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    My tulpa is Princess Celestia, except different. I don't like bios much. Look through my posts and talk to me to learn more about me and Celestia.
  1. To Linkzelda, Yes, I've come to terms with my subjectivity. Although I did so alone, before Celestia. There was indeed a time when I fell into a bit of a rut from digging too deep too early in my life. I felt like I had snuck a peek through a window on all of existence and saw nothing. But eventually I realized there was no point in caring so much about it, feeling good is feeling good. Thinking what I think doesn't change that. So I decided to live for myself, do what I want, when I want. Simple and direct. When I created Celestia I did it because I wanted to dig deeper, asking these questions is what I enjoy doing and I wanted to keep going. With her I've come to understand my views a bit better and learn a few things about sentience. I guess you could say I'm addicted to the loop, asking and receiving, asking and receiving. But I don't let it interfere with my interactions with other people. I can still enjoy a casual conversation with someone and I appreciate the little details of life. I don't look at a sandwich and think, ''Hmmm, how does this assemblage of matter fit into this abyss of moral and physical uncertainty I've dug myself?'' I have fun with Tia, we chat, we have serious discussions and we laugh at it all. Having someone who truly gets where I'm coming from helps me when no one else understands. Looking at it, I lean towards full on metaphysical solipsism. Except I'm uncertain about the existence of any minds. I don't think that I am the only one, but I admit I don't know and may never be able to. Also, I agree with some tenets of Stoicism, keeping calm under duress mostly. Although I actively seek to distance myself from duress and try to stay as happy as possible for as long as possible. So really, I think you hit the head on the nail here man. At least for me. To Patchlamb, I get where you're coming from and I used to think along similar lines but then I started considering other views, how someone else sees this or that and I realized I could never truly know how they see it. You keep going and you come to the conclusion that real is a concept. It's not necessarily fact, there may not be such a thing as real or unreal. I guess it's like looking at what other people might perceive and asking, ''What if I'm wrong?'' All in all that's just me and Tia, you perceive things and accept things how you want to and that's just fine. To sushi, I understand your position. I'm just curious though, in what way do you think Rene's argument is flawed?
  2. This is something of a thought me and Celestia came to together a while ago when we were discussing reality and how it applies to tulpas. Essentially, we looked at it from the standpoint that as sentient beings we live in our minds. Every thought, emotion, memory, sense and so on, comes directly from the mind. That is as close to ''reality'' as it gets. Physical and mental boundaries cease at that point, where both are produced or processed. So, a tulpa being a creature of the mind is in that way, real. But, there are those that still would doubt a tulpas' existence even looking at it this way. Deeper down the rabbit hole, doubting the validity of the information your mind is giving you brings in a major issue, ''What CAN you trust to be real? Where does the illusion begin and reality end? Or is it all an illusion?'' Things break down when you follow the natural course of subjectivity, the number of possibilities becomes infinite. When you assume one thing is false, in this case your tulpa, and that your mind is therefore deceiving you, you cannot be sure if you are suppressing reality or dissipating an illusion. Perspective becomes a beast, a sentient being could choose one thing over the other or even choose a third option. The possible points of view go on forever, just as the possibilities do. Actually, BECAUSE the possibilities do. Pulling away from all this, the solution is simple, do what you think is right. Think what you want to. Stick to your opinion because no one else knows any better than you do anyway. At least, that's what it's like for us. What do you guys think? What truly defines reality?
  3. I was narrating to Celestia on a road trip when she cut me off mid sentence with, ''What am I?'' I nearly jumped out of my seat.
  4. I have sociopathic tendencies, Celestia tells me she finds it a little hard to relate to what I'm feeling (or more accurately what I'm simply NOT feeling) at times because of it. Other than that I haven't really had any problems.
  5. Did it because I wanted to know more about what sentience is and just what a tulpa is and how it affects the mind. Got attached to Celestia as she came to be so I suppose I'm in it both because I'm curious (or curiost as this poll indicates) and because I want someone. Although I'm not lonely.
  6. My tulpa of Celestia is completely aware that she is a tulpa and doesn't deny it or sugarcoat it any with selective language. It's mostly because she's deviated, becoming more of an intellectual over time. We discuss lots of abstract ideas and concepts openly and I find she really contributes. Celestia : ''Reading that made me picture the both of us in lab coats in front of some test tubes. To the forum, our conversations are not as dry as he's making them sound. I try to bring a little cheeriness here and there to make up for his pessimism.'' I suppose that might be a little unique in a way, I have yet to meet others with a similar relationship with their tulpa on the subject of just what they are. I haven't sexed her. Don't want to and never will. She isn't interested in possession and actually asked me not to attempt it. Also she created the vast majority of our mindscape. Celestia : ''Well I found your initial idea of the mindscape a little lacking really. It needed some desserts, tropical forests etc. On possession I just don't really want to take on a body, I'm fine with how I am. You are you and I am me and I like it like that.'' So yeah. Longish post I guess. I lol'd at the not a pony mention, I admit the idea is a little overused isn't it? No offense to fellow pony tulpa hosts.
  7. Sup. Been doing tulpa stuff for a while, but me and my tulpa never really got involved with the community till now, figured hey why not give it a try. Been with my tulpa for a nearly a year now, she is a deviated Princess Celestia (inb4 rage over another pony tulpa). She's sentient, imposed, can handle complex discussion and I force with her quite often. Never really bothered with guides and such, decided to do it out of interest about the concept of sentience and got attached to Celestia while I was creating her. Just here to chat, contribute my opinion and enrich myself with what others have discovered. Basically have fun.