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    Hi, I'm Zack Schaller. I'm hoping to travel to the UK soon.
  1. No, I don't. I wish. Next person has an anthropomorphic (anthro) tulpa/human tulpa.
  2. One of those California burgers from Prime Bar. One drink item, I guess that means I can't mix them. Sprite, definitely. What would you do in your last dying hour, implying you're not in the hospital at the time?
  3. Like I say with all of my question responses, don't rely 100% on my data, as it's probably incorrect. I know a thing or two as I've been here for a -while-, but I'm currently beginning creation myself. I have, however, gone through it before. You can, if you wish. Just keep in mind your tulpa can deviate if they wish. Also, bare in mind that an identity crisis can occur if you're not careful. I'm confused on what you mean by this. Your tulpa is what you imagine it to be; if you want it to be a vampire or angel, it can be a vampire or angel. Again though, keep in mind that it can deviate. Your tulpa is a sentient being. That depends on the host. For example, I myself don't believe in things like that, and generally frown upon things such as sex slavery. Even if they are tulpae, they are beings too. If you wish to do this, that's up to you; but I don't recommend you create a tulpa just to have sex with. For my opinion, Amber's post is relevant. Imagine if the roles were reversed; how would you feel if somebody forced you in just for appearance and to have sex with you? Even worse, how would you like somebody to force you in because they liked a character, not you yourself? I feel pretty strongly about this topic, but really it all comes down to you. A lot of people in the community don't recommend it though. Now, if you're planning to create a tulpa for a companion/friend and you or your tulpa gradually gain an intimate relationship for each other, that's okay by me. In my opinion, it's okay for you or your tulpa to fall in love with you later on, not to be forced to love you. It all really depends on the host, like I don't believe that you should create a tulpa just for sex or love. You could create a tulpa for the sole purpose of making him/her your lover, but I myself do not recommend it. Others may find it perfectly normal. As for how often do they fall in love with the host, that really depends on: - Their personality. - Your/their memories. - What you do to/with them. As well as several other factors. There is no general "rate of love". If you don't want your tulpa to fall in love with you, you can actually force a personality trait for them that will make them dislike sex; that actually isn't too uncommon. You can simply do vice versa if you wish to do the other. This depends on how you're hugging your tulpa. - Hugging your tulpa in your mind, via passive forcing or something of the sorts like imposition, will not have an effect on the outside world (Actually, don't quote me on that. Metaphysics can tell you the answer to that.) - Hugging your tulpa physically will have the appearance of you hugging air. It's all about imposition, if you wish to see them in the real world.
  4. I'm a guy and I've actually been planning for a while now to make my tulpa a male pre-sentience, but he can obviously change if he wishes; it'll also make it easy for me to focus on him. I'm not sure if I could say the same for when he reaches sentience; him being a male, I mean. I'm not sure what it was that made me think of changing him to a guy, it was just the first thing I considered when thinking of what I'd make his gender as. I guess I'm part of the 10%. I'm heterosexual by the way, if anybody wants to know.
  5. Can't that be classified as making them hate you? As in, abusing them. Oh, I see. Yes I agree; making friends with your tulpa is like making friends with any other being. The golden rule applies here to an extent. What's better is, they know everything about you so they "understand you" like some people can only wish for. You and your tulpa know everything there is to know about each other, and have the greatest bond any human could make. I agree with what you've said here. Yes and again, your first go-to guy should be your tulpa. Whether or not it'll be hard for you and your host, you'll work out in the end and hopefully even make a respective relationship.
  6. Don't worry about it. A tulpa will not become "bad" or "hateful" unless you make it so. If you believe it might, or fear it might, it's a good possibility. There is no such thing as incompatible personality traits; just "negative" personality traits, but I wouldn't think that you would forcefully add all negative traits unless you wanted something like this to happen. It won't harm them, but it'll probably steer them the way you want them to; in the direction you forced their personality traits to go. They would most likely deviate anyways. I actually recommend not working on the personality, maybe just a small bit if you want to steer him/her in a certain direction. Let your tulpa grow the way they need to. But, if you wish to; keep in mind, there's no such thing as a set of "incompatible" personality traits, or at least from what I think you mean. Don't cause an identity crisis and you'll be fine, as far as ~incompatibility with personality traits. I'm not sure what you mean. What I'm basically saying here is, don't worry about it. And really, don't fear about it. I learned the hard way.
  7. Nice post, K and host. It's a good concept to think of; instead of living on attention, they live on love, is what you're saying? A good relationship? It's definitely something to think about, and it's good to know that our community is one that tries to learn more about tulpae, not simply dismiss them as who we know. I agree, yes; it could definitely be the relationship that they live on, not the amount of attention we give them.
  8. Good good, then I'd be glad to contribute. PM me or email me whenever ready. If you wish, you can Skype me. Like the two above me said, I love answering questions or contributing to a cause like this.
  9. I wouldn't say I have very much experience for this kind of project, so if you mind, when would the "due date" be for our interviews? I might be able to give you some -decent- information in a while. I'd be happy to communicate like Quilten said, and send me a PM, email, or Skype text whenever you wish; I'll be able to respond when I see it. Don't expect too much information from me though; I wouldn't say I'm the best guy for this type of project, but I can always give you what I know.
  10. Just took the test, but didn't realize until now that we had to follow the guide provided. If you see Anthony's results for what I'll do during the month, keep in mind I'll be following that guide too.