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  1. Thanks gusy! Both of your answer have been very helpful. Now that I know how to proceed and that I'm not doing anything wrong, I feel way more confident. Thanks again.
  2. Yet another thread about visualization. Yeah, I know. But I have read tons of guides, threads and posts, still I haven't found anything that answers completly my question (or maybe I'm just too stupid...). So, I'm "creating" my first tulpa (I started three days ago). I first created the wonderland, wich is basically a white empty land. Then the tulpa, wich is a blue globe. I don't like the idea of changing his body, or even creating his personality. Maybe he doesn't care, maybe It's just me, but I don't find this very respectful. Plus, since he's "trapped" in my mind, I wanted to give him his own world. So what I told him is that I wouldn't interfer, that he has the complete control of his world and his body, and that I completely trust him. Now I'm narrating all day long, and he's always giving me headaches. Ok, now, what has all this stuff to do with visualization? Everytime I "visualize" the wonderland with my tulpa, I just imagine a white land with a blue globe in it. So, If I'm always imagining the same thing, how is the wonderland and the tulpa going to change? I have no idea (I'm not saying I want to see changements today or tomorrow, I just want to know how It works...). Have I to wait until he (the tulpa) becomes indipendent? Is this going to make the process slower\harder? Is visualization much different from imagination (someone says yes, someone says no...)? Am I doing something wrong? I hope my english isn't too bad (I'm italian).