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  1. Granted!You are now a complete sentence auto corrector application that helps people on this forum write in complete sentences. I wish I could meet the blonde guy from ouran highschool host club.
  2. Thousands of flaws for wishes begin to pour into your mind until you faint from the awesome power. OK.... I wish for nothing.
  3. 232 lollipops are no more
  4. 230 Lollypops I cry for
  5. You have no more hiccups after slender man came behind you and scared the heck out of you. I wish I had a sketchbook
  6. That…is…Amazingly tough!!!!!! I'm so tough I can open a pickle jar…with just 1 finger.
  7. 228 Lollypops you give to me
  8. You get 1 million wishes with no consequences. Lucky you! For being the person with the most wishes you get another free wish. You end up wishing for a taco cause your hungry and all those wishes took a lot of energy and time to make. However, the taco turned out to be bad and you end up vomiting your lunch. I wish I had a KitKat bar.
  9. Hi.I've decided to make a thread where I can talk about my Tulpa. I can not see my tulpa or hear them like a real person like most of you can. I can only hear them as a mind voice, meet them at a lucid dream or imagine hanging out with them. Which I usually do at night. They were like imaginary friends I imagined I was with when I was 13. My cousin told me about her happy place place and how she dreamt of them and stuff and I wanted to have my own too. I already was a lucid dreamer so it would be easy for me. I met a character I brought back from a dream when I was 5 and I met a few more characters too. But I mostly focused on 2 as my best dream buddys. One of them is a boy named Eye. I've been focusing on Eye more because he is there more. The other(Dawn) is more distant and won't tell me why. Anyways...I find Eye a little annoying at times now. I was talking to him earlier and he said I was talking like a baby. I think it was cause i sounded hype when i saw how good my special k berry waffles and pieces of fresh strawberrys looked like. He tried to cover it up by saying I talk like a girl. Which reminded me of the time he said I didn't talk like a girl and he found me annoying. Gooooshhh. I don't even want to think he's Eye anymore. :/ I don't think he was this mean to me before. I miss the old Eye. T- -T Update Today Well it turns out I forgot about Dawn. He was mad at me and pretending to be Eye. :/ Guess I will have to try giving him more attention now too. I think he was jealous. Oh well..
  10. Oh ok xD I would like to join in sometime I guess.
  11. I've been posting on games recently.Fight? O.o How?
  12. Why are the people so clueless in the book "The Giver" compared to the other character who escapes? What's with all the ______!? Ah!!! Look out for the_____! Oh, my bad. It was just a ______.
  13. Doritos...need repairs? -w- haha You are no longer a robot but a beautiful flower I wish the next person made two wishes instead of one.