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  1. To preface this, I have almost no experience with hypnosis, just basing this on logic. To your first question: I feel that as long as you were making a clear distinction between yourself and your tulpa (that is to say, believing that you are two entirely different entities), then it would be almost identical to a normal hypnosis. However, this would happen pretty far on into the tulpa-ing process, or at least when you really feel the difference. As for the second one, I'm sure that auditory hypnosis would work much better, but mental would work to some extent. As Linkzelda said, it has
  2. It's been an incredibly since I've done anything even remotely related to tulpas, but I'd love to talk/help/be helped by/with anyone. Shoot me a PM, I won't bite.
  3. Updating it, yes. But not about Katelyn or Scoot, sadly. I guess I kinda knew it a month or two after that last post, but they'd been gone for a while, which is to say, dead. I find it hard to communicate my sadness and regret in words, so I leave it at that. They are missed, but time keeps on rolling onwards. So, after much internal debate (which feels odd, without a second and third opinion), I've decided that the best way to honor them would be to start anew. So, I'm bringing another bundle of joy into the world, with a totally different approach than before. Mostly narration, with wonderl
  4. Along with the aforementioned reasons, I've got a couple. Before tulpas, I never really took care of myself, because I didn't really care. Now, I keep myself in much better shape, mentally and physically, because I know that there are two other people inhabiting the same body.
  5. Doublethink up in this bizzle. And to your questions, I would try to understand why they are acting so out of character, possibly with a straight out "why are you acting like this?" But in my mind, that seems a little blunt. A better way might to observe when something/what triggers. Once you figure out the trigger, you can do whatever feels right to you. One thing that could be doing it is that she simply wants to exist, and she does so by being more aggressive than usual, bringing your attention to her.
  6. You shake it all up. Peanut butter?
  7. I'm back, I guess. I know I was gone for a couple of weeks/months, but I'm hopefully back to stay. Anywho, Katelyn and Scoot have faded a little, due to a lack of attention because of school, so I'm "nursing" them back to health. Naturally, they're both angry. I'm turning over a new leaf though, and I'll be trying to force for 40+ minutes nightly, and communicate throughout the day.
  8. I'm pretty sure that this has been said, but I don't feel like going through the thread so... Try hinting to them that you have a tulpa/ you are interested in the idea. If they respond positively, keep on edging forward with the notion, until you eventually flat out say that you have a tulpa. If they respond negatively, try to bring the idea into a different light. I haven't told anyone, even though most people I know are open to the idea, so if you still don't want to, don't.
  9. Yes, the music probably has affected her likes and dislikes. As you narrate to her, you impose various emotions, ideals, etc. This is the same thing, but on a different level. If you continue doing what you're doing, I'm sure her enjoyment of music will increase. If you want to go even further, make an instrument for her, teach her how to play occasionally.
  10. Katelyn wears some sort of purply sweater thing-y and grey slacks Scoot wears mountain man gear. They have both worn full punker outfits though, so they will wear almost anything.
  11. Perhaps you're just too tense about it. Try to use your third eye as you normally would, and slowly incorporate your tulpa into it. Eventually it will just seem like normal, or so I would think. And the meds shouldn't make a difference in your forcing sessions.
  12. Q:2.71841727 × 10^10 Too lazy to change that. Q: Did you miss me in my absence?
  13. There was this one movie in my 1st grade, we watched every month or so. Scared the bejesus out of me. Q: On a scale of wedge to diamond, what does cake?
  14. Everyone is pretty nice, except for the occasional outbursts. I can't think of anyone I really don't like. Q: Do you miss the shoutbox, as it was?
  15. Have fun, don't follow a strict schedule. If narration gets boring, or you get tired of it for the day, go on an adventure in the wonderland. Just follow your own wishes (and those of your tulpa), and if something doesn't work, try to do the same thing differently.
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