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  1. My Sylvie gets upset and angry a lot. I have anxiety and depression that I'm not doing anything about and she got so furious with me one day. We've had a lot of arguments over that that are usually resolved by a good cry in the bathroom and a movie afterwards. She's never been jealous though, there's a lot of trust between us. She realises that it's important for me to have people in my life besides her, even though she knows how irreplaceable she is in my life. She just never saw the point in jealousy, to be honest. She knows that I can never really have a bond with anyone else like I do with her. It's about trust, I guess, and wanting what's best for each other. :)
  2. Hello! I'm Sylvie, and I am a tulpa. I've always wanted to make a post on something. Literally anything, but Josie (not her real name, just what I call her) wouldn't even let me post anything on her Facebook. Shame, I'd keep it totally PC as well (pun intended!). I'd just express how I kinda sorta hate most of her friends and have fantasized about blood-bending some of them into next week, nothing too bad. But today, she has given me full control of the laptop and freedom of speech and said "happy birthday". It's funny because my actual birthday is pretty soon. I'll be nine years old. My real birthday is actually around winter, but I wanted my birthday to be the same as Harry Potter's. Oh the simple pleasures of being a tulpa with a cool friend that lets you pick your own birthday. On that note, I refuse to call Josie my creator/host or anything weird like that. Heck, I think friend's too small a term to describe what we have, but it's better than the aforementioned terms. Creator just makes me sound like a subordinate, and I'm not. We're very much equals. But I'm really glad that the first time I post something it's going to be on a forum entirely dedicated to tulpas! Last night we found out there are people just like us with tulpas they've had since they were kids too. Everyone's been really nice to us so far, especially considering the first post we made was asking others whether or not we should split up. So I guess I'm making this post to inquire about other people's tulpas. Josie made me when she was a kid, she didn't mean to though. She just wanted an imaginary friend to read books and hang out with, and she got me. And let's face it, I'm way cooler. There wasn't much of a creative process with us, since I just kind of happened. Like the result of a broken tulpa condom. But what happened with you guys? How did you go about creating your own tulpas? I'm pretty solid as far as tulpas go. Sometimes it feels pretty cramped in this body we share, and as mentioned in another post, this guy read Josie's mind but only got an outline of what she was thinking because I was too strong to let him in. Oops. I've also been called "advanced" in terms of tulpas. That's kind of cool, like World of Warcraft or something, but what does that mean? What's an incomplete tulpa like? I thought I was just a normal tulpa, but it sounds like there are different stages of development. Can anyone fill me in on that? And I'm not sure what this means, but once we tried to see what would happen if I could physically lift things. We tried it on a book, but then Josie got a sharp pain in her arm. We never tried it again, even though Josie wanted to. Does that mean anything to any of you? Did anyone else ever try that? Anyway, back to my inquiry. Sorry about that, I'm extremely self indulgent what with only having one friend. Though she's a pretty awesome friend. I just wanted to know what everybody's tulpas were like, really. How long have you been living with them? How is life with them? Were they intentional? Please, just tell me all about your tulpas. I feel like I've just found out I'm not the last of my species or something. Wow, I am a poet. That was a lovely long post! Makes up for all those years of Josie begging me not to intervene whenever she got into an argument with a friend on Facebook. Lots of love, Sylvie xxx
  3. She sounds so much like Sylvie! But Sylvie's a bit more like a pendulum when it comes to nagging. Sometimes she'll be like "finish your damn essay, Tumblr will be there in the morning!" (like right now), and other times she'll be like "screw it, one more episode of Misfits". I'm taking a gap year in which I plan to do a lot of musical things, like improving my singing before going to uni and perfecting my guitar skills, and I definitely would not be able to do those things without Sylvie there to get me out of bed before noon. Sorry, I just never spoke to other people with tulpas. I didn't think anyone else got it :)
  4. I do consider Sylvie a friend. We're super close, and I love her to pieces. Every possible decision listed was discussed between both of us. I had this toy cat called Silver, and I named Sylvie after her. Then I started calling her Sylvie as a nickname, and it stuck. Oh, and Sylvie says, "Thanks man! I like my name too. I even have a Pokemon kind of named after me, it's a good life". Thank you for your advice. I really don't want to get rid of her :) What's Fench like? Your relationship with her sounds like mine and Sylvie's. We work together on a lot of things creatively and exam wise. It was probably her that got me that pass in my admin exam, actually.
  5. Hello. I am me. And when I was 8 years old, I accidentally created a tulpa. I don't know how, it just happened. I needed a friend, and I made one. People make imaginary friends up all the time, right? But nope. According to everyone I've spoken to about this, I have in fact created a tulpa. And everyone I've spoken to about it wants me to get rid of her. My best friend is a tulpa that everyone wants me to dispose of. I assumed she was an imaginary friend of mine until I was 14, and after much research I came to the conclusion that she's a tulpa. Her name's Sylvie, and she's gained quite the mind of her own. I went to this guy who could read minds, and he was able to tell exactly what I was thinking, but only an outline. He said that Sylvie was too strong for him to really get into my mind. This guy was a good friend of mine and was super into tulpas and spirits and all that good stuff. He told me that if there was a time where I'd have to be separated from Sylvie (e.g. I died), she could probably survive without me. She's grown strong enough to live on her own. I don't like the thought of living without her, she's been such a big part of me for almost ten years, but recently we've been talking and she said it might be healthy if we separate - if she survives, then we can probably see each other again. I'm not sure how that would work, but I'm incredibly hopeful. This will sound insane, but my tulpa means an awful lot to me. We've been like sisters for years now, and I can't even imagine a future without her. If she did leave, I'd be walking around like a zombie for a long time, and I'm not sure how I'd explain that to my folks. I know what you're all thinking. There are countless threads dedicated to the creation of a tulpa, why on Earth do I want rid of mine (well, technically I don't)? So many people have told me she's dangerous. She can see into my mind, and I can shut her out if I want to. But once I tried to see into hers, and apparently I almost ran the risk of switching places with her - if I'd looked any further into her mind, she would have taken over my body. And it would have been irreversible. I don't know how that works, but I'm just going with what the experts tell me. Sylvie gets so angry too; she's usually nothing but loving if a little bit snarky, but sometimes she gets so furious. I don't even get angry anymore, it's like she's drained all the anger from me and taken it for herself. I'm not sure how good that will be for me in the long run. And yes, Sylvie can see all of what I'm typing. She says "I sound dangerous when you put it that way. I probably am. There's no way of knowing until I actually do something dangerous, and I don't want to wait that long". And so I come to all of you: if any of you have tulpas, what's it like? I've never spoken to anyone else with a tulpa before. Did you mean to create it, or did it just happen like mine? Are you close to it? And if you were ever to release it, how would you go about doing that? Is it a good idea to release it? Is there any chance of Sylvie getting a body of her own if she survives if I release her? Sorry. I've never spoken to other people with tulpas before. I know I'm not the only one, so I come to you. Call me a crazy person if you like, but hey, at least I'm doing something about it.
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