?! EEEEE~! I have four! And I'm yellow too! HIIIIII!!! That's Amy... she's quite excitable...
  15. Oh, it's totally normal. Sometimes, they're off doing their own thing! They are their own people after all. But another thing that could be happening is that you just don't feel it. It's strange, but you still connect even if you don't feel it. It's a roller coaster, this art of tulpamancy. Just go with the flow, and don't stop doing what you're doing. Keep at it with a positive attitude, and don't be afraid to ask questions if you're scared or confused!
  16. Sort like this! It's a chibi, and please note, I'm not the original artist. I copied by sight, edited (added tails and wings) and colored it myself. But since I lack the ability to do things from scratch, I just did this! I needed to have some art of my Amy.
  17. I Did a Thing I really did you guys. I copied by sight, a drawing on the internet, and edited (added tails and wings) and colored it to make it a Chibi version of Amy! So here it is. (note, the colors aren't -perfect-, and her vanilla tail is hidden behind her head) Also, thanks Rootbeer for the well wishes!
  18. Totally agreed, Ashmo. I did have Amy vocal, conversing, and a solid form in under a week. But she certainly is still developing as a person even now. Back when I first made her, sure, she surprised me with some of the things she did, but she still stuck pretty hard to what I thought she'd act like instead of doing her own thing. Takes time to become your own person.
  19. I feel honored. That being said, we should get back on track.
  20. Nobody knooooooooows~... *spooky wiggle fingers*
  21. WHAT KIND OF MOTIVES?! *hides around corner* Next person loves doggly doggies.
  22. Well... not exploding was fun while it lasted. Good job Freedom...
  23. That One Update When You Can't Think of Anything Obligatory update time! I suppose the only real thing mentioning is how far along Amy's pregnancy is. Her belly is showing quite a bit and the kippies are kicking quite a lot. ... What the balls else do I say? That. Yes, that.
  24. Macabre can be so much fun though! *picks up land mine* Now! Who wants to play frisbee?
  25. I think they hid it under the land mines.