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  1. I kinda get distracted with things I talk to her about, and then in my mind I'm kind of reliving what happened and not actually picturing my wonderland, but I'm still talking to her. And then I run out if things to say and it's only been about 10 minutes
  2. This is what I do when I have nothing to Narrate to my tulpa about. She isn't yet able to speak so it may or may not be working but I kinda read in my head but direct it toward my tulpa. I can feel her listening though
  3. Ok I'm trying not to post too often but I can't seem to tulpaforce for longer than 10 minutes. Visualising my wonderland and my tulpa is really difficult for long periods of time and I have nothing to say. I can feel my tulpa there, but i just can't tulpaforce. In the last few weeks I've probably done about one hour of tulpaforcing and was wondering if anyone had any tips? Please, I'm desperate
  4. So I've barely been able to connect to my tulpa for 2 days now. At some points throughout the day I can, but not a lot and was wondering if I'm doing something wrong? I haven't been forcing just passively narrating and he isn't able to talk back to me yet
  5. So I was making this tulpa a while back. I was getting pretty far and I ws getting urges to call him Jakob etc so I assumed tags were going well. However, I would stop tulpaforcing for like a day or so and then I would apologise to Jakob, and promise to spend more time with him b the same thing would happen again. And them one day, I just couldn't feel a connection anymore. I stopped tulpaforcing for a few weeks and started to visit my wonderland more to search for him but nothing- I'm pretty sure he's gone. Can anyone give me their THIUGHTS on whether tulas can actually leave you? I felt so lost without him
  6. I thought of that, but I've only been tulpaforcing for a seems a little early
  7. I haven't been tulpaforcing long but I can already feel a strong presence/connection and can feel him there listening to what I say. However, I'm about a week in and today I could barely feel a connection at all. I was pretty tired but every time I tried to narrate to him throughout the day I would either not get any form of connection or I would get a stabbing headache at the front of my heads has anyone else been through this? Can anyone lend a hand? Thanks~
  8. Wow,thanks. I'll have to give that a go, thanks for your help :)
  9. when I tulpaforce in my wonderland I can see my tulpa easily and can narrate but don't get much of a connection kind of feeling, however when I narrate to him throughout the day passively I can feel really strong connections and it sounds dumb but I'm worried I'm creating two tulpas at once and was wondering if anyone could give me their thoughts on that. When I tulpa force in my wonderland I can sometimes feel a connection, but not from the tulpa sat in front of me b kind of in the back of my head Thanks :')
  10. Thanks. I've done quite a few RPs so I'm pretty good at creating a character and stuff so I guess I might have licked it up from years of that
  11. Thanks :') I read somewhere that you should think in their direction which probably makes little sense but it said that if you don't do this you may just be thinking to urself. Also I havnt been doing this very long and don't know if it's just me expecting too much after only a month or what
  12. Wow that's really gonna help me improve his sentience. Thanks :3 also, when narrating, I just kinda imagine my thoughts following a line to where Jakob is, but sometimes I can't get that connection or can't feel my thoughts reaching him. Also, I can sometimes feel his presence in my head so strong that I feel as if he is observing the real world with me. But I was wondering if u had any tips to make narrating TO him easier?
  13. Wow thanks, that's really helpful. Also, every now and then, I'll get a random flash back/memory about something that happened when I was a small child and I was wondering if his is my tulpa? I also get a stabbing pain on the left side of my head, idk what that is though. Also would u happen to have any examples of yes/no questions I could ask him?
  14. Thanks x I've also had this feeling like a tingling in the back of my head when u try focusing in him and I can kind of feel when my thoughts reach him