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  1. Ahm.. I remembered something.. if I changed her name and appearance, even though I explained her that I will do so, won't there be a chance that I accidentaly created a second tulpa..?
  2. Thank you for the feedback ^^
  3. So, some time ago I made a thread about some confusion of mine. Now, some time passed.. my tulpa still hasn't got sentient, but I am confused about the following things: when I am forcing, I used to imagine her as a blonde haired girl, anyways, for some reason that I dont really know I decided to change her appearance, and since she ain't blonde anymore I decided to change her name too(don't know why either), would that do any bad to her..?
  4. I am usually talking to her when I am sitting in my bed, so I can concentrate a little bit better
  5. First of all, I would want to apologise for any mistake I could make, english is not my native language; I would also like to thanks everyone who is sacrificing his/her time to check out this thread, it means a lot. So, I have decided to make a tulpa like a week ago. Now I am asking myself some questions: 1. I am tulpaforcing everyday, not such a long time on session but I am trying to progress into longer sessions everytime I do it. The question here is that I do not know if I am doing it right, I am not expecting fast results, all I am doing is closing my eyes, imagining her face(I found this easier when tulpaforcing) and then explaining her the traits or I am just narrating, depends. Please give me some advice regarding this. 2. How long do I need to keep "defining" the traits? Do I need to do it everyday? I understand it is a vast process but I am a bit confused about it at times; Yes I know it is an optional step, but I do want to do it. 3. How long should I force on a session? I am not counting hours or the time spent generally, I just want to have something to aim at, since I have said that my sessions are not yet that long. Also, I would like to say sorry if one of the questions is previously answered in another thread.