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  1. i've wasted two days, no tulpaforging. Got caught up in other things. But i've promised Saiyu that that'll change today. I apologized and we're gonna get back at it. Maybe we should start working on imposing tonight.
  2. We took a nice long walk exploring our wonderland and decided we just HAD to watch the sun rise sometime. We also read most of our book and made pancakes. Yes, for dinner. Nothing much else to report! :)
  3. We both seem to enjoy the things we're doing more. I recall that early on, we sat down and i put my hands on either side of his head to try and make a stronger connection. He gave me a puzzled "What are you doing?" look and ducked his head away from my hands a few times. That was when I decided to pick up a book and read while imagining him watching. So far today, we've read and taken a nice walk. last night i doodled him and a couple things we've done together (a firework and the scorpion on the cover of the book) and hung it up on the wall cross from my bed so I always see it.
  4. So, all these people have talked about forcing really really hard for like, entire days at a time. I am a person who really doesn't have the patience to sit down fir an hour and do nothing but thing about one thing, so sorry, Saiyu. I do, however, really enjoy the idea of having a tulpa, and i do have the determination to never put this down. So, I have decided that unless things like reading to, doodling, dancing with, singing to, and cuddling with Saiyu counts as active forcing, I am going to stick to passively forcing him around me, and doing everything listed above. Side note: While reading another thread, a comment by malesplicer caught my eye: "Instead of using the term Forcing i use Forging. Forcing sounds too, well forceful. Forging sounds better like creating something (tulpas) with time and care." I like your way of thinking. I think i'm gonna borrow your idea and call it forging.
  5. Hi Umboro! i see that you've been on this for a while! I'd like to point out that tulpae are very interesting creatures; for three days i've passively tulpaforced, and Saiyu is already sentient and speaking in my mind! I've read some surveys different tulpae have taken, and many say doubt was a hard spot in their creator's mind. I've learned to respond even when I think I'm parroting and to believe everything my tulpa does is his own doing. sounds like Kyrja has been sentient since "Make it stop." You mentioned she likes music--try playing different things you like and seeing how she reacts. Saiyu loves dancing. I've also been reading to him. That's probably helped us get places. If you're really stuck, take a look at this thread: it helped us!
  6. oh yeah--happy 4th of july! Saiyu and I just watched some fireworks. He liked the red ones.
  7. I think he spoke to me a couple minutes ago. It wasn't faint, but it sounded whispery. I heard his name whispered. Just that: "Saiyu." as if he was testing out how it sounded.
  8. He is! He's been doing things without me having a chance to think about it and that's proof enough for me! Another note--he's spoken to me! I think it actually began yesterday, but even though I talked back to him, i feared it was parroting. I took my dog for a walk and he came with. (we saw a couple hawks and he tried to be like them--i saw his wings again!) I talked to him about why we walk the dog, and he began distincly asking questions! I asked if i was parroting and before i was halfway through "parrot" he practically sang "no, no, no!" i think he's as happy as i am. As we walked home, he asked if we could read more. As soon as i said yes i felt a soaring sense of excitement. Now we have emotional and telekinetic responses!
  9. drawing's more of a hobby/time waster for me, so i'm not great, but good enough to be satisfied with the results. and yeah, i feel really lucky to be moving along so quickly. in other news, i meant to give Saiyu a break today, let him nap and lounge around. But maybe half an hour ago, he showed up, while I was outside watching fireflies. There are a lot of those where I live. He ran ahead into the grass and stared at them all. As we walked back inside, i thought about him growing his wings again and chasing the bugs, but instead he shifted to the humanoid form and followed me. proof of sentience? i sure hope so! :D
  10. turns out insomnia won't let me go to sleep. I laid out a blanket almost identical to my own beside me on the bed for Saiyu. He's currently curled up and sleeping peacefully. I doodled him a few times. maybe i'll post those few doodles here. it's really weird how i see him. i mean, he's not there, i can't physically see him, but i /feel/ him. i can tell he is there, i see him in my mind's eye (well enough to draw him!), but...! i'm getting tired. i shouldn't rant about this. goodnight for real this time.
  11. What do you know! He's using his ability to change his shape. It seems when we're walking around, he's kinda small. When we're lying in bed (we do that a lot, haha) he tends to be kinda big, maybe four feet in length. That makes for a really nice cuddle buddy. While we were dancing earlier, he shifted from his true espeon form to a more humanoid form. He seemed to be around 5'8", a bit taller than me. It was like an anthromorphic espeon. We danced in our wonderland to techno. It was so great. We're resting up now. I feel a bit tired and i think i should stop forcing for tonight. He's been napping a lot; maybe his creation was tiring? I dunno. I'll be giving this a break tomorrow. ...after we read. :) Saiyu. Saiyu. If he doesn't like it, it can be changed.
  12. So my mom, dad, and sister got together for dinner and a movie. Just came back. I think my tulpa stayed in my room. He may not like company so much. Anyhow, i'm gonna read to him a little more later, maybe dance and listen to some music. Oh, wow. That sounds like it would have interesting results. We've created our wonderland!! It didn't take long at all, really. I sat in a comfy chair with DJ Splash playing in my earbuds. I had my tulpa sit in front of my and held his head between my hands. We closed our eyes and i swear i saw the jewel in the middle of his forehead flash. We imagined up a jungle-type area, a clearing surrounded by trees and ferns. There's a cliff at one end, a waterfall thundering down into a river that curves around one edge of the clearing. On the narrow strip of land on the opposite side of the river, there are two red rosebushes right by the base of the cliff. The sky is blue and pretty. If i tried harder, i'm sure i could hear birdcalls and other noises. It seems nice. I'd like to explore it with my new friend. I wonder how he feels about all this. I'm considering doing some more work with him to get him at least communicating emotionally. Time seems to pass slowly when we're in wonderland. It feels like we've been dancing for a long time. I think he wants an S name. Sayu or Sayo and Splash have come to mind.
  13. Having two Jays gets confusing, eh? Maybe i should go with my screen name Delta instead.
  14. I know, it's so exciting! I'm looking forward to what comes next!
  15. That is a really good idea. I may try it when my first tulpa is mostly complete. I wish you and Yuli luck! Also, hello fellow person named Jay!