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    We're a fully traumagenic system that used tulpa techniques to improve our communication and become more functional. Ziya is the host, and she is also a trans woman.
  1. [Ziya] Man it's been a while since we've been here! Good to see the forum is still doing well, and I hope we'll be a lot more active than before!
  2. Granted, none of us are Tulpas, but we've had to do that, mainly because we've been switching randomly several times a day recently, and we can't seem to switch for about an hour after. It gets annoying, but we each have our own techniques for absorbing the information. Aura and Jason seem to be able to just listen and then can explain it to the rest of us. Lucia, Mizan, and I tend to take notes nearly word for word so we can review it later. Dark and Rand are the most interesting though. Since both of them are fictives (fiction introjects, a.k.a. people from what we call fiction, for those that don't know the term) they are actually hearing pretty much everything in the classes for the first time. They both have pretty good memories too, but what makes their style unique is that, instead of notes, they jot down comments and thought about what is being taught. One time Dark ended up fronting alone for an entire 3 hour class, and when I looked in the notebook there were FOUR pages of comments and notes. He could remember the context for each one too, even the ones that were talking about wanting to move to Europe.
  3. While most of us have somewhat similar styles, Rand and Aura are drastically different. Rand's handwriting is much more suited to fountain pens and quills, flowing with several noticeable flourishes. Aura's is somewhat similar, but each letter is clearly distinct since she's never used those types of writing instruments. It's just a quick example we did over about five minutes, but we actually have a scanned copy of a handwriting sample from each of us that we'll attach here. -Einulf
  4. The terms changed about 20 years ago, but the media never really caught on. I have yet to see anything actually portray a system accurately anyhow, so I guess they just don't care. That really did shock us though. Jason's NEVER done something like that before; normally we have to force him to front as a last resort. Still, I think we've diverted from the original topic. Sorry Mistgod and Melian! -Einulf
  5. While we agree with most of your post, there are two things in this paragraph I would like to correct. First, the correct term is not Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) not MPD. It always surprises me how many people don't know that, and we don't really mind, but using the wrong name really annoys some people online. Second, other than communication and memory issues that emerge in some dissociative disorders there really isn't much difference between a fully developed Tulpa and any other form of headmate (which is the generic term for a member of a multiple system). In fact, our system (which we believe qualifies for OSDD-1, though we have yet to seek a formal diagnosis) has adopted some of the techniques developed by the Tulpa community to improve our communication and control who fronts. The origin of the system doesn't automatically define it as "good" or "bad" I want to reiterate that we agree with the meaning behind your post, and are not annoyed or angry with your choice of words. I simply want to try to help the two communities that our system seems to stand between (the traumagenic systems like DID and OSDD-1, and Tulpa and natural systems) understand and tolerate each other more. There is so much animosity and misunderstanding, but we think that each can learn from the other in some things. I'm sorry about the length of the post, and for the soapbox-esque speech that doesn't really have anything to do with the topic. For the record, I think that all the labels are silly and unnecessarily create and enforce divisions. All that really matters is what each person believes and experiences. -Jason Wow, that was both the first time Jason's forced himself to the front and the most any of us have EVER heard him say. Sorry about that! -Einulf
  6. Einulf

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    Granted, but they're all two sized too small. I wish I could grant my own wishes.
  7. None of us can truly be considered Tulpas, but Einulf's two attempts to create one are directly responsible for four of our "births." We also drew heavily upon techniques and knowledge from the Tulpa community to create most of the infrastructure and "programming" that allows us to avoid the common problems that affect most traumagenic systems, particularly involuntary switching, dissociative amnesia, and lack of communication. Our lives would be much different without that, most likely for the worst. -Aura
  8. I thought the jumps were well done, though I could easily tell were they were due to actually having been there. The interview truly only touched the surface on some points, but time was certainly a factor. If anyone is interested in more detail, or has other questions, feel free to message us here or on our Tumblr. No question is a bad question, and we also enjoy simply conversing if that interests anyone. -Aura
  9. All of us can change clothes and accessories at will, but most of us can't change anything beyond that. Dark can grow wings, but that's because it's one of his abilities from his world. The only one of us that can truly be said to shapeshift is Aura, who has somehow retained the ability to become a lamia (snake woman). She doesn't use it often, and even she doesn't know why she has that ability. -Jason
  10. It may be a tad too driving for most people, but we generally listen to by Hagalaz' Runedance on repeat. We occasionally listen instead to the album Skyworld by Two Steps From Hell if we want to meditate longer than half an hour.
  11. It would be perfectly fine to add clarity to something in the recording. Nobody can benefit from something they cannot understand, after all. How is the editing going, if I may ask?
  12. We just asked to join, if you don't mind a median system that used Tulpa techniques to improve communication and stability.
  13. Actually, switching is synonymous with fronting in the multiple community at large. I have seen it used regularly by the DID community, even those that have never heard of Tulpas. I suspect that some of the original tulpamancers stumbled across the idea and decided to create a conscious version, because it is largely uncontrolled in other systems. As for the wonderland, there are differences among systems, but most seem to have three "worlds" - the "outer world" (Real life experienced through the physical body), "Headspace" (where system members can interact with the one/s fronting but aren't fronting themselves), and the "inner world" (where there is no contact with the headspace or outer world, though sometimes the headspace can view the inner world). The "inner world" is often a completely separate world, and sometimes system members don't even know they are a part of a system within that world. I have a friend who's alters live in an alternate version of Earth in their inner world, complete with other peoples and cultures. I hope this clears up a few things, since there is little communication between the Tulpa community and other systems. -Aura
  14. Not sure, but if we use the theory about parallel processing from a while ago then maybe having two or more consciousnesses active at the same time creates more neural activity. Everything we could come up with right now is theoretical, but that makes the most sense to me.
  15. Well, from what I learned in my Intro to Behavioral Neuroscience class over the summer the concentration of Calcium ions in the neurons helps control the amount of neurotransmitters released when the neuron fires. Maybe the Calcium thing I mentioned earlier ties into that? I'm really not sure, but it would make SOME sense.