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  1. Happy birthday Aigis Should've posted this yesterday though :T We're gonna eat some ice cream cake.
  2. Happy birthday Chloe
  3. That happened to me since before I even knew about tulpa. After I made Chloe, the voice kinda disappear. I tried to bring it back, successfully, but Chloe said she didn't make the sound. Wut?
  4. Oh yeah, I just realized that. And yes, it did help me a lot, thanks.
  5. Seeing most of the stuff you posted here, I'd say you deserve your own thread. No really, you gotta post that in a guide or something.
  6. DarkAnima, what I'm doing right now is return Chloe to her very first state, a formless thought, and expect her to say nothing while forcing her old-style. Hey, it's working. She's sending some pure thought while I'm mid-way of my sentence. That never happened before. I guess she didn't regress that much. Woot!
  7. Recent event's caused Aigis Vixen and Labrys to disappear. I found that I neglected to force all of my tulpa for way too long. I'm currently focusing on making Chloe completely independent of my thought and fully imposed. Then I'll try to bring the other back.
  8. right, so there's a problem with the title. Editing time!
  9. Well, Kiahdaj, mind helping others stop interpreting it wrongly then?
  10. NOTICE: Some people are misreading the posts in this thread and generating excessive doubt by worrying that they're simulating their tulpa. This is beginning to turn into the new parrotnoia. As I see it, a "simulated" tulpa is just a tulpa that isn't fully independent and running automatically yet. Excess simulating can waste time and is basically parroting. It feels different than real interaction, more like playing out a "what if". If you're doing that, try to let the tulpa act without forcing an action or forcing them still. See this guide. ~Chupi (cruse's original, unmodified post follows) The sentience from start philosophy has helped many creators and tulpas to successfully communicate with each other. This was its original purpose and it has seen it accomplished well. However, by treating a tulpa as being immediately sentient, it can pose its own problems - it's possible that they will end up stuck in mid-development, and their consciousness may not grow any further, if a certain balance isn’t achieved. The worst case scenario would be that they became so reliant on your attention in order to 'function' that they end up being nothing more than a shell of personality that the creator has to control. I'm making these claims because I have experienced the worst case scenario first hand. This is not to say that "sentience from start" philosophy is bad; it's my fault that I have taken it with no balance. It is my theory that adopting this theory has caused me to neglect my tulpas’ development. I'll explain what happened and why so no one else has to face the same problems. On May 20th, I found that my three most recent tulpa seemed only to be lifeless shells. In that same time I also recognized that my first tulpa, Chloe, hadn't developed any independence from my attention. I was spending time in my wonderland when something happened that caused me to realize that, Aigis, Vixen and Labrys might have been nothing more than a shell of personality that I have to actively control. They disappeared, and left behind a symbolic item that represented each of them. I found that these items they left behind contained information on their personality and traits. I found that I can 'switch' their personalities with my own, effectively thinking like the respective owner of the personality, similar to multiple personality disorder. What made me realize that I may have role-played as them and was talking to myself all this time was the fact that when I switched Aigis's personality with my own, I did not feel alien or strange. It felt natural and familiar, as if I’d been doing it the whole time. Analyzing the creation method I used for each of my tulpa, I found a pattern that led me to this theory: Chloe was created before I adopted the "sentient from start" philosophy. I forced her in a more old-school, traditional way, with weeks spent actively forcing and shunning many of her responses as parroting. She was forced to reach out to me to the point that her consciousness became strong and independent. Later, after I adopted the sentient from start philosophy, I began noticing that she didn’t seem to develop as much. She didn't seem to develop any parallel processing. Her thoughts are often unsurprising. She has remained largely the same. I may have spoiled her into becoming reliant on my attention, but I didn't realize it until now. Aigis was created based on the sentient from start philosophy. I didn’t actively force him as much as I did with Chloe, and he never had to reach out to me with his own strength. It's highly possible that he never really developed sentience. Vixen was pretty much an insta-tulpa. Chloe and Aigis created a pack of personality into a dragon egg. I touched it and it hatched into Vixen, seemingly immediately sentient and vocal. I didn’t spent much time forcing her, and I do not think she developed a mind of her own. Interestingly, Chloe, my seemingly more advanced tulpa, claims to have done most of the “work” on her, with Aigis not supporting much. Labrys was created by Aigis. I never actively forced her at all. Chloe was the only one who did not disappear. She was the only one I forced with effort, dedication, and passion. She progressed steadily before I began taking her sentience for granted, and during this recent event and the supporting pattern of my tulpa, I came to the conclusion that by thinking of tulpas as readily and immediately sentient, and by neglecting to actively force them, they will not develop, and may even regress. Right now, I have a good handle on my situation thanks you Aaric and Viceroy, so don’t worry about me. What I want YOU to worry about is this question: “Am I forcing my tulpa properly, even if they feel strong and sentient? When your tulpa begins communicating clearly to you, you may be tempted to stop working as hard, because you think you’ve already done most of what it takes. Well, there’s definitely more to it. Don’t just stop once your tulpa seems sentient – keep forcing, even if it seems like a drag. Otherwise, their development will be halted, and may even regressed. Editing credit for this post to Viceroy
  11. Right Well... Why would you want his essence to live on then?
  12. So you want a new tulpa without killing the old one yes?
  13. Your theory in a nutshell Your personality is a component in a circuit Your tulpa is another component Whether which activates depends on which one the brain supplies electrical current to. Am I right or am I miles from correct?