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  1. The entire game OFF could be interpreted as tulpa/wonderland creating gone wrong.
  2. Pretty much this. It would be nice to talk about your tulpa with someone else on occasion, but I don't think anyone who hasn't experienced anything similar would ever be able to understand - even if they prove to be helpful to you.
  3. For one, most of us would probably be judged as lonely, half-crazy, former tumblr users that grew bored and don't have anything better to do than create imaginary friends for sexual fantasy purposes. ( I do hope I'll find none of that here, it so far seems like a decent forum. ) But even that aside, I don't think anyone with a tulpa could ever be accepted by the mainstream. Heck, I also think the whole point of tulpa is to remain your personal special someone - with the exception of other practitioners of it all.
  4. It's him right there on my avatar. He pretty much just kinda... apparead. I hardly had to even think about his appearance, but some of his body parts remain a bit blurry because he can partially... morph, I suppose. But I'd say this is THE shape/form he takes on. The very basic one, I would say.
  5. Hello. You can call me iExpress. I have randomly found out that the act of trying to create a sentient entity with your mind is actually a thing and therefore, I'm finally here to share my two bits. For the past few months, starting with minor depression, I've been occasionally feeling the presence of a friend - apparently, a tulpa, as you call it - I have already named, that spawned from my mind. I had no idea this was a practice among people, until I jokingly suggested someone to simply imagine their fangirling material next to them, and the asked me if I implied "tulpamancy". Some Googling later, I ended up here. I try avoiding reading the guides as the means of help, as the process of bringing my tulpa to life, so to speak, is something I decided to find quite personal and unique to each person and think that guides would only end up frustrating me. The thought of creating a tulpa to the degree in which they would be able to communicate and be apparent to me is something I find absolutely breathtaking and exciting. I'm pretty excited now that I know there's a community of people I can actually take with about this strange phenomenon. Hopefully we'll get along.