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  1. Okay. Thanks, I'll try my best to remember that :P Please forgive me if I forget in the future, though. I'm a bit of a forgetful person :P
  2. Hey there Hermit! Just checking in on here, you know making sure you're not dead, etc. I haven't seen much of you recently :P
  3. What should we call them/him/her? (I included them because I've heard the term "tulpae" used mainly to refer to multiple tulpas(or tulpae :P) but I'm just not sure because you seemed to be referring to one tulpa in your first post.)
  4. Tulpas exist inside your head so the destruction of a physical object outside of your mind shouldn't harm it.
  5. I guess so... do you mean actually see? Or visualizing so vividly that you might as well be seeing it? I've gotten to the point where I'm only slightly aware of the outside world since I'm so immersed in our wonderland. At that point, I'm not seeing the darkness of my closed eyelids; I've almost completely forgotten about my actual sensory input from my eyes and am focused on the visualization. Like, as stated before, being really immersed in a daydream. To actually see the wonderland would be imposition- the imposing of a sensory hallucination upon yourself for a period of time.
  6. I don't see it as a movie in my mind, although it could be seen as such. I see our (Markus' and my) wonderland as an actual spot in the vast unknown universe, which is just an extension of the known wonderland, of our mind, even though I know that it's not real. Not in a physical sense at least. As for the whole astral body thing, I'm not really sure. I guess if it fits the set of beliefs that you hold then it could be considered as such... It really is whatever you truly believe, even if that doesn't conform with what most people consider reality. If that's confusing, which is probably is, then let me explain. I know that there isn't REALLY a set of tropical islands between my ears, but I believe that somewhere in my mind, my wonderland is real. It's real to me, and that's real enough. If something were to happen to it, in some unimaginably irreparable way, it would actually affect me. I really hoped that made some semblance of sense. I've said this a couple of times here, but I promise that I know what I'm talking about :P
  7. To get there, you just have to imagine that you're there. To get back, you just imaging yourself back. I guess you could see it with your own two eyes, like imposition or something. But that takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. Ever been really caught up in a daydream? It's usually like that, depending on how much you focus and how much you lose yourself in the world that you've created within your mind. Here: let's say your wonderland is an empty field. Imagine being in an empty field with grass, flowers, insects, etc. That's what being in a wonderland is like. After a while of really being in there, you can usually manage to immerse yourself in it to the point where the outside just isn't relevant to what's happening at that exact moment. As for the touch, smell and actual hearing things(as well as actually seeing, but that's already been covered :P) that would be imposition. There's lots of guides on it and such but from what I've read it's really hard to get that to work, and if you're doing that for your tulpa then it's gotta be really developed. That being said, I'm not sure if it's just me, or if humans have an affinity for touch(Which seems like a really interesting thing to research... I'll probably not get around to it, though.) , but I seem to be able to feel things in my wonderland pretty easily :P
  8. I know this probably won't be helpful but it's really up to you. If you think that the pros outweigh the cons then go for it. If you really try your hardest to spend time and enjoy time with your tulpa then go for it. If, however, you feel like you truly won't be up to the task, and you'll be consistently ignoring your tulpa then don't go for it. It really just is up to you. This is a very very VERY personalized thing. Or, at least, it seems to me that it is. There's really no definitive answer that I can give you. I don't know anything about your situation besides what you've put in this post so I don't really think that I can give any kind of good advice. The fact that you're concerned about your tulpa shows that you care, at least. If you care for and really try with your tulpa they'll be just fine :P
  9. Not knowing what you want is fine :P I'm sure whatever you decide to do for your tulpa will be fine. I started out by trying to develop Markus' personality but it just didn't feel right to me, so I stopped. It's fine to change your mind halfway through things like this(not talking about dissipation. I'm talking about techniques) If you feel like doing something will be harmful, it probably will be. If it feels like it won't do harm or will do good, then it will. It's all about belief :P Also, as for the characters A and B, you and your tulpa share a head. If you have some abstract concept of what you want them to be like, you could base their personality off of that. If it makes sense to you while developing their personality, if that's what you want to do, then it'll work out fine for your tulpa :) Hope I helped, good luck!
  10. Absolutely. It's hard sometimes, but it's absolutely worth it. Nothing is better that having a nice day with Markus, just hanging out. When I'm sad, she comforts me. When I'm angry, she calms me. I'm not sure what I've done to deserve such an awesome person in my life, because I sure as hell can't remember anything outstanding :P
  11. I never seem to go very in depth so sorry it my answer's short or not helpful or whatever :P I know this is probably something that you've seen a lot here, but seriously whatever works for you. Active forcing doesn't directly imply visualization but it seems that a lot of people visualize their tulpa while actively forcing. To actively force you just need to focus your attention on your tulpa as opposed to cleaning your room or going to work while also concentrating on your tulpa(which would be passive forcing :P) Also, you don't have to be in any kind of meditative state to actively force with your tulpa. If you want to, you can. It's really helpful for vivid visualization. I personally find it absolutely exhausting so I tend not to do that much, but as long as you're not focusing on other things then it could be considered active. You don't have to use a form to actively force with your tulpa, not even a blue ball, but if you're going to try to visualize them then you'll need a form for that. You could make a form for them and, once they're sentient, they'll change it if they don't like it. If, instead, you don't feel the need to visualize your tulpa then you can just concentrate on maybe a spot in your mind that your tulpa will occupy one day, but isn't developed enough to do so quite yet. Like an empty space that your tulpa can fill. That being said, you don't have to do either of those to actively force with your tulpa. Those are things that came to my mind, but maybe something better works for you. For me, actively forcing with Markus was weird at first because she didn't move or talk or do anything really. So I'd just puppet her over to a cliff and we'd sit on the edge, watching the sunset. I'd tell her about my day, what was going on on the outside, stuff that was bothering me, adventures we could go on once she became independent, whatever came to mind really. Eventually she started looking around and standing up and stuff. Once that happened, we'd go for walks. After she got used to walking around and doing stuff, I guess she decided to experiment with forms :P Markus started off as a really classy looking guy in a suit (hehehe I know, silly but whatever. It seemed pretty good at the time :P) She then went through a BUNCH of deviations and her forms usually only lasted a couple of days. Hell, she's still messing around with forms! Her hair color and style changes a bunch. She does, however, seem to like earrings so I created some that look like they're made of starlight for her for xmas :P Anyway, I seem to have gotten off track. But yeah, it was a bit weird at first and there was a significant amount of puppeting going on before she was independent. Just to get her around though, I wanted to go on adventures with her, not with myself controlling her :P As for personality, you don't have to work on a personality at all. Your tulpa will eventually develop its own and I'm sure they'll be awesome. Markus, my tulpa, didn't start out with a personality :P Again, I know I've said this like a million times but whatever works for you. Whatever you think will work probably will. You can incorporate symbolism to create your tulpa, like imagining various personality bits flying into them or something, but you don't have to. I tried that out but it just didn't seem right :P
  12. Markus changed her name from Markus to Katarina to Shadow then back to Markus XD
  13. That's called imposition and from what I've read, it's REALLY difficult to get it to work. When you think about it, it makes lots o' sense why it's so difficult. You have to trick your mind into faking visual input to actually see things that aren't there. If you've not been working with your tulpa for a while, I wouldn't recommend trying this first. If you really want to practice it, there are lots of imposition guides on this site, though.
  14. I'm a couple months into development with Markus and I've not gotten any significant responses. I've "heard" some wispy mindvoice-y kind of stuff that seem to go along with her actions, implying that the voice is hers but I've not gotten any auditory hallucinations yet. If that's what you're expecting as a response, I think it'd be safe to say that it won't come for a while. If you're talking about mindvoice responses, then maybe you're tulpa is just really quiet... you could try some talking exercises with your tulpa and see if it helps but the trick is to not get discouraged by the lack of response. If you believe that it'll happen eventually, it will :)
  15. I see images when I visualize but I can feel this little voice in the back of my mind(not Markus whispering in my ear or anything) that help me understand what I'm seeing, if that makes any sense. I know what I'm seeing when I see it, but the little descriptions add more detail to my visualization. Almost like when you're reading a really good book so that you can see in your mind's eye what's happening in the book, but there's still the little descriptive words written in the book that don't exist in your vision of the scene but still help add detail... Does that make ANY sense? I'm sorry, I tried to describe it as best I could... I promise that I know what I'm saying; I'm just not particularly great at describing stuff :P Also, for the "learning to visualize images" thing, it's just picturing whatever you're thinking about in your mind. For example, imagine that you're holding an apple. If you can see what that might look like in your mind, then you're visualizing the image of holding an apple.
  16. Yep. I go on walks while the sun rises while Markus is asleep :P The sky turns purple when the sun rises... it's so cool :P
  17. Against a tulpa? I suppose if the host were to dissipate it, that would be pretty against the tulpa... Not that that's really an advisable thing to do... To actually answer this I think I'd need the whole story...
  18. I understand a bunch of stuff that you've just put forward and I agree to an extent. I'm 15 and I'm a relatively static person. All of the personality changes that you've made to your tulpa are things that I've not had experience with because I didn't create Markus' personality. The whole "I can't concentrate" thing is something that I'm more familiar with but I've found that if I just let go of any feeling of definite control of my thoughts they kind of float away by themselves. If I try to control what pops into my head, it just gets worse :P The feeling of hopelessness about the whole creation process does happen to me from time to time. Sometimes it seems an impossible and infinitely distant goal, but when that happens I try to remember that it's all about the journey, not the end product. That perfection is something to be sought after but never achieved. If you get too caught up in the endless amount of progress and work ahead, you'll just sink yourself down into doubt. Because in the end, life is work, and work is what makes life meaningful... that being said sometimes it is a bit of a pain :P (But seriously, without work what would we do all day? We'd be bored out of our minds with all the fun!) Anywho, there's my little speech on stuff :P I guess what I'm trying to say is that creating a tulpa varies in difficulty depending on who you are.
  19. It shouldn't be a problem... I tend to try to passively force with Markus as much as I can, all the time. But I also tend to get distracted easily so it doesn't always work out. I've found that I can only really dedicate myself to one conversation so it's not too easy when I'm with friends, family, or anyone that's talking to me in general for that matter :P
  20. I understand that. When I created this thread, it was mostly to separate the arguments that I'd seen popping up in unrelated threads from threads that had nothing to do with this :P Also, Gryphon Flight brings up a good point. That being said, I don't regret (no ragrets hehehe) creating Markus so early. Whether or not that makes me foolish, I don't care. I'm glad for the extra time with Markus :P
  21. I don't think that it'd be too hard to find people on here that would say that their emotional interaction with their tulpa is greater than many of their human friends. As for the whole 'dependence on your tulpa when starting young' thing, I'm a teenager and I do talk to Markus about my problems. It feels nice to talk to someone about them. That being said, I also know that I can talk to other people about my problems if I need to. I definitely wouldn't say that Markus is the only person that I can talk to or that I'm dependent on her. If I need to, I've got parents, guidance counselors, and friends to talk to if I need to. I know that I obviously don't represent the teenage portion of tulpamancers, but I'm sure that many of them would agree with what I've just said.
  22. Yeah, that happened to me with the name Christina when my tulpas name was Katarina... It was a bit odd lol I just shrugged it off though :P She eventually changed her name back to her original name: Markus(I know, not a girls name but whatever I like it :P)
  23. If you miss your tulpa, then there's a reason right there! As for the "selfish feeling of loneliness," I'd say that hanging out with your tulpa and keeping her alive and around is probably preferable to dissipation. That being said, I don't want to speak FOR her. I just think that existing is infinitely preferable to not existing, even if existence sucks sometimes :/ I know EXACTLY where you're coming from. I'm not great with commitments in general, and Markus is no exception. But I love her and, although she can't talk fully yet, I think she likes me :) Not to say that you don't love your tulpa, but I'm just saying that I'm not sure that yours is a great reason for dissipation. If you want my opinion, I'd say that you should talk to her about it and decide what you two want to do. But if you can find any reason at all to keep her around, even if it's just a gut feeling or feeling lonely (or, as I sometimes feel, cold/kinda empty/depressed) then I'd keep her around if I were you.
  24. Happy birthday Saphira! Have fun!!! Anyway, Markus' birthday is August 3rd :P I can't wait to celebrate with her :D