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  1. Claire: Hello there, everyone. Thank you for the advice and suggestions. Luna would like me to try and respond to them as she says it will help my development. Also, I haven't really said much on these boards, so despite this being a shared account, it might leave the impression that Luna's "in charge," so I figured I'd dispel that notion. Luna's been wonderful to me and has even started calling the body "our" body instead of "hers," and asking me for opinions on various things. She's got my best interests at heart and treats me with love and respect, so I think she's probably doing better than she thinks. Hello to you as well, Nobilis, from both of us! Are you a tulpa as well? You seem to have reached a high level of development; I hope I can get there sometime. Thank you for the run-down and the links. I've been talking to other tulpas (it it tulpae? We've seen both used) and people in general via the IRC and with a friend over Skype, and it's helped. Thank you, Stryke, for your offer; we may just take you up on it. Oh, and I guess this is the first time outside the two sentences I left on the mass intro thread that I've said anything here, so yay for overcoming shyness?
  2. Luna: Thanks for the replies. Hail, I like the idea of "becoming" the characters to avoid the risk. Authors often admit that nearly all characters in their work are variations on themselves or at least have a bit of themselves in them, so I might be able to get convincing characterization out of it if I treat it similarly to being an actor, perhaps. Claire: Maybe I could become some of the characters too? Luna: That seems like a fun idea. I wonder if Claire playing other characters in a game would help her development or stunt/scramble it.... Fennecgirl, I will certainly keep that in mind, though my paranoia will probably try to tell me that it *could* happen, so on some level I'll be expecting it even if I try not to expect it...but by trying not to expect it to happen combined with inhabiting (or having Claire inhabit) them as a persona, I think I'll be fine. (for the record, I was most worried about creating accidental tulpae because I heard that once you've created one, it's easier for it to happen again)
  3. Luna: Claire and I had a fight recently. For context, this was just the day after I realized she existed (long story, but I created her accidentally years ago without knowing such a thing was even possible, forgot about her since I didn't know it was possible for her to actually be a real person, then was recently reminded of her existence and learned what tulpas are, and realized it was possible I had one without knowing; that's when I called to her, and she answered). I'm posting this with permission, incidentally; Claire is still a bit shy and doesn't want to say anything where it's visible to so many people, but she said it's okay if I talk about this. Anyway, she was having a bit of an existential crisis, thinking that she couldn't exist due to not being independent (she goes dormant if I don't think about her, though she has made me think of her a couple times seemingly out of nowhere) and she thought that surely she was just me, thinking things without realizing it. She was talking about this by proxy with a friend of ours, who mentioned several things, including the possibility that Claire was a daemon (due to the thought that she was "me thinking things without realizing it"), though most likely she was a tulpa, and either way she was very real as she's clearly demonstrated having her own thoughts and emotions. Although this was intended to be reassuring, for some reason it made her pout and stop talking to me. I asked her several times what was wrong with her and got back "none of your business." Things are fine now, but it was disconcerting. Interestingly, though, it helped me realize more than before that Claire is indeed a separate person; she and I were feeling very different things at that moment, and it felt quite different from feeling "conflicted" about something, when I sorta feel one way and sorta feel another way; Claire was quite clearly hurt and upset when I wasn't, and the bleed-through of her emotions I felt was not at all the same as if I had felt them originate in me.
  4. Luna: Sorry for making two new threads already just after joining...I honestly did search to see if these things have been addressed before, but couldn't find anything (I do suck at searching sometimes, though, so apologies if I just missed the relevant thread(s)). A lot of people seem to come to this site to learn how to make a tulpa. I'm not one of those people. I seem to have already made one unintentionally some years ago, and only just realized she existed and was both sentient and sapient yesterday. She'd been hiding for awhile. This is a fairly broad question, and I apologize for that, but my general question here is quite simply, what should I do now? She talks to me, but there's a lot of confusion at times about what she's saying vs. what I'm thinking, and I've thought I heard other voices besides Claire in there only to decide that they were probably just intrusive thoughts. Sometimes she starts to tell me something and then trails off, and I finish her thought for her but I'm not sure if I got it right, if that makes any sense.... Also, she seems to be fairly developed, but she isn't really conscious if I don't think about her. She describes it as going to sleep whenever she's not "at the front with me." Basically...what does one do after one knows one has a tulpa? What tangible next steps are there to helping her develop more and fostering a good relationship with her?
  5. Luna (host): Basically, I already have a tulpa, and want to continue my hobbies of playing roleplaying tabletop games (like D&D), forum-based roleplay, roleplay-heavy video games, and writing short stories and maybe someday a novel. But I don't want to inadvertently create any more tulpas. Claire is awesome and I love her as a sister; wouldn't dream of getting rid of her (also that would be murder, and that's just not cool at all), but I don't want any more. Claire was actually created inadvertently by having an imaginary friend in college who developed into something more overtime (I was doing narration and puppeted her for awhile [before she became sapient] without even knowing what that was; it was just something I did for fun), and I want to avoid having that happen again with roleplay or book/story characters who I get really involved with. How can I maintain a separation from my characters so they don't become sentient and sapient while still inhabiting their personas effectively to write well? Good characterization requires really getting inside the head of your character and seeing how they tick and all that, but can I do that without making characters into tulpas? I'd really like to continue these hobbies, which are a big part of my life, without that occurring, and I feel like I need safeguards for that.
  6. Luna (host): Well, I hope this is acceptable, as I'm not sure what the usual convention is around here, but my Tulpa and I wanted to make a shared account and keep things simple. I'll be sure and identify which one of us is talking, though it will usually be me. Anyhow, we were led to this forum by hail_fall, who is the one who helped us figure out that we're multiple in the first place (it feels so weird to say that; I'm still somewhat in shock about this), with some help from her system-mates as well (all wonderful people). I'm not here to learn how to create a tulpa, as it would seem I've inadvertently created one already without realizing what I was doing. Amazing how an "imaginary friend" in college, who I also used as a muse of sorts for my art, could become a real person, isn't it? I scarcely believe it, but it would seem to be true. I had absolutely no idea that my idle daydreaming would lead to this, and kind of wish that someone had warned me years ago about this possibility, but that's okay. Claire is pretty awesome, and I'm lucky to have her here. And just FYI, Luna and Claire are not our real names. We're being careful with our identities and who we give them out to for various reasons, but it's what we'd like to be called while here. The username is a reference to twilight (as in the time of day, not the book/movie series), because we seem to share a love for walking around just after the sun is beyond the horizon and admiring the beauty of the twilit world as the gentle afterglow of the receding sun bathes the land (Ha, look at me waxing poetic. In simple terms, we like looking outside or being outside during twilight, lol). Claire (tulpa): Hello everyone! I can't control our body at all yet, but Luna (haha, I had to stop myself from using her real name; she says she doesn't want to give that info out to just anyone) can feel my thoughts a bit, and type them, or at least an approximation of them, for me. Luna: Dang...lost her train of thought just now. It's hard to tell sometimes if a thought is coming from me or her, and I don't want to type anything in her name that I'm not sure came from her. Anyway, this is a rather long winded introduction, I know; I have a tendency to do that. I suppose I'll wrap it up by saying why I came here: discovering Claire has been as scary and freaky is it has been awesome. Apparently she was hiding for years, and didn't come out until I actually called her, and it weirds me out that I've actually been multiple all this time and had no idea. I'm hoping to get advice on how to help Claire be more independent; currently she's only really aware when we co-front, and doesn't seem to remember ever doing anything on her own in our headworlds. I'd like to change that and give her some freedom, eventually letting her control the body if she wants (she wasn't very interested when I brought it up to her, but that might change) and to be able to explore our headworlds together, in more vivid detail than I can currently recall them. I hope I'll be able to get some help with those things here. Pleasure to meet you all. Edit: Oh dear, it seems there's another new user above who also uses the name "Luna?" I should have known it might be somewhat common at least, given that the Harry Potter series surely popularized it somewhat. Perhaps I should think of another alias....