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  1. Most of it has been planning, and questioning whether or not I really want to make the commitment, which I've been looking at both sides and making decisions from there. As a whole, no I have not started yet, but that's because of these three things that I think potentially could have some form of effect while creating it that I don't catch consciously until it's a tad too late or something. I'm a very haphazard person and ambivalent on many, if not, all things, so I think I'm either worrying too much, or just making sure I'm prepared enough and knowledgable enough in what I'm going to be doin
  2. No, I definitely understand that. I have been diagnosed with OCD as well. Social anxiety's been the trigger for it, and my therapist, psychiatrist, and doctor since my birth all have said the same or similar instances that I do have OCD. When I do have the trigger for it, I'll quiet down in whatever conversation I was in, and look around for anything that doesn't seem to be in order. People at school have asked why I'm arranging books in the bookcase, and I'll shrug and keep going, because 1.) People around me have irked me in general, and 2.) I had a trigger earlier and putting them in order
  3. I'm wanting to be able to have an easier time focusing and concentrating during my sessions of creating my Tulpa, but I have some walls that I think could really affect how the creation sessions can go. First is ADHD. I was diagnosed with it while I was around 7 or 8, and had the medicinal patch to help with it through my Primary and early Secondary years. Now, I can control most aspects of it, and have been considered by my doctors as ADD. Secondly, is the OCD. It's focused within alphabetical and numerical orders of things in a succession. Example is the Harry Potter book and movie ser
  4. Hello, I is new gui. Formalities aside, my name is Austin, and I've looked into into Tulpae prior to me joining, but I didn't believe that I was ready enough to commit to it entirely until now, where I feel that I'm ready to start actively and putting much more time into it. I'm definitely spending time already in getting an overview of what a Tulpa is, and a guide here and there, hoping to be able to have the time for visualizing how I want everything to be. Recently 18, and I think that sense of adulthood helped progress my desire for a Tulpa. Nonetheless, we'll see how everything g
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