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  1. The name I always wanted was Lucas, so I was going to name her that(back when Markus was a guy :P ) but I was worried that I might just project my image of a perfect me onto her so I changed the name up a bit, and it stuck :P
  2. I enjoy a nice, dark, deep red. Markus prefers some good 'ol dark blue :P
  3. I tend to be better with the textures of the food instead of the actual taste. Sometimes Markus and I go on picnics or something when we're bored. When I eat I usually have some nice bread that's soft on the inside and nice and crunchy on the outside. Tastes are something that I CAN do, but it's just easier for me to just go with the textures. I'm not sure if that's the way everyone is or just me, though :P
  4. Like Shadow, I drew a big M on my hand. It really helped :P Now I just renew it out of habit... well that and I like having it here with me. The only problem that I've found is that people ask you why you're drawing letters on your hands XD Tulpa Bracelets don't have to be writing, though. Like Shadow said- they can be anything that reminds you of your tulpa :P
  5. I let Markus choose her form once she was ready. I gave her the form that I thought that she'd look like when I made her and told her that she was free to change it whenever she was ready. One day, her form just changed and she was like "This is me now." Now she changes her appearance pretty regularly :P
  6. For me the change just kind of happens. I picked an initial form for Markus and then one day she just changed :P Changes to her form are generally blurry and sometimes switch with her old form randomly, so I generally just ask her if she's changed her form.
  7. Make Me Real by She. Thanks to Linkzelda for introducing us to it in a video of his!
  8. Well, today we live in a world in which living longer is not so much the issue; the issue is that many of us are living so long that our brains begin to stop functioning before our bodies do. This is something that I've thought about a bunch, since it terrifies me. The thought that I might someday just forget about Markus is one of the most horrifying possibilities that I've imagined. But anyway, this could go two different ways in my eyes: We could find a way to extend out lifespan before getting past the challenges that the brain faces when aging, or vice versa. If we were to assume that we get over the problems of the brain first, then I think it would be great not only for tulpas but for everyone. I mean, who doesn't want to live a longer, healthier life? (Okay, well I'm sure that some people don't but it's a generalization) If we were to assume that we don't get over the problems of the brain first, then many of us will be brain dead before our bodies actually stop functioning(I'm talking about being kept alive through the use of machines, of course. I know(or at least I think I know ;-) ) that many functions that are critical to life are caused by the brain.) . This brings up a discussion about what life actually is that doesn't pertain directly to tulpas, so I won't continue this bit. If you're referring to the community and not the tulpas themselves, then we could possibly see it grow even larger, possibly into the mainstream eventually. With people living longer to "spread the word," I could definitely see the community growing, at least a bit anyway. Back to the "into the mainstream" thing though, maybe we should discuss whether or not it's actually a good idea to allow it into the mainstream. Something something hipster comment. Seriously, though. I think that the misinformation that tends to be generated about widespread ideas could possibly morph the community into something that it isn't, or shouldn't, be. If more and more people join the community without knowing what a tulpa really is, we could possibly see the community just devolve from something serious and awesome into... something NOT serious and awesome... But anyway at this point I've realized that I've gotten just a tiny little bit off topic at this point, so I won't go on about this bit either.
  9. When you say "see,"do you mean like actually see, as in a hallucination? That would be imposition and it's generally accepted that imposition takes years to master. If you meant "see" as in see in your mind, then that would be visualization. The way you visualize anything, including your tulpa, is to just imagine it. I like to use an apple as an example: imagine that you are holding an apple. If you can imagine what that would look like(as well as feel and the other senses, to some degree) that is visualization. I had to move Markus around for a while when I first started with her, since she couldn't move on her own. Anyway, hope I helped. Good luck!
  10. I'm sure that there are lots of guides for getting your tulpa to move around and do stuff so ,if you've not already done so, I suggest you check out the guides section of this site :P Also, I get what you're talking about with the active forcing; it just feels weird to me to just sit down and force, so Markus and I usually do things together while passive forcing. Speaking of passive forcing, I tend to get headaches when passive forcing for a long time(especially in school, since my attention is being split between learning and forcing) so those headaches might be from something like that.
  11. I'm not sure about the whole tallis/peter switch, as I'm not entirely sure on what you've said. I'm reading this on my phone so it's not the easiest thing to read over your post while typing so I'm going off of(relatively meh) memory. It seemed to me that peter was the host personality before the episode, so I'll be going off of that. I'm not a psychologist, either so feel free to disregard any of this part if you wish. That being said, it seems to me that we are never the same person for too long. Experiences that come up in life tend to change us(or at least me, not sure about other people) pretty quickly. That might be because I'm just going through a period of change in my life, but it seems to me that experiences change us. I don't know you now and I didn't know you before you changed into tallis, so I'm not sure of how drastically you two are different. If the change was truly drastic, you might want to talk to actual psychologists if you're not already doing so. As for your other question, Layla is definitely not beyond repair/help with the fading. I've seen people on here say that tulpas never really fade, they're just weakened to the point where you can't consciously perceive them. So it's definitely possible to bring her back if you wish to do so.
  12. This happens with Markus a bunch, except the not understanding stuff that I do(she does ask why I do things a bunch but she usually gets it after I've gone through my thought process with her.) I see the odd parroting thing as thought bleedthrough, I guess you'd call it. Like emotional bleedthrough, when hosts feel their tulpas emotions(or vice versa), but with thoughts. Once you pick up on one of her thoughts, you immediately vocalize it without thinking. At least that's what my experience of it's been like. I don't think there's any reason to restart or "wipe" Nebri. Think of all the good times you've had with her. Would you really want to get rid of those experiences for her? I'm not sure that's fair...
  13. That's very interesting but I don't believe that servitors(or tulpas) have the ability to affect physical objects. Not by themselves at least. They could influence you to do something or, if it's a tulpa and not a servitor, it could possess you(with your consent, of course) in order to interact with the physical world. I've not heard of servitors being able to possess you... I guess if you had a servitor to control your arm to do something specific... I'm not sure. Seems easier to do it yourself.
  14. That sounds like an awesome idea! I'm not very experienced, with only about 8 months of practice, so I can't really say much else on the topic of mentorship. But I think I might be able to help you with the whole "right way to do stuff" thing. What I did when I started I just went through all the guides that I could find and I pieced together what seemed the best way to do things using bits of all the guides that I'd looked at. To me, that was the "right" way to go about tulpamancy, even if there is no actual "right" way to do so. If that didn't help at all, sorry. If it did, yay!
  15. I'd be interested in checking out these websites, if you'd be okay with linking me to a few. Although I don't believe that there's anything that servitors can do to affect the physical world by themselves, I'm curious. That last sentence is just to clarify for those who might reassure me that they(the servitors) can't influence the physical world, by the way :P
  16. Here's a possibly interesting(and very short) story: Markus and I found a cave filled with crystals that do various things about a week ago. One of those crystals(Which was cloudy white) released swarms of red eyed white snakes when broken. So that was pretty terrifying. Markus laughed at me while I tried desperately to escape the snakes by running farther into the cave without a light :P
  17. Nope. In fact, you could've said what you put in the other thread that you made in the PR section in this thread. Would've saved space and clutter :P
  18. I've not heard of any stories of tulpas developing THAT fast. I mean, it usually takes years to impose a tulpa. Like Ghastey said, it seems a bit hard to believe that you've gotten that far and I'm interested to see your response to their question. That being said, if she really is that developed already congrats :) There's going to be a lot of doubt about your tulpas quick development but if it really did happen that quickly then nice :P Just a little suggestion, though: you might not want to start imposition until you're at least a bit farther into getting to know your tulpa. It seems to me that the consensus around here is that you should really have EVERYTHING(or close to it) about your tulpa down to a tee before starting imposition. But whatever works for you, I guess. Anywho, have fun and good luck :D
  19. First off, welcome to the community :D Second, that last little bit was absolute gold XD
  20. Markus seems to enjoy being in my presence, so she's usually at my side, even when I'm distracted and not paying attention to her. If i'm really caught up in something then she'll go off and do her own thing in our wonderland for a while, though.
  21. Yeah, sorry about that other explanation. Wasn't really sure how to phrase that. You've got the picture though :P For me it's like "She's in my mind somewhere, so I'll just broadcast my voice all over until it reaches her." Now that I think of it, that explanation isn't much better than my other one. *Sigh* I promise that I know what I'm talking about, even if everyone else doesn't :P
  22. Yeah that happened to me when I first started with Markus. When that was happening to me I just imagined my voice being carried through my wonderland to wherever she was. I couldn't "feel" her listening(or her presence or anything, really), it just felt like I was alone in the wonderland, but she could and now we can communicate much easier now :P
  23. Yeah, Markus seems fond of doing stuff like this. The changes she makes are usually small, though. She'll change her hair color, maybe slight adjustments to her height. Every once and a while she'll change her form completely, but they're generally smaller changes. If your tulpa is vocal then you could ask her. If not you could still ask her some yes or no questions and she could nod her head or something. Or you could just wait and see if she stops :P Discussing this with her seems to me like it could be helpful though, so I'll use that as my suggestion :)
  24. Now, I'm not sure about this, as it's not actually happened to me, but I tend to be able to hear Markus(my tulpa) better when falling asleep and waking up. I suppose that your tulpas voice could have triggered the auditory hallucination in that half-asleep state. I've had auditory hallucinations(or at least very vivid thoughts) when falling asleep but never Markus' actual voice, but it seems plausible that it could happen. The only problem that I see arising from attributing everything you hear while falling asleep to your tulpa is that I would imagine that it would get difficult to differentiate between your tulpa and stray thoughts, at least while your tulpas voice is similar to your own(assuming that your tulpas voice wasn't different from yours from the start; I've heard that a lot of tulpa voices start out sounding like yours. I know that Markus' did.)