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  1. There's legitimate research into DID so I can believe it. Mental disorders are different in that they're caused by trauma, etc. Multiplicity can't logically happen without getting into metaphysics unless there's a mental disorder present or a thoughtform has been created unknowingly. In which cases, it's unnecessary to differentiate.
  2. The difference is that tulpa creation is testable by others. If someone says they have a tulpa, I can read some guides and try to create one myself. If it doesn't work, I can call BS and leave, or try again. If it does work, I have confirmation that it is possible. The process should be similar for servitors/daemons/etc. and so I accept these things as possibilities as well. With multiples, however, you can't reasonably test them for yourself, and their argument for how they got there is that they appeared naturally. In which case, why are they distinguishable from accidental tulpas? (For exam
  3. I've tried to rationalize the multiple community, and my conclusions were basically that if they aren't roleplaying, they either have legitimate disorders or they've created tulpas (or something similar) by accident. From what I understand they claim the other personalities arise on their own, naturally. That probably isn't what's happening unless they've: 1. Misinterpreted it and accidentally created a tulpa/servitor/etc. 2. Got some sort of disorder such as DID Again, though, I'm pretty sure they're roleplaying from what I've seen.
  4. I know you guys are used to approaching things like people are telling the truth, but... I'm 90% sure these people, or the majority of them at least, are role-playing.
  5. Host: Purple Tulpa: Orange I'm pretty sure these are almost polar opposites on the color wheel...
  6. I don't know how well the deepness of this competes with "hi" and "broccoli", but it was either "wat" or "hey dude".
  7. I suppose I should have clarified a bit better, what I theoretically imagine is that they all have tulpas that are sentient, can communicate through mindvoice, and interact through a mindscape. Anything further may or may not be possible depending on whether they want to achieve those things, in example, imposition, since they aren't really necessary with a tulpa.
  8. This is an idea I came upon while thinking about the concept. What if everyone (or almost everyone) had tulpa, or tulpas? How different would society be, etc.? After some thought I find this actually isn't a very far-fetched idea and it's possible for many people in the future to have tulpas if the concept becomes more well known and with it, well understood.
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