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  1. id love to get to imposition with Hanna and got as far as psuedo physical interaction(like imposed arm wrestling) but thats a good way off for now but oneday i hope to be able to spar with her with a physical sword. and i wish i could get some sort of telepathic abities so Hanna could project herself in real life
  2. this is pretty much say how things are for me and Hanna if ir had to discribe it in other ways id say it sounds like a silent voice(if that makes sense) and/or its as if sometimes im recieving an intent of what she wants to say in general
  3. well till i feel i can fully trust(not me/not intrusive thaughts) answers i get from Hanna its mainly theory but i have no problem being in a reall relationship with her but i would like to have kids someday and im not likely to be in a good enough state to adopt(i know a couple who had a real hard time who was much more qualified than i porbly will be) unless she gets acsess to telepathic powers and could stay home and look after the kid or find a job but as for romantic relationship i dont think much would change besides kissing on the mouth and love making
  4. last night i was playing games on my laptop when it just died and i hear from somewhere in my head "wasnt me" in a soundless(but not toneless) voice this is the most that i know i got from Hanna
  5. for a while after i found this website i liked the idea of a tulpa but didnt feel it was right for me funny thing was i seemed to unintentionaly work on Hanna before i really wanted to have a tulpa so i started getting worried that she was going to pop up anyways so i decided that id rather great her with love and a good "home" than fear so i starting trying to be a good host funny thing was that night i had a dream light no other ive had that lasted the whole night(even after waking up) of a black screen full of code and frome what i could make out was character traits and stuff
  6. well that just makes it sound terrible but ya i can see that might have to be the case unless it was more of an update after they came back kind of thing like adding memmories to you or your tulpa after the fact but then that rases the problem of hackers overwrighting you with themselves
  7. (in a read some post some mood) one thing i think you could do is upload a tulpa who could help you out like an ai id just want to still be able to hang out mentaly now if could hangout with Hanna in a matrix like thing then i think would make things a good bit easier but i dont feel we need(or should have) ai so advanced but what i think would be a good test is if an ai could be a good dm that can adjust to creative players
  8. one thing ive heard of is that if you beleive that your jobs is very good exercise than you will burn more calories doing it so in light of that you may be able to have tour tulpa help you lose wieght more directly than motivation
  9. without just adding things to Hanna becuase i think its cool some not imposible options ive come up with lab grown wings quantum glued to the body just below the shoulder blades three to four inches apart and nerves quantum locked with the wings i was thinking in a sense of telekanises replacing magic the wings could be a mental projection a symbiote that binds to a non hostile hosts body it later grows wings in order to help keep the host alive
  10. one thing im curious about is looking back how real did it feel if you had your "first time" with your tulpa before a physical person any chance of training to the first go?
  11. it wouldnt hurt to work on being able to go numb on command if needed and i imagine a tulpa could help with that.
  12. if i was to go into detail picture a two blue eyes made of detailed stained glass windows with a blue fire down a hall a ways back that can can grow to an inferno id say able surpass the windows. but this before any real deviation but i think she likes them
  13. yes and now that you mention it i have felt like the cat has climbed up on my bed only to see nothing there, it would suck if what seems like progress was a side effect of a herb well i guess i need to force more of course
  14. well im having trouble again im not sure if its just lack of practice or what but im having a hard time visualizing, if not lack of practice then it maybe cuased by this lekathin supplement ive be taking. i have been hearing what i think is more often in a quarter imposed mind voice that seems limited to two sylibles HAS ANYONE HAD EXPIERENCE WITH LEKATHIN?
  15. from the outside it looks like a large office building but each level is a different place the roof is a clearing in a ancient cedar forest with a hot spring and a cabin,below that is a sparring room, a forest and the rest is to be discovered