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  1. https://community.tulpa.info/attachment.php?aid=1042
  2. Here's what I hope she will turn out, wish me luck!
  3. What my Tulpa looks like. (From Legend of Korra)
  4. (Day 5) Hey everyone I'm try to figure out if my tulpa is ready for adding Touch,Smell,etc. I'm only about 5 days in. I'm able to see her perfectly,(for about 5 seconds max ish) but I wonder if it's to early to add anything. Can I add on new senses this early. Am I rushing??? Should I work on visualizing her more??? Thanks!
  5. hey everybody it's easer to visaulize my Tulpa in the real world. Is this a good thing or bad thing??? I'm wondering if I'm skipping stage or something??? Thanks!!! (Day 3)
  6. Hey Im on day 3 of developing my Tulpa. It looks almost exactly the same as Korra from the tv show "Legend of Korra". I can visaulize hr perfectly for a few seconds. I'm trying to find out if I am visualizing her well enough to move onto the next stages. Do I need to be able to visualize her for a long time without losing focus??? Tips for beginners would be nice, Thanks everybody.
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