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  1. Anyone play any of the amplitude endless games? Those are pretty fun :P
  2. I found it! No problem, I'm glad to help :P
  3. Yeah that privacy thing was something that bugged me when I first started, but you can put up barriers if you really want your privacy. Of you could just tell you tulpa that you'd like a bit of privacy. They'll listen. As for the feeling of being watched, that could be a sign of development. I remember reading a post(If I find it I'll link it here) about someone who kept feeling his tulpas presence when forcing. Everytime he(or she) forced in the dark, they got really scared for no reason. I think that the community's conclusion was that his tulpa was afraid of the dark or something. I'll try to find the post for you.
  4. 1. Like reisen said, you're basically tricking your brain into forming another personality. I've got a really interesting link but I can't send it right now, since I'm on mobile and don't know the link off the top of my head :p I'll PM it to you if you want. 2. Age doesn't really matter, as long as you're old enough to accept that tulpas are, in most cases, lifelong companions. I started with Markus last year and I'm 15 so you should be fine there :p 3. Yep. Lots of people here have anime tulpas. With imposition(I'm assu ming you're talking about imposition when you say "in real life") I would assume that they'd look a bit out of place. I don't have any personal experience with that, so I can't really tell you. 4. Tulpas are extremely interesting. Why doesn't everyone have one? Not many know about them and the part where you hear voices in your head turns some people off of the topic :p 5. I wouldn't say insane. Insane is defined as "the state of being seriously mentally ill." I wouldn't say that by making a tulpa you're becoming seriously mentally ill; just deviating from the norm a bit :P 6. Yep. Lots of people have multiple tulpas on here. I only have Markus, so I can't comment on the second bit personally, but I hear it's easier to make a tulpa if you've had practice before. 7. Nope. none of that. It's widely accepted here that tulpas exist only in your head. If you believe something different, you might want to talk to others in the metaphysical section of this site. 8. Those are called intrusive thoughts and they SUUUUUCCCKKKKKK. I used to get them a disgusting amount when I first started, but now I've kind of learned how to get rid of them. When something like that happens, don't try to force it out of your mind. This tends to be where the ironic process theory comes into play. I used to try to force the intrusive thoughts out of my head but... that just makes it worse. If you just kind of ignore them they'll go away. They also won't harm your tulpa or anything. Not to my knowledge, anyway. 9. Tulpas cannot become solidified objects. They have no form outside of your brain unless you allow them control of your body. If you meant if they became imposed as solid, then yes they would pass through solid matter, since they don't actually have a physical form.
  5. Tell me you're from .info, please :P
  6. We were watching House of Cards and Claire said something really super brutal. I said " Dude, she just went lady macbeth on his ass" and she said "Sick literary reference, bro." Then we fistbumped. It was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.
  7. Youtube, imgur(occasionally), netflix, here(obviously), steam, and that's about it :P
  8. Well, I have problems getting up and making coffee when I get up, so any kind of mental focus during that time is pretty out of the question. That, combined with any kind of hypnopompic hallucinations that may or may not occur, and the fact that I also tend to be much more vulnerable to intrusive thoughts, usually in the form of mindvoice-y little sentences and such, is why I usually don't try to communicate with Markus right after waking up. I also go to sleep next to her in our wonderland so I usually wake up next to her but she's always asleep anyway so there's also that :P
  9. 1. Your tulpa will be fine. Some people don't even give their tulpas a form, and they turn out fine. If you do want your tulpa to have a form, just know that it's not going to limit them in any way. Bad visualization skills won't give them any kind of disability or deformation, you just won't be able to imagine what they look like as clearly. This could be a problem if you want to do anyhimg with visual imposition. 2. They can if you want them to. Markus says that she can feel heat/cold, bit they're blunted from how I feel them. She also eats and sleeps and does other normal stuff but your tulpa could be completely different :p 3. I allowed Markus to decide her own form, but gave her a starter form. I.just made sure that she knew that she could change it whenever she wanted. Clearly she listened to that bit, since she seems to change her form about every month :p 4. Like Nekoi said, you could impose it, or you could visualize it. Wih visualization, it'd be you doing whatever you two want to be doing in your head. You'd not actually see them. With imposition, you could see and even feel them, but they wouldn't actually have a physical form. So in short, you could but it's all in your head. Also make sure that they are 100% okay with it. Otherwise it's weird.
  10. It's generally a mind voice first. Hearing him as you would a real voice, with your ears, would be auditory imposition. As for getting a feel for what his voice's like, you just have to talk to him. Eventually they'll feel different than your thoughts in some way. Sorry if this didn't help much, it's a bit hard for me to explain...
  11. ^^^^^ this. This is important. Very, VERY important.
  12. Markus was originally supposed to be a guy :P Her original form was a super awesome spy guy in a suit... that lasted maybe about a month. After that, she changed through a bunch of different forms. She looked a bit like Near for a while, then looked like a completely black silhouette, and now she just changes her form every couple of weeks. Sometimes it's just small changes, but sometimes she'll just show up with a completely different form :P As for personality, I never sat down and worked on any specific personality for Markus. That, and I've never really been good at describing people so I won't try. There's too much for me to really put into words. :P
  13. That "imagination flipping out" bit sounds like a bunch of intrusive thoughts to me. I'm not sure if this'll work for you, but instead of trying to force them to stop, I've found that just kind of letting go and letting them drift off works for me. If that didn't make sense, sorry :/ Anyway, good luck! I'll be sure to read this post when I can- it seems pretty interesting and I can relate to some of the stuff you put in your background info post thing :p
  14. I'm on mobile and can't access a computer right now, so my post'll be short. I'll expand it once I can :p As for the "is he a tulpa" thing, I'd say that he seems like he's not quite there, but has a very solid foundation to become one. Since you've had him for so long, you probably have a much better foundation visually and personality wise. I can't speak for everyone, but I know that when I first started with Markus, I had no idea what to talk with her about. You, having had him for so long most likely wouldn't have that problem. Anyway, I've gotta go but I'll be back to continue this response :p Okay, now I'm back. As I was saying, it seems that the foundation(Man, I must really love that word...) for your possible tulpa thingy is very solid. But I don't believe that he's a tulpa. Not quite yet, at least. I'm not sure that he's really been able to become independent from you fully enough to be considered a tulpa. That, combined with the fact that besides these dreams, he's not shown any signs of independence, would(In my opinion. My absolutely not expert opinion) indicate that he's not quite there yet. I believe that at this point in time, he could go one of two ways(I'm probably not accounting for a bunch of stuff, by the way. If anyone has any other ways that Pioneer's tulpathing could go, please toss in a response. Thanks :) ) 1. You could turn him into a full fledged tulpa. Judging on how much you've already worked on him, I would assume that it'd take less time for him to start being independent. The only problem that I really see you encountering would be that of the ceasing of your parroting habit. A habit like that, that's been built up for years, is not one that would normally be easy to get rid of. Then again, if the parrotting has become so natural that you don't even notice it anymore, then I'd say that he's probably already a tulpa. This is based off of my belief that all tulpa(and human) behavior is just the product of subconscious brain activity. If your beliefs differ, feel free to disregard that last part... or any other part, really. It's up to you whether to listen to me :P 2. You could decide that he won't become a tulpa (If you don't want one, or if you don't think you'd be able to fulfill your responsibilities to him, etc.) and he wouldn't become one. If you truly believe that he won't, then he won't. After you've decided this, you could just continue RPing him if you so wish and things would probably go back to the way things were before this. If, for some reason(that's beyond me, just thought I'd include it since it is something that you could do.) you decide that you don't want to RP anymore and just get rid of him. YET ANOTHER EDIT: Okay, so I forgot to mention something. You said that you lack the mental tools to contact him, but I find that hard to believe. It'd take some time, sure, but I don't think that you lack the mental tools to get in contact with him. If you just sit down for a while every day, and try not to consciously make him move or talk, he'll start exhibiting some signs of independence. The trick, once that starts happening, is to avoid dismissing these signs as parroting. It's a trap that lots of people, including myself, fall into. Not fun :/
  15. Yeah it's a show about... wilfred. I'm not quite sure how I'd describe it, but it's pretty good :p
  16. She reads, explores our wonderlands, sleeps :P Do you like roller coasters?
  17. Yeah, I'm not sure I'll be leaving anytime soon either...
  19. I don't know any memes :/ What's your favorite color?
  20. I've only got Markus, so that'd be one :P Q: What's your favorite pastime?
  21. Stevie brings up a good point. It'd probably be way easier to visualize your tulpa in the wonderland, but imposition seems like it'd be a bitch. It's absolutely possible, though; most things in tulpamancy are if you believe that they are :p