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    Shepard's Tone

    Shepard's tone is an auditory illusion that sounds like it is constantly rising(or falling). I heard listening to the falling one would cause intensely vivid dreams of falling, intended to use to lucid dream(if i started falling, i'd know i was dreaming). Didn't work, but, had the notable side-effect of making Elly slightly more visible, slightly more audible, and significantly better at possession. Likely the same principle as those binaural things, just wondering if it had the same/similar/any effect(s) on others. link: For comparison purposes, worth noting a tulpa's level of progression when stating results, so on that note, Elly is over a year old, highly vocal and active but very rarely hallucinated, and was already pretty good at possession but has been rather out of practice lately. Right now my guess is it amplifies a tulpa/host interaction based on how strong they are with each individual thing(i.e. it makes them better at everything, but betterer at the things they're good at.) If this should've gone somewhere else then sorry. not sure if this really unique/interesting enough for this subforum but it's probably worth a shot. Also, someone else take this over. I'm far too lazy/unmotivated to do much more than go "hey, i found this thing, it might work for you guys too, go check it out"
  2. Elly: Skittle Titties!!
  3. I keep some space for her, set out pillows for her, keep doors open for her, etc. It's not necessary but it's just kind of polite and nicer for her to...well, not have to walk through things. I've also told a few close friends about her, and ask them to move if they wind up standing where she is. One of them actually tried to hug her in apology, which....made her rather happy, to understate it beyond all comprehension. As for taste, she tastes things already, without any effort, but her sense of taste seems to be different from mine, and able to affect mine to a small extent, too. As far as smoking goes though, she can't really taste or smell that. Her reasoning being "Well you just kinda breathe it, so, i guess it doesnt have a taste??", and when asked about the smell "um...nah, i just smell the air ^^". Not that the smell/taste of smoke is something I can imagine her enjoying, so I don't really see any need to force the issue.
  4. Just thought it was an interesting coincidence, with a small possibility of being a thing that mattered. And I kinda have a hard-on for that game. Best story I've ever seen in one. And for the record, Elly just tried to flash an image in front of me. Shouted "Nya!" and showed me a picture of a very fluffy white cat. So yeah, she can do it, pretty easily too, at that, though she is over a year old, figures that she'd be pretty mentally strong by now.
  5. Bith of both, I guess? I haven't managed this whole imposition thing yet, but from what I gather it's the same with that and tulpaforcing; Just focus on your tulpa, keep thinking about them -- Don't worry too much if your mind snaps onto something else randomly, just keep snapping back as soon as you can; After a while it becomes habit, and a while after that it stops happening altogether. As long as you keep focusing, and possibly focusing on the intent to see them, you'll wind up seeing them there. Just don't let up and don't give up.
  6. He's called Raziel. He talks the same way your tulpa seems to(from what i can gather from those two sentences.), from a game called Soul Reaver. He's a soul-eating vampire who is extremely cynical and distrustful, on a quest for revenge against a fellow named Kain. If this is all arising due to some unnoticed desire from your tulpa to fulfil the image of a character you've forgotten, that would be hilarious. But the chances of that seem small. As for his belief that you are preventing him from talking to people; There's nothing stopping you from relaying what he says, and he probably means that. If you feel uncomfortable telling people(I can understand why you might), then just talk to someone and say what he says, re-translated into how you'd say it; That way he gets to have a conversation with someone else, you don't have to tell anyone about him, and you feel like a crafty bastard at the same time. Note - Don't feel obligated to change the words in every sentence or anything, though; You could mis-translate the meaning, and most people won't notice you're acting differently even if you just say the exact same thing but with your accent instead of his.
  7. I used to be an emotionless husk.
  8. I get image flashes sometimes, i don't know what causes them though. Whichever one of us is causing it, it's entirely unintentional. By the way, he sounds like a certain character of the same name. Coincidence, or..?
  9. I've always been able to do this, tulpa or no, and it was always relatively accurate, but Elly can wake me up to within a few seconds of my target time, so it's certainly improved. As for answering OP's actual question, I figure it's just a result of mental strain/exercise, though it is certainly possible your tulpa is helping your sleep cycle, that is the sort of shit they can pull
  10. And make sure it knows you're sorry. Earnestly.
  11. Occasionally, but instead of seeing things in the world around me, an entirely new image flashes in front of my eyes for a moment(never more than a second or so). Usually something to do with whatever I was doing. It's sort of like that...tetris effect thing, but without closing your eyes. And if the the full display of a tetris game sort-of-replaced your vision for a moment. I mean, I can still see the stuff around me when it happens, but it's like it faded halfway out and that image was overlayed in front of it.
  12. Practice, most likely. You can either imagine simple things for increasingly long periods, or one thing I've found for this exact thing: Wait until it's a bright day outside, you want a mostly clear sky but with some decent amount of clouds up there. Find a nice big patch of empty blue sky and stare straight at it. At some point you'll notice the clouds seem to disappear. Just keep trying to stare straight anyway. After a while you'll get used to not snapping your vision to changes, and visualising will become easier. Another non-weather dependent way is to stare at a light for a moment so you get that spot on your vision, then try to stare at a clear wall without that spot moving; Since it's actually on your eye, looking at it at all makes it move, so you gotta stare straight again. The general thing is to train yourself to see things without moving your eyes directly on to it.
  13. Hm. We always just kinda.....made it. Some of it is pulled from dreams, some are dungeons we made while forcing for eachother to get through, some ripped from games, some just made up on the spot, some built meticulously over time from one of us to the other. Each place we create is saves as its own world, which we can access any of them at any time through portals from a sort of hub world. A hub world with its own laws of physics, space. And there's a black void 'above' the hub world(that word has no meaning there, but the entrance is at the place i arbitrarily defined the 'top'). Never really needed any context with which to make things, I just pictured it there and it was there, as for Elly, she materialises tools and goes digging, or raises her arms in the air like she just dont care - so a wall bursts out of the ground - but I think that's unnecessary and just for fun.
  14. *above poster's sig* [titty sprinkles? like....ooh what if you ahve them on a doughnut! or IN a doughnut! you FILL AN OVEN WITH THEM! and then.....and then uhh.....-] "- Are you just trying to say something funny so you get posted this topic?" [yup! ^^] "........fine." [yaaaaaay!!]
  15. - ~2h - ~1h Both just calm/relaxing tracks. The latter has a slight electronic/synthesised style. I don't really need music to relax, but it helps greatly with stopping my mind from wandering; I have a problem, jumping from tangent to tangent in my thoughts over and over, unwillingly, until I have no idea how I wound up thinking about something so odd. Music helps. Moreso if I haven't heard it before, so thank you for posting this.