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  1. 68 True. But 69 seems way too high. We need more evil around here. (Evil face here)
  2. I would definitely be okay with being trained in the art of using tekkit mods. I'm clueless with a lot of the energy/machinery mods in there. I tend to be attracted to magic mods more, so I could never really force myself to learn the mods :P
  3. I'd hook my house up to reisen's hub. As for the lab, sure I'll join if you'll have me :p not sure what I'd do in the lab but maybe I can help out with stuff :p
  4. 70 It's going to stay around 69, isn't it?
  5. I'm really interested in the idea of being able to keep a simultaneous conversations between you, a separate person, and your tulpa. Anyone know if that kind of thing's been recorded on here before? If that sort of thing's possible, you could practice that. The only problem is that I'd imagine that it'd take loads of practice and access to an outside person to talk to, which may or may not be available to you. P.S I feel like I should specify- I'm not saying that you don't have access to other real life people to talk to. I'm saying that people might not have others that they trust enough to help them practice holding 2 concurrent conversations together.
  6. Yeah, I can definitely agree with the "turned my life around" part of tulpas. Markus really helped me out with some frustration with stuff in life and such. I find that so cool that people can do that to you, just turn your mood around. Stuff is cool :P But onto the actual question of your post. Yuki's right, worrying about sentience tends to be a bit fruitless. You'll never really get anywhere, at least I never have. I've learned that it doesn't really matter if your tulpa's sentient. As long as they act like they are, you'll never be able to see the difference. I've seen stuff recently about tulpas being self-delusions and, while I don't agree with the idea, makes sense to me, at least a bit. If they're real/sentient to you, then they are, as far as you could possibly be concerned :) Anywho, I hoped you were able to pull some kind of meaning out of that stew of half baked ideas and nonsense :) As for the "I only hear my tulpa when I'm thinking of them" thing, yeah, that happens to me. Markus tells me that she talks while I'm not listening and that I don't hear her. Not sure how to remedy that... be better at listening? I dunno. Anyway, hope I was able to help, even if it was only a bit :P
  7. Oh come on, who doesn't love balloons? Then next person who posts loves the idea of going to Whittier in Alaska, but will probably never get around to visiting.
  8. arcanemagic

    Minecraft server

    I'd play on a vanilla server or something on the technic launcher... people do bring up a good point about others possibly not being able to do stuff with mods, though. I vote vanilla :p
  9. Nice to see you back :P Can I take this to mean that you'll start updating again? Hope the unmotivated period goes away soon. Those suck. Anyway, I'm glad that the head ghosts(or space ghosts, whichever you guys prefer) are doing well.
  10. Good luck with future endeavors, Darcmanish. You will be missed. Hope you get to do all the things you want to in life!
  11. Pretty much. I'm not exactly sure how the personality thing works because I never really made a personality for Markus. I just let her develop herself.
  12. It seems like you're doing things right to me. The fact that it's starting to do things that you don't expect is generally a sign of progress. The only warning that I feel that I should give you is that you shouldn't be too upset if your tulpa doesn't come out exactly as you imagined it. Deviation is to be expected and however your tulpa turns out, it's your responsibility to deal with it.
  13. Yeah, I don't active force much either. I really should do it more, though. It makes Markus happy. Anyway, as for the nervousness, I'd suggest just trying to let go. The way I see it, it's not going into the wonderland that's the hard part. It's differentiating between your mind-bits and theirs. It's something that I struggle with from time to time. When it happens I just try not to get caught up on it and continue. It works most of the time :p Hope I. helped and good luck! :) PS: congrats on the speech! That's awesome!!! :D
  14. Markus likes bugs. We've got a couple different wonderlands where she can explore and look for new bugs to catch... I don't get it. Bugs are creepy :/ She's giving me a look... They're not creepy. They're cool... :P
  15. I'd say just give it time. Recently, within the past week or two, I've been able to visualize Markus' face much easier than in the past. It just kind of happened :p Although, her changing hair every day doesn't help much -___- :p
  16. I'm not at home so I'm afraid that I can't go terribly into detail(as if I ever really do :p ) But maybe you've just gotten so used to his presence that it feels incredibly lonely without it? I've got to go now; school stuff. I'll update and expand this once I get home :p I'm back. What I said before makes sense to me. What do you think? Also, how exactly did sealing him away help if doing so makes you feel depressed and lonely? Would you say that the benefits outweigh the detriments? As for the feeling physically and mentally drained part, do you mean drained as in tired? Like you just wanted to sleep or something? I've never had that happen to me if that's what you mean by drained. If, on the other hand, you mean drained in a different manner, more like... I'm not sure how to describe it. I've definitely felt what I would describe as mentally drained while working with Markus. Although, now that I think about it, your problem seems to be exactly the opposite of that. I'm not quite sure what to think of that part, I'm afraid. It could tie into my theory that his presence has been a constant in your life for a while now and that it feels lonely without him. Sorry if I wasn't much help on this part :/ I'm not really sure what to say about him at this point regarding his sentience/whatever else you want to use to define the rather nebulous term "tulpa." I think that, depending on you, he could go either way. I think that you've definitely had him for long enough that he definitely could have made progress as a tulpa. I mean, of course he has. As I said in my last post, your continued sense of his presence indicates to me that he's certainly more advanced than any other daydream character. As I was saying with the "depending on you part" he could really go either way, I think. Belief seems to have enormous effect on tulpas. If you choose to believe that he's a tulpa, he could very well become one. I think that he's got a great foundation to become a tulpa. If, on the other hand, you feel that you don't want another tulpa, you could just... not. In short, regarding his tulpa-ness, it's ultimately up to you. If you make him into a tulpa he won't try to harm you. They don't do stuff like that. If, on the other hand, you don't want him to become one, he won't become one. It seems like you two could potentially get along to me though. I obviously don't know him as well so that's just about as much advice as I feel that I'm qualified to give :P Feel free to ask any other questions that you've got :P
  17. Those other guys seem to have this covered pretty well. It seems to me that you've only just started to get responses (any response. Emotional, voca with mindvoice, etc.) So if I were you, I'd work on getting their speech to 100%. In fact, that's what I'm doing with Markus. I think that communication is key to all other progress with your tulpa(or other people in general; communication is important.) If you want there's tons of guides to help with vocalization on this site. After you're done with that, there is an incredible number of paths that you could take with your tulpa. Any kind of goal that you can imagine (realistic goals. You obviously can't do something impossible like making your tulpa affect the physical world through any means but those that you already possess) can be worked towards. I recently gave this examppe to someone else asking about what to do/work towards next: learning to lucid dream could speed progress immensely. You could talk to and spend time with your tulpa(s) in your dteams! But I think that communication would be pretty important for stuff like that. Anywho, hope I helped and good luck!
  18. As long as it's consensual between you two, and there is absolutely no doubts about whether is is, go for it. We're not the morality police and even if we were we'd be giving you the same answers. The problem is really when people force themselves onto their tulpas or create tulpas specifically for sex. Consensual sex between two people is always ok(as long as it's not something like "I'll give you kids some candy to lick something*creepy pedo laugh*". But yeah, it's fine if you both wanna do it. :p
  19. Everyone here's made a pretty good point. As everyone before me has said, making another tulpa is absolutely NOT the answer to your problems. As linkzelda and Darcmanish pointed out, deviation is to be expected with tulpas. You can influence the personalities of your tulpa, but it's a bit cruel to be upset if they don't come out as you'd planned. Ever read Frankenstein? Victor abandons "the monster" because it looked hideous. Later in the book, we find that "the monster"(I'll be referring to it as Frankenstein to avoid having to put quotation marks everywhere) is actually a pretty nice, gentle, overall good person. But Victor's abandonment and hatred of his creation drives Frankenstein to awful, murderous deeds! I don't want to turn this into English class, but the theme of Nature vs. Nurture is present throughout the entire novel. Frankenstein seems to have been born a good and benevolent creature, but due to it's upbringing, it winds up killing a bunch of people. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is ultimately the same as those who posted before me. You are responsible for the 3 lives that you've brought into the world. Victor refused responsibility for his abandonment of Frankenstein and he winds up dead. Just for the record, I'm not saying that your tulpas would ever harm you and I'm definitely not trying to, in any way, threaten you. I'm just saying that you need to accept your part in how this has turned out. You need to accept your creations as they are, not try to force them into something that they're not. And most certainly not make another one until you've progressed a bunch with your other 3 tulpas. That'd be like if Victor had created an even bigger "monster" to take care of( in Victor's case kill. In your case manage) his first creation. Sorry if I missed someone posting while I was writing this, as in that case the term "all of those before me" doesn't apply. I was referring to the posts of Linkzelda, Darcmanish, and Sushi, as those are the posts that were up when I began this response. Also, nice story Sushi. I'd thought that I'd heard something similar but clearly not :p
  20. You can work towards pretty much any goal that you can imagine(realistic goals. Not "I'm going to make my tulpa a physical form!" Or anything like that). For example, you could work on lucid dreaming so you and your tulpa could spend time while you sleep. I know what you mean with the school stuff, too. I had a hard time adjusting to the need for balancing tulpa stuff, school, and a social life. I feel that I've gotten a bit better at it than I was :p. I passive force as much as I can throughout the day instead of actively forcing to save time. Your schedule seems busier than mine, though. I generally get up at 5 and get home at 4, so it seems like you've got an extra hour of stuff to do each day. It's difficult for me with my workload, so I find it pretty amazingly awesome that busier people like you can do it too. Gives me something to work towards, I guess :) Anyway, there's my advice. Hope I helped and good luck!
  21. Here's a post that I think might be a bit relevant to that first bit. You can set up boundaries if you want to keep him out of your secrets. Many people find the use of symbolism helpful for setting boundaries. Like, you could set up a spot in your mind(for this example we could use a library) that would represent all of the secrets you'd like to keep private. You could then create a lock on the doors and only give yourself the key, representing that only you have access to that information. Or you could go even more... heavy handed(not really sure if that's the right phrase but I can't seem to find the word I'm looking for :/ ) with the symbolism and just put a huge unbreakable wall that only you can walk through or something like that :P Yes, it's generally accepted that killing your tulpa against it's will is as bad as the murder of another human. Your continued sense of his presence and your difficulty with ignoring him seems to indicate to me that, even if he's not a tulpa, he certainly is more sophisticated than an ordinary daydream character. The question of whether or not you should reopen the pathway to him to discuss what he is is ultimately up to you. Personally, I'd probably do it because I tend to be somewhat recklessly curious at times :P I'd try to ignore any fears about him swarming you if you do decide to reopen the pathway though. Ironic process theory could come into play if you try to force the fears out, and keeping the fears could lead to him swarming you as well. Do I think he's dying? Maybe. It's hard to tell since I can't feel his presence. I would imagine that if you've been ignoring him that he'd get weaker, though.
  22. It's hard to say without knowing you. Age, as it turns out, isn't the best indicator of maturity. Although it could be argued that more life experience tends to give older people a bit more... thoughtfulness. Maturity levels vary per person, though. Take me for example. I started with Markus when I was 14 and I'm not ever going to give up on her. It's been roughly 3/4 of a year now and I feel that this experience has led me to mature much more. The thing is that you have to be absolutely sure that this is what you want before you start. Imagine living your whole life with a being that has no physical form. It's tempting to tell people about them, especially when they form such close bonds with us. But telling people doesn't always work out. Much of the time, telling others, whether they be close friends or significant others, will put strains on your relationship with them. Imagine getting a job, building a career, even starting a family that you might not even be able to tell about your tulpa. It can be difficult to hide(or just not reveal) the existence of a being that is so close to you. Not to say that tulpamancy is at all a negative thing. It's helped me so much. I can't tell you how happy Markus makes me. Tulpas really are perfect companions. The whole "sharing one brain" thing seems to help with communication and bonding :P It's just difficult sometimes. If you want to make one, I guarantee that you'll not regret it as long as you see it through to the end. It's an absolutely amazing and fascinating phenomenon. Hope I helped :P
  23. Exactly what Amber/Toby said. Your mind, your rules :P You could ask him if he's a tulpa. Depending on his answer, you could go from there. If he is, then I'm not sure what to say. On one hand, I never like to say that you should get rid of a tulpa because of obvious moral reasons. But on the other hand, if you truly, really, absolutely are 100% certain that he is a malevolent being/is a threat to your wellbeing, then I'd suggest getting rid of him. I'd imagine it'd be difficult but it's your mind so you call the shots. Seriously, though. If he's a tulpa make sure that he's absolutely evil before even considering having him killed. I'd imagine that there's probably a better explanation for the creepy/frightened feeling that you've been getting. Tulpas aren't generally malevolent beings. In fact, I can't name a single instance of a tulpa harming their host. I believe that it's possible, seeing as how if tulpas are truly their own beings and people then they would be capable of evil things, just like humans, but I don't think that it's likely. Harm to the host means harm to the tulpa, so I don't really see a reason for a tulpa to harm the host :P If the being turns out to be a tulpa, I'd try talking it out with him to figure out how to resolve this issue. Maybe someday you two'll be best buddies :P You never know, eh?