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  1. Yeah, that's what I've found. I'm sure it's because people either are unsure of how to explain, or the amount of time that writing guides can take, but I'm not sure where else to branch out to as to find more information. The typing servitor is an interesting idea, I'd be very interested in hearing more about it. Thanks!
  2. So, there are only two guides that I've found that strictly deal with possession. While they work pretty okay for us, I was wondering if there were any other methods that people out here used, or methods that derived from the two that are posted here in guides. We are just starting out with possession, so, I know that progress is going to be slow, but I feel like only having the two method options that have been written out/described by people more experienced in this might be hindering us with the lack of options to try in case something else might work better. A lot of it is trial and error, I'm sure, but I'm not sure exactly the science behind it to be able to come up with my own method, nor do I or Kerry have any idea what might work better. So... Any other methods, ideas, tips, or tricks?
  3. Oh gosh. Kerry wanted me to reply and ask to see if you'd be up to drawing her. She's humanoid with a heart-shaped face, is relatively thin and average height, has pale skin, steely-green eyes, and long, blonde, curly hair (ringlet curls). I... can't remember what she usually wears. But she's saying a white tea-length sundress. So I'd go for that. If you don't mind drawing her, that'd be absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for considering it!
  4. I haven't been hungry as often, and my sleep schedule seems to actually be stabilizing. I'm also a lot more focused when Kerry's around to talk to, even if it's just me directing thoughts that would usually be to myself at her. I'm more inspired with writing, my headaches go away a lot faster... That's all that's really noteworthy, I guess. xD
  5. Uh. I'm Cass or Evon, depending on how I'm feeling that day. I have one tulpa named Kerry(Or possibly Kerrianne? She seemed to suggest that earlier when I was trying to get her to 'play' an MMO with me) that I've been working on sporadically (because I suck at remembering things and also death flu where I slept for a week straight) for about a month, and I figured I might as well join the forums. I've read so many of you guys' guides and threads, and I'm a bit intimidated, but, hello! [Hello!!! We're really bored. :3 But I'm excited to meet new people!]
  6. Granted. You can hack better, but it causes you to accidentally stumble into a government server where your IP address is tracked, and a SWAT team breaks down your door, and in your attempts to evade them, you find yourself penned into a corner with ten red laser marks on you, and a collection of other gunmen pointing their weapons at you. I wish I could play bass.