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  1. Alright, I'm totally out now. I havent forced at all, dont think i will force again. Long story short, Get GF, her ex comes back, we break up for a bit, get bcak together again, not an hour later, her mother sees us kissing and will not allow her daughter to date a younger guy, then slaps her. Hooray!!
  2. Fuck me i havent been forcing at all Fuck work
  3. Day 24 Jesus fuck i actually forced an ok time tonight. Was in bed being fucking sleepy when suddenly i get the urge to FORCE. So i got up and forced for 30 minutes. Felt extremely motherfuckin excited again like it was an emotional response. Or maybe i just haven't seriously forced in a while. Open doar 2 wunderlondz and gave her a flying hug. Then i got down and started forcing. Going over traits a second time to reinforce them. Finished Creative, logical and kind. Somewhere in the middle i started wondering whether or not she would remember all this stuff, so i imagined a portion of her head opening up and a stick of RAM going in. Bad move, fucktwit. Her head asploded and i could hear screams like the screams they do in screamo songs and god it is fucking disturbkng but it went away after a bit. Fuckin' christ. 12:15 to 12:45 510 minutes. 8hrs 30 mins. Fuck me.
  4. I didnt force last night because i was a pussy and was tired fuckfuckfuck dickgirls fucking buildings is pretty uncommon though
  5. Stop misunderstanding dude. What it means is that we're willing to have our dicks cut off to protect our tupper's innocence. Dont get it? Basically we dont want our tuppers to be sluts. How would you feel about your tupper fucking ten million faceless men a day?
  6. I totally understand you, lolimancer. We'll get along well. Forced ten minuted yesterday. At least im "forcing" everyday now. :(
  7. @lolimancer Hahahahah what!!! Pretty self explanatory. Two nights ago i "forced" for 40 mins. Or maybe it was 10 mins and then i fell asleep. I dont know. I didnt force last night, was too tired. I hope to force tonight.
  8. Lack of update due to lack of time spent on internet and forcing. I have barely forced2 hours this past week. Have been on the road/working all week, finding time to force is getting extremely hard as i have to get up early and go to bed tired. Still dont want to give up.
  9. Day 12 20 min session last night, or maybe it was 10 minutes until i fell asleep. Last night was fucking unproductive. I barely did shit, couldn't concentrate at all. My forcing, overall, is going pretty badly. I'm going to be on the road most of the time for two days, finding time to force will be very hard to do.
  10. Day 11 20 minutes last night at 3:10 to 3:30am Did personality trait humorous. Not much to report other than a slight headache.
  11. Day 10 Alright, had two sessions today. A ten minute session in the afternoon, around 6, and one just now, from 3:30 to 4:10 That makes it 50 minutes. Did personality traits again, this time was attentive, verbosity and logical. Did this while listening to my "sleep" playlist - all very calm songs. At one point a song in 3/4 came up, so i decided to do the waltz with her. We kissed at the end :3 I'm finding it harder than normal to concentrate on her form too. I'll narrate to her about the traits, go on and on, then realize ive forgotten to visualize her. this happens several times. Nothing interesting happened. Slight headache, no emotional responses. 6 hours 10 minutes
  12. Lack of updates due to lack of internet fffuuuuu Day 7 20 minutes of forcing. During this session, i tried as hard as i could not to move her. Or maybe i was parroting her not to move aaaaaa. I decided that 3 hours and a bit is DEFINITELY not enough for personalities, so i decided to go over them again, this time using the personality template guide kindly supplied by faqman. Now, i can remember that the "Curious" trait only took me like 5 minutes the first time. It took me all of 20 minutes with Faqman's method, and i was only halfway through the trait. I realized how stupid i was with doing a trait for only 5 minutes. Since this was 3 days ago, I don't remember why i wrote down saliva. I can only guess it was something erotic. I intended to do a 30 minute session, but was way too tired - I was out the whole day again. Day 8 I didnt really note anything down, except that i had two sessions. 6:30 - 6:45 for a total of 15 minutes 1:55 to 2:05AM for 25 minutes that makes it 40 minutes where i was doing more traits. I think i was finishing off curious, then started brave. Day 9 This was yesterday I'm writing all this in so little detail as compared to the other days it looks shitty to me, but i cant remember, honestly. Anyways, i had a single session last night. It was from 1:50 to 2:20 AM. 30 mins. I continued doing the brave trait. Three quarters done, i think. Sorry for the shittilly written report. Have an Inori