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  1. My second tulpa, Alyx has two forms, a baby dragon and a humanoid form of a 12 year old boy (with Dragon wings). He mainly stays in the wonderland but has a really refreshing outlook on life. I think having a child's influence is really helpful. Sarah is in her late teens and is optimistic and joyful, but doesn't have that same childlike view of the world. Anyway, your wonderland sounds really awesome! What's it's like to have NPCs? How do you stop them from becoming tulpas? My wonderland is pretty empty so I feel like developing NPCs could be rather cool.
  2. Unfortunately, I have not had my tulpas appear in any of my dreams. I haven't seen them in any dreams that I remember, anyway. I forget most of my dreams so it's hard to say. Sarah reports dreaming too, but finds she can hardly ever remember anything specific.
  3. I'm not super clear, but I think she is saying the person she based her tulpa on did something bad and is now disgraced because of it?
  4. Sarah: "What is wrong with you?"
  5. Sarah sometimes gets "bleedover" pain from me if she is sharing the senses with me (not in wonderland) and I'm in pain at the time. It's not anywhere near as intense for her though. She says the only time she feels full physical pain like I normally would is when doing full body possession. As you would expect, possession ends quickly when the headaches start.
  6. Well, I wear things to remind me of my tulpas (a bracelet for each of them), but I don't feel like they are actually tied to them or anything, they are just reminders. I think wearing reminders is a pretty common thing. If you approach it with the mindset that the jewelry is a reminder and not something directly linked to the tulpa it shouldn't be a problem.
  7. There was a Reddit thread where a girl explained having a persistent hallucination of a boy. Some of the comments mentioned it might be a tulpa. I was curious so I started looking things up.
  8. Sarah: [Nobillis always has excellent advice. Miyi, I want to let you know that you shouldn't be too hard on yourself for having trouble concentrating or forgetting to force sometimes. These things happen and we tulpas absolutely understand. It's a continual learning process for both tulpa and host. Honesty: I know this can be a confusing time, and can be frustrating if you can not easily communicate with one another yet. This will get better with time, so like Nobillis said, I would also encourage patience. I look forward to talking with you eventually! Good luck with everything, to
  9. Please do NOT take things like Advil if you are getting routine nosebleeds. Advil (and other NSAIDS) can make bleeding worse. If are getting nosebleeds regularly you should probably check with a doctor to make sure nothing else is going on.
  10. I don't think you can "not want" to become sentient. I think if you are already able to determine whether or not you want something you would likely already be sentient.
  11. I guess he might be taking about Jung's concept of the "Shadow", but I'm not sure that makes sense in this context.
  12. I definitely don't think it's cheating to have a tulpa help you take a test, since they are pulling the information out of the same brain that you are. Sometimes Sarah is good at pointing things out to me that I might had otherwise overlooked.
  13. Vocalization time varies widely from person to person. It's best not to expect it in a certain time, and just work until it happens. Forcing can absolutely be done with open eyes. Passive forcing and narration can be done while doing other things. Even while active forcing I use a combination of closed eye and open eye visualization.
  14. Hi Jeff and Jess! It's great that Jess is talking! She will likely use your mind voice for a while and eventually switch to a more unique mindvoice. That's what happened with Sarah and I, anyway. I'm starting to work on some mindfulness meditation, in hopes that it might help my ability to focus and not let random thoughts derail my focus. I think Sarah wants to say something. Sarah: [Hi Jess, how are you doing? From reading Jeff's progress report I see that he gets preoccupied by work too. Sakura is sometimes the same way. It can be frustrating, for sure. I end up spending a lot of time re
  15. That's really cool, she looks like a Drow / Dark Elf.
  16. I have OCD along with some symptoms of ADD. I have a tendency to get lost within my thoughts and have probably more intrusive thoughts than average. For me, I find that forcing a little at a time is best. Trying to do a long forcing session will either end with me completely off on a tangent or falling asleep. I put a reminder on my phone for the notification light to go off every half hour or so. At that time I'll talk to Sarah for a while. I have other things to remind me, like a bracelet. Passive forcing like this throughout the day seems to work best for me.
  17. No Spoilers, but there is definitely something relevant in the first episode of the second season of Agents of Shield.
  18. Presence imposition kind of comes before actual sensory imposition, IMO. You have to begin with developing that sense of just "knowing" where your tulpa is in relation to you. After that I think you would move on to visualizing your tulpa in the physical world using open eye visualization. Once that becomes like second nature I think it would be time to start working on imposing the senses. That's just my thought though, I've got a long way to go on open eye visualization.
  19. Does he want to have a female form or is that something you want him to have? I'd make sure it's something that he really wats to do.
  20. Completely agree with Jeff. You definitely make this forum better and I'm glad you are around.
  21. September 20th, 2014 Sarah has been imposing herself in the physical world more. When I notice her, she is usually reading something or playing DS. I'm not really sure how that works, other than her using my memories of doing such things. She can never really provide many details. At this point it's more like I can just tell where she is and what general position she is in. I guess this is presence imposition? I can see her somewhat with mind's eye visualization but it's not clear at all and it's hard to visualize all of her at once rather than just seeing jumbled bits and pieces (hard
  22. That sounds like a really fun wonderland time. We will have to try something like that sometime. Something more urban like that could be really fun
  23. Hi there! How are you two doing? We are doing good. Sarah: [Hey! Hope you are having a good day! It will be really cool when you can talk to us. I'm sure you have a lot to say!]
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