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  1. My tulpa is completely non-verbal. Then again I have been working on him on-and-off for a year. Who knows if this is his own quirk or a result of inconsistent forcing :\
  2. Sounds fucking great. I don't know a thing about code or whatever but it seems like it would be a lot of work. Whoever does it gets ALL the cookies. And you gotta name it "Tulpaware" ................get it? Also the super secret calculator option is hilarious.
  3. I can't contribute much except to say that it was touched on in Pleebs famous lecture. Here is a paste bin save. And here is a summary/discussion of the lecture on this very forum. The answer Pleeb came up with is yes, a lone tulpa can stimulate themselves at a certain point and multiple tulpa can stimulate each other (stop giggling).
  4. Thanks. Unless it's really buggy, something is better than nothing. (i.e. relying on my own organizational skills.)
  5. ...None. I never realized that. Most of our wonderland is nature-based, fantasy-based or abstract.... I do sometimes see Jack with a white coffee mug but I honestly don't know what the hell he's doing with it and I haven't seen nary a coffee maker. Who even knows what's really in that mug? >__> ...Now I'm imagining him bent over a campfire, boiling coffee grounds. In his spotless, white dress shirt, no less!
  6. I would love to see a program like this be made. I was actually going to make a post asking about it since I couldn't find any programs with my google search. One feature I was thinking of is where it can have some pre-loaded "plans" written by guide makers, or at least based on popular guides. Detailing exercises, to do lists, reminders, etc. Of course people can mix & match and create their own custom plans. Also little features like exercises and games to play with the tulpa, just for strengthening bond, working on skills together etc I really like the idea of a organized and comprehensive personality profile feature for easy editing and reminders to keep track of what's been done and take notes. I like things to be organized but I'm very bad at actually organizing and implementing. I know I could (struggle to) do the same thing in wordpad but I feel that a program written with that stuff in mind would make it much easier. I use a program called "Lightened Dream" for recording my dreams to help remember them and have more lucid dreams. It has some features that I don't use for lucid dreaming but instead have plugged in tulpa related stuff. -I use the "subliminal messages" part to flash things about Jack's sentience, personality traits, etc across the screen (Don't know if it helps, but I doubt it can hurt). -I use the "readings" feature to play LinkZelda's hypnosis scripts (it takes a bit of editing). I know some might find it distracting because it plays the script line-by-line, but I like the way the lines flash over the screen plain and bold, with no input from me. -It also has a "recording" feature that I use for the scripts, to record myself and play it back. That can be done on any computer, I know. But it keeps them organized and accessible, IMO. That's all I got :) But if it was hosted on a website and wasn't also available as a downloadable program...I wouldn't be able to make very good use of it as I don't have an internet connection at home. *shrugs*
  7. Figured I would check in, seeing as I'm a new member who hasn't posted in 6 months. I'm still forcing on the side but my bigger interest is in reserching and theorizing about the tulpa phenomenon. Plus I'm just busy with life and generally not active in the community(I do lurk at r/tulpa though). Cheerio!
  8. Eh, after a bag of sour skittles my tongue feel like I've rubbed a layer off with sandpaper. Like citrus burn after 4 kiwis or a pineapple :d And licorice is alright but black licorice is disgusting. I hate it so much it's like anti-candy. I never even remember to mention it, it's so nasty. Always gotta spit out them black jellybeans DX THIS. I live in the desert where if you drop more than 4 granules of sugar on the counter or floor the ants will invade. Also nerds are great but chewing them seems risky.
  9. I (and the doc who writes my prescriptions) consider my ADD(I have the inattentive variety) "severe". btw the meds don't help much >_> That said both passive and active forcing are a pain. First I have to get my lazy ass to sit down and actually force... then I constantly find myself thinking about something completely different and then turning my attention back to my tulpa and being like "...fuck." and I'm talking mid-sentence distracted. I would suppose having AD(H)D would hinder your progress at least slightly. I remember reading some book about how, if you have ADD the "part of your brain you use for concentrating SHUTS DOWN the harder you try to concentrate." That's like nightmare fuel for students, right there. Oh, the book was by Daniel Amen.
  10. But the lounge is "off topic" just the same ...?
  11. I had a roommate who was all "I don't like sweet stuff". She would eat meat...just steak. I always secretly thought something must be wrong with her.... after I got to know her...I seriously think she was a sociopath(not kidding) >___> aaanyway, I am OM NOMing as we speak: Mmmmmm, they got that chili powder in the middle. Heh, when I was a kid I hated watermelon candy(and peach, still do). I didn't know you could put chili powder in candy until I moved to the southwest. Now I love Mexican food too! POST SOME CANDY!
  12. Jack's form is based off of a Sim I made years ago. When I started visualizing him better I made a new Sim to better represent him so he looks pretty much exactly like this, except without the pockets on the dress shirt:
  13. I suppose Jack might be the first Tulpa based off of a Sim ..? I've been messing around with ways to make progress with Jack utilizing The Sims(2). I probably won't come up with much though >_>
  14. I am female and chose a male tulpa(avatar is us). I didn't really put much thought into gender. All I knew off the bat was that I wanted my tulpa to have positive traits that I lack. An image started to form in my head... and I realized it was that of a "sim" I had created. (that sim had a similar personality to the traits I was deciding on) So I just went with it. That's my tulpa philosophy.
  15. How tough am I? Yesterday I went t- >__> Misleading topic title is misleading aaaanyway... This. This is what always happens. If tulpa goes mainstream and becomes the "cool" new fad, mainstream news starts reporting on it etc... This board will never be the same. That seems less legit coming from me because I have like, 3 posts to my name. But this would not be the first time I've joined a forum and the had the forum invaded by people I know IRL that are always jumping on the next new thing...especially if the thing is something "nonmainstream" like Tarot or electronic music. I'm sure I'm safe from that here though. But I wouldn't doubt the girls I knew in highschool to latch on to the "omg look at me I have an imaginary friend but it's okay because everyone in my peer group is doing it. srsly its the coolest thing." I gotta stop, I'm getting angry and I think I'm slightly off topic here anyway :/ /end rant