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  1. Well at first like before I decided to officially start it was just maybe 5 minutes at a time at random, but once I decided to commit myself to the creation process I am up to three hours a day now, but I split that up into three sessions. One hour in the morning, afternoon, and night just before bed and then at random time throughout the day. I didn't have orange juice as suggested but did have apple juice and it may have worked for a little bit today, but it's back again. Not full blown headaches though, thank god, just slight head pressures which is out of the norm for me. I imagine it has something to do with my brain never working like this before and is creating new neural pathways so I can create my Tulpa; heh, kind of feels like I am working on calculus all over again with the head pressures.
  2. First post and I've only been lurking these forums for a little over a week now and I'm about five days into my own creation process. For three days now I've been having head pressures and knew about them ahead of time but I didn't think they would last this long. Not complain mind you, I take this as a good sign but I am wondering how much longer I might expect the head pressures to last?
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