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  1. Thank you, I will check out those links, but i'm gonna put some more thought into wether I should start again with the same tulpa or not, or just continue with what I have. But I definitely will be working on this (no giving up like last time).
  2. Hello i'm new to this whole thread thing, so i'm a bit nervous about writing but I really need help. Last year I tried to make a tulpa and I managed to think of a base form and some personality traits, but my mind would constantly wander and woudn't focus, eventually I gave up and said that i'll try again once I learn to focus better. 10 months later I decided to try again thinking I had a better grasp on focus. I tried to pick up where I left off but everytime I tried to focus my thoughts just kept getting distorted like looking at a reflection in the water and having the image twist and bend making it really hard to focus on. So now i'm wondering, should I just start from the beginning? And if anyone has any tips on focusing better could you share some? Any help would be much appreciated.