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  1. i am really gratefull for the answers you two gave me and i deffinetly will look into the threads Anonymous linked me Thanks and have a nice day
  2. Hey, ill keep it short and jump right into the question with a little backstory. So 3 Years ago i first started forcing my tulpa after readin a bunch of guides. at first i were doing the Trait forcing but after a while i stopped it because some guides said it wasnt really necessery if you were ok with your tulpa creating her own traits. The thing is i already had gotten some reactions from my tulpa like her name and some head pressure responses but nothing major. I then "i dont even know why anymore" stopped the forcing for 3 years and almost never thought about my tulpa in creation. I would really like to repend and continue to Force my tulpa and im confident i can go trough with it this time. So my question now, is my tulpa still Alive? if no can i revive her some how? if yes, i first canceled the trait forcing can i still continue with it or is it too late. And whats the best course i could take now for me and my tulpa? im really gratefull for all who read my post and five me an anwser to my question, have a nice day
  3. You get Your Robot-Rabbit-Buddy-Pet, But he is a Evil MasterMind And Lock you away. And he will Take over your Live I wish for Closed Beta Keys For every Game that will come out.
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  5. Thanks For the Reply OwO Ok Then i think i will Start Calling Her Yumi. And for the Form Then i will also try it.
  6. Hello, Srry if im Doing something Wrong and im not supposed to Open a Tread but Yeah... Also im Srry for my bad English. So I started Recently Forcing My Tulpas Personality but i alredy Thougt of and Form to Visualize when im Forcing. My Question now is: How do i Know if My Future Tulpa Like The Form or if shes Trying To change it? I have problems wiht Focus so i dont know if The Form Changes are me thinking of other things or its she trying to Change it. Also Before Going to bed Last night i Were thinking of her and Wished her a Good night, and out of nowhere i got the name Yumi in my Head Could it be that she Wants me to change her Name To Yumi? Because i cant Remember ever Heard of that name before so it was kinda Random when i got the Thougt. Thanks For Reading this far and Srry again for my Bad English ♦ZeeySaan♦
  7. Hello There I'm Miguel and i found out about Tulpa Thanks to 4Chan. I'm Sorry for my bad English but i will try my best. I Allways were kinda interessted in supernatural things, when i first read about Tulpas i thougt that it sounds interessting so i begann to do some research to see what a Tulpa is. Soo thats how i endet up here. I didnt created a Tulpa yet but i want to start soon, i were thinking of getting some clues how to beginn here at the forum and join the Community, i Mean Talking with People that share the same interests is never Bad OwO So Yeah that was my intro i hope it was ok.