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  1. I would be up for having a mentor... I'm not sure I have the skills yet to be one, but I'd always appreciate having the support to fall back on:)
  2. Hey there! Can you possibly draw my tulpa, Silas? He's tall and thin, white skin and brown hair that's kinda brushed onto his forehead and sweeping off, kinda like side bags? Haha. He has green eyes and an almost hooked nose... And a grin/smile! He's 20 Edit: oh and he wears jeans and a grey vest with a hunter green scarf!
  3. In my experience headaches and head pressures feel different. Headaches come when I'm dehydrated...etc. head pressures usually don't hurt as much but is a dull sensation, making my head feel a but heavy. My tulpa confesses to the head pressures, saying he just wanted attention.
  4. Believe it or not, my tulpa actually decided he wanted some of David Tennants features! Obviously the hair and height! ?