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  1. Except the entire point of neuromancy is to bring the dream world into the walking world. Lucid dreaming is the exact opposite thing.
  2. The lucid dreaming site? (Thank you, google.) No offense to them, but I don't see how that's related in any way.
  3. This is research. I created a website so that I can gather everything related to neuromancy in one place. I need more people to test this out, which is why I put it here.
  4. What is neuromancy? Simply put, neuromancy is the trained skill of altering one's perception through willpower. Sounds a lot like imposition, right? Well, that's because it basically is. It's a practice that skips tulpas altogether, and focuses on imposition. It's a very powerful tool, if you put in the time to learn how to use it. I'm currently pursuing a degree in cognitive neuropsychology, and hope to learn more about how conscious intention changes physical perception. Since it relies heavily on the placebo effect, this project can also teach us more about how far it can go. As of curre
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