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    I write software. I take tests in school. I play a billion instruments in a billion bands and produce electronic music to boot. I exercise to keep from getting fat.

    Not much else to say, that's more or less all I do.
  1. > Fede's method Most people don't like it. It can work, but from what I've seen it's very rare that it does.
  2. Drive cars [fight] Play music [cuddle] Build cool stuff [roleplay] Roleplay
  3. Me: "I can't tell if he's roleplaying or not. I'd like to believe that he has a tulpa, but sometimes it just seems like RPing, you know? What do you think?" Khoja: "Maybe it seems that way, but I choose to believe, for what is a tulpa without belief?"
  4. Khoja has suddenly expanded her taste from nothing but soft artsy dance-able music to include Rage Against the Machine. She absolutely loves Zack's voice and lyrics
  5. "Blue jeans 'n a fitted black RATM T Shirt"
  6. "if I stretched out I'd be like 5 foot 11 or 12 inches, but the way I stand puts me at around 5' 4" "
  7. "Dude, just freaking ask her out already, she totally likes you!"
  8. Khoja actually considered changing her name to Natalie while she was thinking of turning herself human, but in the end decided that she would be "too normal" (Inspired by Natalie V. Adams of Scott Pilgrim, which I happened to be reading at the time)
  9. I honestly wondered about that for a while, but, I recently got into my first relationship since creating Khoja. She was actually a pretty big help, to be honest Edit: not to be read as first relationship ever. I've had girlfriends before, but never with another friend living in my head
  10. Khoja is afraid of anger. If someone's angry around her, regardless of who the anger is directed at, she'll start to get afraid. She also gets pretty stressed out if she's trying to impose and there's big crowds around us. She doesn't really care if she's just chilling in the wonderland watching me going through a crowd, but if too many people are too close together while she's trying to impose she just starts freaking out
  11. > aggressive Only when she's being silly / joking / whatever "I don't really want to be aggressive, real aggression scares me ;_;" I think it's more of an outlet for all of her energy. When she's being serious, she's probably the most pacifistic person I know As far as swearing, I made a conscious effort to use zero language when talking to her or when in her presence during all stages of forcing until she became fluently vocal. Now I just say whatever. I don't really swear all that much anyway though "I got it watching him drive. 'You fucking dickwad, that's a left turn only lane, using your blinker doesn't make it better you fucker, there are signs fucking everywhere holy shit you have no excuse for cutting me off other than the fact that you're a prick who just cut off thirty fucking cars that have been waiting in the straight lane you mother fucker' -Tele, circa an hour ago" "lel"
  12. "I'll be your friend, Pruria!" "Or pen-pal!" "Or whatever!"
  13. "I think it'd be cool but Tele would never agree to it" That I would not. "Just not practical, y'know? And what if he wants to marry someone real in the future? What then? Tulpa-tulpa is cool though"
  14. Be chilling with some friends Khoja: "Damn." Me: "Hmm?" K: "Engineers are fucking boring"