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  1. It's not that I think I'm making something else, it's just that, well, I'm not making anything at all (I think). I've been narrating, focusing on her personality, appearance, etc. When I speak to her, I hear nothing; when I try to do something with her, she does nothing. Trust me, I've been trying to be patient and not have expectations (that's why I didn't keep track of my hours), but she's just not the slightest bit sentient and I don't know why. Hell, I don't even feel her presence when I'm with her. Is there something that I'm doing wrong?
  2. It was a very late night, I just got home from hanging out with some friends of mine. After getting ready for bed, I lay down and think "hey! Why don't I chill with Salvia for a bit". I get to my wonderland as was welcomed to her just breaking physicsm you know, floating mid air and stuff. "Hey Salvia, want to explore for a bit?" "Get the f*** away from me!" O_O I stayed up the rest of the night debating with myself if it was really her, or maybe my exhaustion was taking its toll on me. Even after reassuring myself that I was probably tired, I was still semi-depressed, but I got over it in time. Weird, but true story XD
  3. I picked "something else entirely". I named my tulpa "Salvia" I didnt intend to name her after a hallucinogenic plant, I just thought it sounded "mystical". I did name our wonderland (a laboratory) "Divinorum Laboratories". lol I thought it was kinda funny because the names really went together
  4. I've given Salvia the form of Zone...She's like human daemon hybrid if you ask me lol. Yeah, that's her current form, she's free to change her form to whatever she likes but I haven't seen any changes so far.
  5. Thanks Quilten and Sakura! Hm...I'll try to think of a way to distinguish my parroting between her real voice. I'm really indecisive on wonderlands, so I'm hoping that once she comes across a environment that she's comfortable with, she'll make that into (our?) wonderland. For me, anything is alright, I just want her to be comfortable.
  6. Sometimes, instead of just doing some serious focusing, I'll add Salvia into my day dreams. I think of if a some sort of scenario. Make a small mental environment, add some backstory to it, give me and her an objective, then just kinda journey along. She still isn't sentient, so I have to puppet and parrot her. Since I'm not focusing directly on her form, I was wondering if I was still making progress.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I guess I'll do it from form, to personality, then narration/voice. I already have my wonderland up and running. Thanks guys!
  8. I was working on Salvia, and I was wondering if it mattered that I focus primarily on personality, before form, voice etc. Usually, I just focus on everything throughout the days. Am I forcing correctly?
  9. Hi! My name is Yan, or you can call me by my real name, Terry. I just thought I'd introduce myself before doing any activity on this forum. I'm already working on a tulpa, I just started so sentience hasn't been achieved. Her name is Salvia. That's pretty much all that I can think about putting on here. Again, hello everyone and I hope that we all can become great friends!