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  1. Hey. So about 6 months ago or so I found out about tulpas/tulpae, and decided that I wanted to make one. I did basic forcing like personality, form, made a wonderland and narrated to her every day. This went on for about 2 months (not really that long, I know) but then I kind of started to lose interest, mostly because I was addicted to a game (I won't say what it was) and I couldn't really narrate to her while playing unlike most games I played before like adventure games or just watching TV with her and stuff. Eventually I kind of just forgot about her sort of on purpose and went on with my usual routines, but I recently quit the game I was addicted to and remembered that it was the reason I forgot about her. I never really was able to get answers from her while talking, so she wasn't really a "full" tulpa when I stopped. I remember the wonderland and her form and everything. Is she still there, even though she never really "formed"? Can I just continue with forcing like I used to or not?