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  1. Personally, I'm very glad Mistgod is gone. The site will finally go back to tulpa.info instead of mistgod.info.
  2. I'd be all for helping out with this. I don't post much because, outside of research - which is constantly dead and gets about one post a day - the site is basically about helping newbies making tulpas. There isn't much for someone who's already done most of the basic stuff and wants to discuss more advanced concepts.
  3. "Melian and I will be gone until Christmas" No offence but how can anyone expect this 'self-imposed ban' to last any longer than your last ones? I haven't read the rest of the thread except for the OP, but personally, pretty much no matter what .info board I go on, at the top of the page is some drama revolving around you. I can't honestly view that as a good thing.
  4. Oh yeah, it's not an issue for me; the wall only turns up in areas I don't go to often :P It just kind of sucks, because I would've liked to go out and explore past where I'd previously been. Ah well, not a big problem.
  5. Well, the thing is, I worded it pretty badly in the OP. It's not an actual wall; it's just like a bad texture (something like what you see in video games, it's hard to describe what they look like) of whatever sort of area I'm in, that serves as a boundary. It's basically an invisible wall which turns up when there's nothing... there. In response to GuessWho (don't know how to link more than one post): It's not that I'm worried about what's out there; there's just literally nothing. It just stops as soon as I hit the end of wonderland; hence, the walls. What you said about "everything you find as you explore is created and added as you get there" is basically what doesn't happen for me; instead of new stuff being generated, I get those walls. If I'm sleepy in the morning, this doesn't happen, strangely. If I try to just let more stuff 'generate' at any other time of day, it ends up just being the same area over and over again or, if it's a tunnel/passage, an endless series of left/right turns that go no where.
  6. If you go to the edge of the area you've explored/defined in your wonderland, what happens? Is more created? Do you hit a wall and can't continue? I ask because in most of the threads I've read, people's subconsciouses have just created more where the 'end of the world' would be once they've gotten close to it, but for me, I just hit an impassable wall that can't be breached in any way, since there's nothing past it.
  7. Where did everyone who used to post go? I've not exactly come on consistently, but I haven't seen any of the people I used to remember post for ages; Linkzelda, Kiahadaj, etc. Has everyone just been leaving lately?
  8. "Not very busy, we pretty much just do whatever we want whenever we want. "What's your favourite thing in your wonderland?" -Alex
  9. I'm inclined to agree with this; it's most likely just another method of visualization. When my tulpa was just learning to talk, we communicated with text through a weird orange-black box in my minds eye, since she couldn't talk back then. Kinda similar to what OP is talking about.
  10. Neither me nor Alex can play any instruments, but I do sometimes put music on in wonderland.
  11. I started noticing awhile ago that whenever my tulpa is talking, I seem to subconsciously hold my breath. It definitely isn't a conscious action because it took me a long time to realise it was happening, and if I forget to breath it happens again next time she talks. It's not at all that I'm unable to; if I notice, I can do it just fine. I just find this pretty strange, so I wanted to know if anyone had any ideas as to why it happens?
  12. Wow, to think that I'd actually already posted on here and then posted that thread, forgetting this one exists... My memory sure is bad :S
  13. (Not sure if correct sub-forum or not, so please forgive me if this is the wrong place) I was on the research board earlier, reading a thread about exploring wonderlands, and noticed that people tend to have very different kinds of wonderlands. For example; one person had one that was a series of islands, and another person's seemed to be a series of rooms separated by doors. Personally, my wonderland is built after the world from a story I wrote: The world is shaped like a large straight, with the south area being a dense forest, the middle area being plains, and the north being a combination of mountains and valleys. In the end, it seems different for everyone, and each is interesting in its own way. So, what're you guys' wonderlands like?
  14. My tulpa says she does mostly the same, except she does it while in wonderland.