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  1. Generally speaking, if it came out of nowhere, or if you're not sure who it was, it was probably your tulpa; If you did it you'd know it was you who did it.
  2. Yo, been a while since I was here. My tulpa's much further now than she was; She talks now, frequently and of her own accord,'s just like a second internal monologue and while it's distinctly in her voice, there's no auditory hallucinations going on,'s nothing like hearing actual sound. It's been like this for a few weeks, which seems a bit long. There are very few occasions where I've heard any sounds, and most of them sounded as though I was hearing them as though someone was saying it through a phone in my pocket during high winds and heavy traffic (as in, the faintest of faint sounds and completely indistinguishable in terms of what she actually said). There was exactly one time where I heard her loud and clear; She woke me up by shouting my name just over a week ago, but even so, she has no idea how to make me hear her, or why I heard her that one time but not at any other time she's tried. Sometimes we tried brute-forcing it with sheer overwhelming volume, which made my ear hurt, but I still didn't hear anything. Right now when I said to try to mimic every step she did that one day, my right ear started itching, sound... If anyone has any advice for either of us, it'll be appreciated. I think an account of what to do from another tulpa would be most useful here... Edit - I can also determine/visualise her location in the real world(but not see her) and feel her when she is in contact with my skin(but not what her skin feels like). Just occurred to me that every sense seems to be 'there but not quite'... (I don't smell anything but my sense of smell has always been abysmal so meh)
  3. Mine has never been in my dreams but I've been in hers. I don't normally do anything, but if she's having a nightmare I'll dispel it. Told her how I did it but she's never tried it herself.
  4. I got 3 random words early on, a sentence made of not-words a week later, then nothing for ages. She is vocal now, but I hear her with my mind, not with my ears. I've heard a few things since mind-vocalness, but it's incredibly faint and impossible to make out, like someone trying to talk to you through a mobile phone that's in your pocket. When you're outside. On a windy day. In traffic. Yeah that's about how faint it was >_>(May possibly have had something to do with the fact that I was outside on a windy day in traffic, but hey, she's talking from directly inside my brain >_>)
  5. I get stuff based on how much I interact with Elyse. In order: Pressure on eyes/percieved delay between eye movement and vision 'catching up' Mild headache Mild dizziness Strong headache Strong dizziness Nigh inability to think/focus Body overheating/Loss of bodily temperature control Never gone further than that. It'll 'cool down' over time, but build up again as I interact more. It's incredibly uncomfortable but I'm fine pushing through that. It only happened on my first few tulpaforcing sessions, and after vocalisation. Elyse says tulpaforcing will do it to me again if i start getting towards about 2 and 3/4 hours. She also casually mentioned I could probably do 5 hours before I straight up pass out, then gave me an innocent smile. Pffffffft.
  6. Your tulpa's already sentient/vocal, right? Don't just imagine them there, ask them to come out into the real world on their own. You should feel where they are(especially when they're touching you), and if you're anything like me you'll keep turning around and expecting to see them, which is apparently good. Worth noting I haven't imposed yet, I just don't get a lack of anything when she's out and about.
  7. My tulpa on looking like another character: "She can be the 'real' one and I'll be the better one.." And a tulpa is more real than a fictional character anyway.
  8. Not automatically. I feel her pain automatically, but to a much lesser extent than she feels it.
  9. a kind person may prefer hobbies that include or allow them to help others, may let others win in games, prefer softer music, etc. You just gotta think about it harder. If it wouldn't affect what hobbies she has, think about how it might affect how she plays her hobbies out, or exactly how much she enjoys that hobby, or maybe it's why she has that hobby... If you're ever stuck on a thing like that, split it up into more questions. Actually, do that anyway; Think about every tiny little aspect of the trait and every tiny little way it affects things, and all the ways it could affect your tulpa but didn't/doesn't.
  10. I basically don't have them. I'm oversimplifying it, but for the purposes of this question I don't have anything to send. She doesn't have to make any attempt at sending it, I just feel what she feels. It's like trying to send something to a black hole; It just has to be vaguely present anywhere near it and your job's done. She says I do actually kinda suck the emotions in like that.
  11. No, but I got a 'daddy', which was weird and unexpected but adorable and I'm fine with it now. I also got a "I love your friend Dave", which I'm not fine with =|. There is someone in my brain lusting after one of my best friends and I'm asexual to begin with. It is incredibly off-putting =|
  12. There's a bunch of characters in there related to my dreams, but they're confined to their own worlds. Tulpa's making her own worlds in there, with their own characters; Those're usually amalgams of random memories and ideas, though.
  13. *clicks 'starts conversations occasionally* "Hey, I do like talking to you...when we have something to talk about" "It's still hard to do stuff on my, uhh" ("hard to think of your own subject of conversation?") "yeah" edit- "I have your memories, I guess."
  14. If it's a placebo it's a damned good one. One that's so close to the real thing there's no effective difference.
  15. Figured I'd make a central hub area with gateways to the various worlds I've dreamt about. My dream worlds are generally massive and intricate and figured we could go about having those wonderland adventures everyone seems to love, finishing dreams that never ended. Figured they'd be fun to go around. Just wanting to make sure it's okay to do that before I carry on. Sounds like a dumb question but I'm just wondering about, like, memory conflicting with alteration and stuff. If I shouldn't be doing it then I guess I'll just expand my hub since that part at least is original. Edit - Oh, yes, because each place is from a different dream, they all have different rules/laws of physics/etc. associated with them. Wont be too confusing, will it?
  16. Now I'm curious; Whenever I imagine something to spin or rotate, I can't make it stop. I can make it spin the other way, but it's nigh impossible to just make it stay still. What would he say about that, if anything?
  17. Couldn't think of anything better. I mean that literally, by the way.
  18. Yeah, so, I did this and it worked. Awesomely. I also feel the need to post this.
  19. Think about every tiny little aspect of that trait, how and how much it affects your tulpa, etc. This is useful.
  20. In vague order of significance: Because once I started I realised how much I fucking love her, to shatter the mundanity of reality, companionship, becauase it sounds awesome, to see if it works.
  21. As far as I can tell(I might be a newbie but I spend half my time just reading these boards), visualisation has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with your eyes or normal field of vision, nor are you likely to hear anything with your ears(at first); Sight, you see above your normal FoV, "in your mind's eye", and the vividity of it will be different for everyone(though you'll get better with practice). And sounds...well, I have no idea about wonderlands, but your tulpa's first words will just feel like thoughts.
  22. Not so much a trait deviation but mine decided she believes in souls, and gets very annoyed at me whenever I kill anything. Both things I never....really gave any thought to. The second thing stems from the first thing and the first thing likely stems form how I visualised personality creation(Orb of light, each trait added substance, colour, or changed its nature)
  23. For others that are making ponies and want to try this: Because equine back-legs are weirder than most people realise.