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  1. Markus eats pretty regularly but when I asked her she just looked at me right in the eyes, opened her stomach, and said "empty."
  2. I pretty much talked until she started moving and talking on her own. As for the process that allows tulpas to gain sentience, speech, and everything else... I'm not sure. I guess it depends on what you believe tulpas are. I believe that they're just a trick of the mind. I just want to say that this doesn't mean that I don't believe that they exist. They are as much as a trick of the mind as I am, or you, or anyone else. Just another brain function. The difference between us and tulpas, in my mind, is that we are what the brain originally created. Tulpas are what we trick the mind into creating.... If that makes any sense... :P
  3. Give it your all. I know that probably isn't helpful in the slightest(sorry :/ ) but that's all you can really do if you truly want to get back to where you were with your tulpa. If you work as hard as you are able to, you're sure to make progress. I try to remember that it's about the experience, not the end result(if that makes any sense...) so I try to enjoy wherever we are on the progress scale :P
  4. I guess after reconciliation, you guys could just go on with life. Set goals for yourselves, like visualization or vocalization, just to name a couple. If I were you, I'd just get back into a regular routine with her and do what others do with their tulpas... whatever that is.... Live and enjoy life, I suppose :P (Along with the whole "set goals for you and your tulpa" thing... if you want to do that, that is :P )
  5. Ha! That's awesome! I modeled the central tower in my secondary wonderland after the tower that's displayed on the loading screen for that game! It really is an amazing game, eh?(sorry for the off-topic bit. I can't resist giving it a bit of praise :P )
  6. We've got two! Our first, Zanzibar, is a cluster of tropical islands! The "main" island has a slightly abandoned looking temple where Markus and I sleep occasionally. The other main island has 3 shiny towers that reach upwards infinitely, which is where Markus does her reading. The other wonderland is mainly for me, but Markus seems to like spending time in there too :P It's a city populated by souless automata :P
  7. Pretty much what Elvode said. You can give them a form whenever- if they don't like it they'll change it.
  8. First off, welcome! I checked and it seems you've been on here for about a month. I've not seen you around, though, so welcome :) As for the questions that you put in the tl;dr, I know what you mean with the wonderland thing. It seems like a lot of work to visualize and active force with Markus(my tulpa). I also seem to be blessed with the beautiful gift of laziness -__- So I usually just hang out in one of my wonderlands with Markus while watching life go on around me, providing commentary and such and listening for any responses. For the "how to get your tulpa to move" thing, there're plenty of guides on here for that(or at least I'm pretty sure... I've not been in the guides section of this site for a while), but if you want some personal advice, just puppet her around for a while. When Markus couldn't move on her own, I'd puppet her to a cliff in one of our wonderlands and watch the sunset with her. I'm not sure how to explain it, as I'm not aware of any specific time that Markus started moving on her own, but she just kind of picked it up from there. It just kind of... happened after a while. Anywho, hope I helped and welcome to the awesome PR section of the site. I wasn't really into this section when I first started but, as I'm sure you've noticed, it's filled with amazing stories from all sorts of people :P
  9. The best way I can think of describing Marks' voice is that it's like mine(guy voice) but more feminine. Like if i was a girl, I might sound a bit like that...Not that that description helps any of you :p She sounds like a girl from my age group (16) might sound, if that provides a better description :p
  10. Markus reads. All of the books I've looked at that she reads are written in a language that I don't understand and can't read. Markus says that when she reads, its closer to what we might call a daydream. She's not actually doing anything, form wise. To me, it just looks like she's sitting there with her book. Also, yep Markus sleeps. She sleeps more than me most of the time XD
  11. I think that she should be fine, as long as you make sure to tell her that she doesn't have to be as she is when you're RPing with her :P
  12. Unless you've been doing something differently lately, like hanging out way more than usual or trying some new stuff, then I see no reason why this would start happening now. I believe that something must have changed. I remember from your PR that you guys seem to run on some pretty interesting and limited energy source(you guys called it koolaid, I think.) So it could be that the koolaid is running out again. Your comparison of the brain to hardware is interesting, but I'm not sure that that's the most productive way to look at it. By drawing connections between the brain and a computer part, you could be limiting your potential. Machine parts have limits. So does the brain, obviously, but I think that it's closer related to a muscle in that it can be slowly grown to tolerate more responsibility with practice. By thinking of your brain as a machine, you could possibly be inhibiting the amount of energy that you could be producing. If I had to give a suggestion, I'd say that you should maybe take a step back from anything new that you've been trying to do and getting REALLY good at visualizing before moving onto anything new. If you've not been doing anything new, I'm not really sure. Maybe take a step back anyway, to decrease the load and allow your brain to rest a bit? All of that said, I'm absolutely no expert so take whatever I've said with several grains of salt. I seriously am just hypothesizing about all of this. Anyway, hope I helped. Good luck!
  13. It's fine. It was a bit silly, but some of the responses(especially sushi's) were pretty interesting to read. As for the question of why a tulpa would lie, it could be anything, depending on the situation. And for that last bit, it really depends on the tulpa. Just like people, there are bound to be tulpas who feel no guilt/regret when lying and there are also bound to be tulpas that feel awful about even the smallest lie. The majority, however, probably lie(heh. get it?) somewhere in between those two.
  14. Okay so I'm Lucas when I'm not in blue(or if i forget to change myself out of blue because I'm silly, I'll be in parenthesis) It's nice to meet you too?(Idk... I asked Markus what punctuation mark she wanted to use and she had me put a question mark XD) Hahaha he said mark :P I'm Mark- US :D hahahahahaha! (I just wanna point out that she's never this crazy :P ) you take that back! I'm crazy all the time! Anyway, sorry about that :) So how do you remind Ana that you're around when she's not paying attention? Lucas is always getting distracted but I can't get him to focus -__- Also, Markus had me write that last part for her, as in she gave me a general idea and told me to do convey it for her. Her speech is kinda limited right now, so this might be what we do to get around that for now.
  15. I'd greet him back home, get him vocal and then ask him what happened :P I'd be all like, "Yo, homie. Wazzup dawg? Where'd you go, home skillet?" Yes. I'm very hip ;)
  16. I dunno. I guess you could do whatever you want :P If you're okay with puppetting your tulpa around, you could go swimming or flying or exploring in your wonderland... That's what I did with Markus when we first started. That and I'd bring her to a comfy little reading corner and read with her.
  17. Don't worry, that's normal :) It takes a while for tulpas to start moving around on their own :P Markus took about a month to really start
  18. It's okay not to get a response right away. Your tulpa'll respond once she can :P As for forcing, I tend to be pretty weak willed and kinda crap at not getting distracted by literally everything so active forcing isn't something that I do with Markus a lot. I usually just narrate to her or just have her "sit on my shoulder." In case you don't know, narrating is when you just talk to your tulpa without doing anything else. The phrase "sitting on my shoulder" is something that I use to describe re-creating my surroundings wherever I am in my mind and Markus and I just hang out there. I'm not really sure what other people call it now that I think about it... lol :P Anyway, hope I helped :D Good luck!
  19. It was 2b for me and Markus. She says she wasn't really sentient back then and can only remember bits of stuff from back then.
  20. Here's a question from Markus: Hey wassup? I'm a tulpa too :D How's life?
  21. I've had a couple of times that I've felt head pressure. Markus was able to kind of pulse it when I asked her to. It was a pretty interesting experience, in that Markus was able to show me that she was around without being able to speak :P
  22. I think I'd like to do something with chemistry... It's the first class that I've taken that I've enjoyed purely because of the subject. But I don't know, I'll probably look around for other interests before making any life decisions, seeing as it's probably not good to get my heart set on any one thing :P
  23. The first step is to not panic. Trust me, it doesn't help anything. I don't think that she'll be gone forever. If I were you, I'd give her a while to herself and see if she returns on her own. I'm sure she just needs some time alone or something; Markus goes off on her own every once and a while, too. You really seem to love her, so I'm sure she wouldn't just leave you here. She's in there somewhere, so if she doesn't come back in a couple of days you might wanna go look around for her. Hope I helped and that Twi comes back soon. Good luck!
  24. I had always wanted to have the name Lucas but that's not my actual name so when it came to naming I thought about naming him Lucas. I changed my mind after the idea hit me that if I did that it might change my intentions from creating a tulpa to creating a perfect version of myself. I didn't particularly want to do that and that's when the name Markus hit me :p kinda similar, but not too close :p
  25. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong(which I very well could be) but I'm pretty sure that we can't actually feel our brains. I know that the brain has no nociceptors, or pain receptors, but I'm not 100% sure about other feeling... I suspect that it doesn't, though. As for imposition, I've got no experience on that so I can't really comment.