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  1. So I had this idea floating around in my head and I thought I might get the opinions of some more experienced tulpaforcers on it. As you might conclude, I was thinking about the use sleep paralysis as a means of imposition forcing. It should be noted that this would have to be conducted by both those that are "used" to sleep paralysis (ie those that can keep a level head during it.) and those with an already imposed tulpa. I was thinking that this 'method' could be used to assist in touch imposition, as many report that they can often 'feel' their hallucinations wrapping their arms around them, choke them, compress their chest, etc. If this same level of touch sensory input could be achieved in the waking, mobile world with your tulpa, you might have a whole new level of realism (apart from outside objects/people passing through them, of course.) As for the steps involved, it might take quite the mental gymnast, as it would take both controlling/maintaining the paralyzed state whilst summoning your tulpa into it. Whether or not this will translate into normal life is unknown, but is the hopeful outcome of this 'exercise'. I understand it's a little far fetched, but it might prove useful if you know what you're doing. I won't ask anyone to try it, as it's quite the experience, I hear. I can't currently do it as I've never experienced sleep paralysis nor is my tulpa anywhere near imposition. It's more just a topic of discussion. What do you think? Is this at least plausible? If so, is it viable?
  2. As Kiahdaj, mentioned, I doubt it would speed vocality up by imposing first. They're different processes and steps, so I find it difficult to believe that one would significantly help the other. When you're working on vocality, it's about communication; when you're working on imposition, it's about a solid sensory connection. I suppose that if your tulpa is imposed, then concentration might be easier since you have a physical (relatively) connection. It's more of an indirect way of improving it though. It's just as easy to say that vocality helps imposition since you can get feedback and focus on the idea of your tulpa easier, no? As always, though, there are no right or wrong answers here, so do what you believe will work the best, since that's all that matters in the end. If it works, it works. Best of luck to you
  3. While it's totally optional, you might try meditation. You'll see it repeated many times over on this site, but what you believe to be true is indeed so. If your problem stems from not being able to quiet the mind, then meditation could be of great benefit. I'm no expert on the subject, but a basic technique would be to simply close your eyes and focus on your breathing. How it enters through your mouth and nose and flows down your throat, fills your lungs, etc. What that goal is here is not to "think about nothing", per se, but to become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. So, everytime your mind does eventually start shooting you different thoughts, don't reject and push them away; acknowledge them and let them move on. Don't follow the various trains of thought running through your mind, just let them pass through. Focusing on your breath acts as an anchor, of sorts, in doing this. When you do eventually follow those thoughts, which it will happen, and is not bad, just revert your focus back to your breath. Eventually those runaway thoughts won't seem as tantalizing to you and your focus will be a little easier to maintain. Even if this doesn't work, I would still give it a shot anyway, since nothing bad can come from it. If you do decide to start, though, know that it shouldn't replace your forcing sessions, as the mere act of focusing on the tulpa can be benefical for its development. Best of luck to you
  4. I don't think my decision would be different, so long as the quality of the guides/tips remained the same. I try not to judge things based on their popularity; I try to form my opinions around the content itself. Also, while I may not have thought this way before, it would be... dissapointing (to and about myself) had I changed my actions based on social norms. The size of the community is nice where it is, but while it does open doors to more trolls/RPers, a larger one also allows for more guides, research, and other quality content to start coming in. In short, I would likely take the same process I did when I first discovered Tulpae: research and form my own conclusions.
  5. I feel like it has less to do with an overall objective view and more about how each individual defines 'real'. Does 'real' mean something tangible, or is it merely the idea of something that makes it real? Now, of course, as it's been pointed out, Tulpas are 'real' in the purest sense of the word (they exist), but it's your outlook on reality itself which determines how real Tulpas, or anything not directly and/or obviously part of the world (eg. Consciousness), are beyond that. Hence, everyone, like King Of Manga said, will likely present their own answers. As for how they 'work', well, that also depends on how you view things. Do you view it purely from a psychological/scientific standpoint? Perhaps it's more of a spirtual or religious perspective? I suppose what I'm trying to point out is that the question is so open-ended that finding any sort of consistent and objective answer is nigh impossible. Much like it's repeated in other aspects by this community, it's your mind - your perspective - and whatever fits it best is ultimately what you will most likely choose to believe. Hopefully what I've written is at least somewhat helpfull (and not just pointless banter). Best of luck to you