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  1. Y'know, now that I look at it, I guess I've been pretty lazy about it. I did LOTS back when I started (about 4/5 weeks ago) but motivation just dropped off I s'pose. Time to up the ante I guess! :D
  2. Hey y'all. I've been doing this for a while now. Originally I active forced quite often, but now I tend to fall asleep doing it so I do a sort of half-passive, half-active force when I walk the dogs for example. So yeah, what progress has been made? Not much. I've always been an imaginative bloke, so making a wonderland was but a moment's work. No trouble visualising her (I called her Laura) whatsoever. Passive forced quite often, at least half an hour of constant mental blabbering a day. (Not to mention life has been pretty busy as of recently.) Had the head-pressure yes/no communication system going, but sort of lost hope in it when I decided to test whether it was me doing it by inverting the way yes/no is answered. In the wonderland I don't really see many signs of sentience there. Should I just start over or something?
  3. Hello guys, gals and all other forms that people reading this whomever they are may be! I'm Kwigg, lurked around here for the past two weeks or so, then decided that I was ready, and that t'would be an interesting... experience (for lack of a better word) to attempt to make a Tulpa. I started jus' last Tuesday, and already there's quite good progress - I think, not exactly one of experience to judge - where she can answer simple yes/no questions, given a bit of prompting and occasionally a reminder. (Using a head pressure location way: left side of head for yes, right side for no.) So yeah, I've read pretty much every guide, but it's all still a bit of a mystery; got to love things that vary person to person, eh?