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  1. Will do after I finish Amber's. What kind of fox and any markings? Have a picture reference?
  2. Will start on Tuesday, I have a summer project due Monday and I have to work on it. Apologies for the delay. After Monday, I am freeee. Thank you. :)
  3. Hello. I've been lurking for a few months now. Decided to register today (7/28/14). Anyway, I'm looking to practice and improve my art a bit and I thought drawing other people's tulpas would be a decent contribution to the community. I'm not very good as of yet and I'm still trying to figure out a style as well as how to draw human faces. Apologies for that. :( I can draw just about anything but of course other things will be better than others. I am doing colored sketches, mainly for the sake of saving time/wanting to draw as many tulpas as I can before I start up school again August 20th. Please, specify if you want me to do a cleaned sketch or uncleaned. I will not do multiple tulpas in the same picture, I am sorry. You can, however, come back later and ask for another. Here is all of my art from the past few years, the most recent at the top. Newest-oldest, respectively. http://imgur.com/a/TCTGw Just give me a detailed description or, if you have it, other pictures of your tulpas. I will take requests on a first come, first serve basis. Please, I ask that you don't be too hard on me. I'm sort of shy and I was nervous to post. Thank you all for this opportunity, in advance. ^.^ ----- Completed: Toby- http://i.imgur.com/rNyIPHc.png Fenia- http://imgur.com/DF7MHxH