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  1. Hi, Alex, that's a very quick progression but it's not unheard of, don't worry so much about it, at the stage you are in is perfectly normal to only be able to interact with your tulpa if you are focusing, no one can really say when you will be able to see her automatically, it could be days, it could be months, you just have to keep forcing until your tulpa is strong enough. It's perfectly normal too to have doubts about if you are puppeting or not, every one in this forum has been on that stage, a good rule of thumb is that if you have doubts then you are not puppeting, puppeting is a concious act, have you trying puppeting on purpose? That helped me when I was having doubts because when I tried I realized it wasn't as easy as I thought it would, you need to concentrate and think it through when you puppet, it is not something that just happens. Have in mind too that even though you have been going at a really quick pace until now that doesn't mean it will always be that way, you'll probably reach a plateau at some point and from then on progress will get slower, that doesn't mean progress isn't being made, don't give up!
  2. It is confusing at first when the tulpa's voice is weak and doesn'y "sound" different than yours, in my case after a while my tulpas developed their own mindvoices that sound different than my own, I haven't worked on auditory imposition yet so all our communication is in mind voice, but it sounds different, it's like if I ask you to read this in the voice of Morgan Freeman (for putting a well known and easy example), you can probably hear his voice while you read, well that's how I experience my tulpas voices, though I have read some people saying that their tulpas don't have a different voice but they still can "feel" who's talking, they probably can explain that better than me. And everyone has doubts about parroting at first, it's normal and that solves itself with time as you gain more confidence.
  3. I don't think we can answer this question at this time, we know very little about how tulpas affect the brain (if at all). My tulpas do help me a lot with my chronic pain, they can't make it all go away and some times it works better than others but they do definitely have an effect that has bettered my everyday life a lot, however I couldn't say if this is all placebo effect or if they do something that specifically affects the muscles involved or stimulates dopamine release or any other possibilities you can think of. I'll also note that my pain is caused by a medically diagnosed physical illness, it's not psychosomatic.
  4. Like hail_fall said, do you feel romantically attracted to your tulpa or are you assuming that because you sleep together then there must be something romantic going on? I sleep with both of my tulpas, we don't consider it romantic, it's just a thing we do, haven't you ever shared a bed with a friend for any reason? However if you are romantically involved with Dane that doesn't necessarily have to be a problem, he says he'll be okay with you finding a physical boyfriend, and from what I have seen most tulpas are, Dane wants the best for you, and if that ends up being going out with someone else then so be it. And there is always the possibility that future-physical-boyfriend will be okay with your relationship with Dane too and you can have your cake and eat it too, lots of people are in polyamory relationship, though it's not for everyone of course. Don't stress yourself out about this, whatever has to happen will happen, and in time you both will find what's best in your situation. Keep in mind that tulpas are much more understading about the hosts feelings since they know you much more than anyone else so if you go out with someone else but still love Dane (in any way) and don't want to hurt him he will know this, lots of human relationships are affected because they don't know this, doubt creeps in and the person starts wondering if maybe they aren't loved anymore and etc, at least with Dane you won't have that problem. (I'm not saying that tulpa relationships are better than human ones, just different, both have their ups and downs)
  5. You can totally learn to visualize, some people a better starting ability than others but everyone can learn no matter how much they suck at it at first. There is no one-true-method to visualizing, you just need to practice and practice, try to do it as much as you can but don't worry if you only manage a few minutes a day, everything helps, progress may be slow but is surely there. You say you "see" words if so then you are already imagining something, you could try to force yourself to focus more on that that you are seeing, focus on the details or add details if there is nothing to focus on, do it with the words if it's easier for you or you could also try some simple things like apples like arcanemagic said.
  6. Yes, my tulpas can see what I see, at this point they don't need me to be thinking about them for it to work, they just have access to my senses whenever they like to.
  7. I fall asleep talking with my tulpas every night, nothing happens, I don't see how this could be harmful in itself, but I suppose if you believe it can be then it could end up as self-fulfilling prophecy. And yes, you can do whatever you want in Wonderland by yourself, though I don't do it personally.
  8. I wouldn't be sure, there are a wide arrange of beliefs a person can have and even though they may not see as a mental illness maybe they would think you are channeling a demon/bad spirit, and many believe but think there are things "best left alone", I wouldn't assume that just because someone believes in the supernatural they would take tulpamancy as positive.
  9. At this point I'm confused about how the system works in the US, although I'm getting more and more sure that it just plainly doesn't work at all and that's sad. Of course if the government (or whatever) doesn't even worry about the people that really need the help (schizophrenics, bipolars, suicidals and etc) then the hosts that are US based have basically zero chances of being commited.
  10. I don't consider this a bad thing, I doubt it will affect the community in any way, people don't normally go about their lives telling everyone that they have a tulpa and even if they did AND managed to get in a situation where they would be forced to see a therapist the therapist most likely will realize there is nothing to worry about (at least not something tulpa related), of course I do know that some therapists are shit and some unlucky host may end up crossing paths with one of those but it is really unlikely and even then it's not avoidable, the problem isn't the host but the shitty therapist and no matter what we do there is always going to be some. On the other hand since the therapy is mandatory I'm going to guess the government is going to pay for it and that is really good news for lots of people that can't afford therapy on their own, thenmy conclusion is that this has no real disadvantages for anyone and great benefits for a demographic that wasn't being cared for at all until now.
  11. It's normal for your interest to go up and down, it happens to everyone and with everything, even more so having in mind that you seem to have been expending an enormous amount of time with your tulpa and/or tulpa related things, as long as you don't start totally neglecting him it's totally fine and reasonable to take a more stable approach. I totally get what you are going through, I always obsess about my new interests and then it starts to dwindle, but this doesn't mean I have forgotten about Esmeralda, not at all, I passive force everyday, at first it was difficult to get used to have her there in my mind all the time but I have gotten used to it, some days it seems second nature, others I struggle a lot to focus, but she is still here and I haven't allowed myself to give up, a tulpa is like a friend, you don't need to see your friends everyday or be thinking about them all the time.
  12. I don't think you could forget that they are a tulpa and therefore other people can't see them or anything like that. But it does happen to me at least that sometimes I open a door and wait a milisecond for Esmeralda to go through before closing it, it's silly and I'm generally with my head on the clouds and that doesn't help, but things like that or even making an off-hand comment to your tulpa out loud once in a while won't even land you in therapy, maybe some people will think you are kind of weird or "quirky" but most won't even notice it enough to care.
  13. I wouldn't say that's too fast, as long as you feel that you are doing enough then it's fine, spending unnecessary extra time on things will only get you bored and frustrated, but do have in mind that although everything has been easy for you until this point it doesn't mean that you won't end up finding difficulties with some other parts of the process later, and that's fine too, everyone has their own times.
  14. I really doubt this could happen, how could you forget that the one by your side is your tulpa? Even if they looked exactly like the one of your friends is like being friends with twins and knowing that you are going to meet with John but then suddenly calling him Jake, why? You know this one is John, even if you were hanging out with the two at the same time you could still differentiate them by clothes, body language or form of speak, and with a tulpa it would be even more easy because you know the one other people are interacting with is the physical one, of course you will first need to forget which one is which and I don't think that could happen. I really want to remark on this since OP could easily be scared off by the notion that at one point he may not be able to know what is "real" (physical) and what is a thoughtform, this won't happen Madra, even if you get to the point that your tulpa is fully imposed on all the senses you will always be aware that it is your tulpa and all the implications of that (other people can't see him, he can't interact with the world, etc). Although I do agree that basing a tulpa on a person you know it's probably not a good idea, but only because you could start confusing your feelings for this person with your feelings for your tulpa or viceversa if you have a fight or something (feelings are tricky, even if you know that your tulpa didn't have anything to do with it you may still resent the fact that they remind you of this person, or something), or it could trigger an unnecessary crisis of identity on him/her, they may feel like they need to behave like this person to please you or many other problems that can be avoided just by using some other model.
  15. Yes, it happens sometimes that I hear an echo, but it happens to me much more often that I hear the same phrase at the same time but in different languages it's kind of awesome since I can get more "meaning" behind what my tulpa is saying, it's difficult to explain but for example Spanish specifies gender while English doesn't so the conversation may be "officially" in English but I still get the gender of whom she is talking about, and that's a pretty basic example it can be much more complex than that, any other multilingual that experiences this? It's interesting too that even though I speak 3 languages I can only hear 2 at the same time.