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  1. A quick closing statement... I've decided I'm gaining nothing from this progress report, as it simply feels like a chore and it's not adding to my experience at all. I'll be opening an Ask.fm page for me and mikuru where you can ask me questions, and you can add me on skype @aaronofepic if you'd like to talk a little more intimately or join the tulpa.info skype group I've started. Thanks for the report, and best of luck in all your endeavours
  2. Well, in the roughly 12 hours it's been up, it's been fairly constantly active
  3. So on the IRC we decided to make a skype group! Add me @ aaronofepic (Make sure you let me know you're a mancer in your friend request) and i'll add you directly to the group!
  4. /Day 4\ No post yesterday as I didn't deem it necesary, meaning nothing much happened. Nor did much happen today, I just felt that the one or two people who cared might think i'm getting lazy if I didn't. Anyways, the last two days have basically consisted of me trying to narrate as much as possible to mikuru, asking her questions (and not receiving answers) and trying to communicate little thoughts I had to her. One thing i've found interesting over the last few days is listening to music. Occasionally I'll listen to a song while going through my (freaking gigantic) iTunes playlist and i'll get some newfound sense of enjoyment from it, like it's the first time i've listened to it again. I've started rounding up these songs and putting them into a playlist simply titled "Mikuru's Playlist" as one could assume these feeling could be Mikuru enjoying the music. I've been trying to grow a habit of going on a daily walk with mikuru and going to places I've never seen before, to learn my neighbourhood a bit more and give Mikuru a sort of sense of adventure and curiosity, one of the only traits I really *want* her to have. Alright, imma go play some video games and procrastinate for the rest of the weekend. I'll update whenever interesting stuff happens or anything out of the ordinary comes up. See you guys later.
  5. /Still Day 2\ Was going to wait until tommorow to post this but too much has been done today for it to wait. I've been experimenting with all kinds of forcing throughout the day. I tried singing to Mikuru as I walked to and from school this morning, which led to some rather fuzzy feeling inside when I listened to certain songs (Especially this one: ) I found myself a way to make sure I was communicating well with Mikuru, by writing her name in the back of my hand and talking anything I wanted specifically directed at her directly into the mark. This led to me being able to feel her presence more prevelently when I did so. As for the rest of the school day, I ended up giving mikuru the freedom to form into anything she wanted. After a minute of staring at her base form for a moment, and image flashed in my mind that looked like a harpy with white hair, so that's the form i'm going with now. Walking back from school, I listened to music again, this time simply visualising the words as the songs went along, this led to me mouthing the words a bit, which I perceived as her wanting me to sing again, like I did at the start of the day, though this could have simply been a reflex. When I got back home I had a cup of coffee and went straight back out for a walk, this time without the weight of a bag holding me down. I decided I would take Mikuru to a place even I hadn't seen much of before, being a small conservation park down the road from my house. We were out for a good 30-40 minutes and I don't think i've felt that kind of inner peace in a long time. So overall this has been a very productive day, tommorow's posts probably won't be so long or interesting, but I will keep trying new things to write about when tommorow comes to an end. Have a nice night, guys
  6. I don't really think there's a right or wrong way Everyone has their own methods
  7. Mikuru was inspired from a character of a show I remember. Her personality/form isn't based off her, just the name
  8. Hey, guys! Just here to introduce myself as Mikuru isn't exactly lively yet. I'm Aaron, i'm 15 and I have a dangerous addiction to Nutella! I hope to hear a lot from all of you in the future!
  9. /Day 2\ Well, things feel like they're off to a good start, I've given Mikuru the from of an iridescent orb that can convey emotions through changing colours. As everything else, I'll be continuing with the auditory visualisation I came up with yesterday. I've also been trying to get Mikuru to parrot things I hear around the place, as it might invoke some form of curiosity I've been trying communicate little thoughts I have with mikuru to give her more of a connection to me, it's a method some other people I know use and they said it really helped their creation process. But anyway, business as usual for the rest of the day, good luck to me :D Thank you, Picard! I'll admit i'm a bit surprised, as the hosts I've met are all in their early to late 20's, besides a few around my age
  10. (The title is because it's likely i'll keep this thread if I ever create a second tulpa) Hello, everyone! Aaron is here to give you another drawn out and boring guide you've probably read a million times before! Anyways, I might just cut out the introductions and get straight on started with my report. /Day 1\ So, where to start? I've done plenty of research and i've had plenty of people tell me about where/how they started. After putting some thought into it, I've decided to start on Mikuru's voice. I decided i'd loosely base her voice off a girl in my class, not anyone too close to me, but something I'd easily be able to recall off a whim. Not to mention her voice is incredibly relaxed and soothing. So my plan is to parrot lines of dialogue from movies to engage and relate with the voice in my head. Lines from movies like Fight Club and Forest Gump should be perfect. After a bit of thinking, I decided to focus my attention on making her recite the haiku from the narrator "Worker bees can leaves, Even drones can fly away. The queen is their slave" I found myself flipping through quote websites from my favorite movies and books, and in the end I managed to find one from a rather obscure book I remember from my childhood, one I hold quite close to my heart. "We create our own demons. It takes more than some epiphany to be free of them. It takes something you can't buy or stumble across. It takes trust" So, what do we all think? ^^
  11. Hey, guys! My name's Aaron, and the tulpa I'm planning on creating is called Mikuru! I'm a stubborn 15 year old male, and I won't listen to you if you tell me not to go through with this based on my age! But anyway, I look forward to meeting you all and i'm excited to finally get into creating a tulpa! I'll be starting a progress report the moment i'm done with this post, so hold back your greeting for when I get there