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    I am mostly friendly with alot of people happy alot but being nice to often really does leave me alone sometimes... I used to be a loner in most of my school years and to be honest ive always wanted a "life companion/ friend" ive looked everywhere for friends and eventually became a furry with I made my fursona a two headed 7foot wolf/ice dragon very muscular and one head being really friendly while the other one you have to gain his trust before becoming his friend... soon a friend kiked me and told me about tulpas... I almost cried when learning what and who they are becuase its the answer ive been looking for many years ... im still barley at early stages of tulpa forcing but I know his form and personality and mostly everything due to him being part of my fursona... but I got to believe and make him real to me... I also got pissed reading that some host kill their tulpa, for me I may not even be able to make him real and these people who can just kill them?! Thats not right! ... anyways my tulpa hes a 7foot wolf, friendly, gotta gain his trust though after that hes just everything from friendly to loving... his name is starburst and hopefully once I have imposed him I can introduce him into this website :3. After hes done i will tulpa force his brother, skittles and maybe later on they can be the two headed wolf i know
  1. yes, this has happened to me. well not many times but i already had a wonderland before knowing what a wonderland was and i had more than id say 20 tulpae each with their own personality and actions... later finding out these forums i was like "oh damn these are sentient beings..." so i just wanted to focus on one for now, didn't totally abandon them i have them dormant for now and in another part of my mind to say but yes it can happen
  2. Ive had this happen with my tulpa as well, i hadn't talked with him for more than a year, but i would sometimes remember "man, i gotta talk with him..." but never got around to it. later after that year i decided to do it, i knew he was there because id give him control over my right arm but would speak much (alphabet sign language) but i didnt care if he ognored me id talk with him evey night, tell him what happened throughout my day, and extra things that i could tell him, in the end of maybe like a month or so he started talking again and getting more excited to be with me again, ever sin
  3. Haha! thanks for the tips!! i got it undercontrol though, created a servitor "Gaurd dog" he is a mix of flesh and tar, with some kind of made up acid death chemical idk told him anything and anyone that touches him will die except for the tulpae that i create and have already created, that he will fight and destroy or eat anything he finds that is not me or starburst this way i found starburst but thank you for your help!
  4. So this happened earlier: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-forcing-unknown-entity?pid=191871#pid191871 Now later after posting this i went into find starburst again and i cant find him (anywhere!) ive tried sending out a "wave" or signal that will connect me to him once it touches him but it keeps going to this entity creature who claims he's starburst but when i ask him his name he smiles just before answering, not a friendly smile more like a trickster smile, it feels something up to no good. anyway he says he has him but wont let him go please help
  5. this does make some sense because ive told starburst about it, and doesnt seem to understand whats going on, i then told him to fight it or he has the power to destroy it as well but he says no he doesnt want to... but this entity keeps saying ive decieved him in some way ive no idea what hes talking about
  6. Hey guys! Long time no see! My tulpa and I have been getting along quite nicely and well we now have conversations i let him use my mouth to speak to me (doing this connecting my mouth to his ((not kissing)) ) anyways now just trying to focus on him speaking better and later on to visualization... anyways MAIN TOPIC theres an unknown entity that somehow someway has gotten in wonderland who disguises himself as Starburst, i have come to the ends of asking either one of them first whats his name so i know who im speaking to, yet everytime i force i speak to him other than starburst, ive t
  7. Im actually starting to impose a tail/tulpa basically a conjoined twin xD except not my twin just a conjoined being to me so a tail that's able to talk, see, hear, and touch and give hugs x3 Im loving this thread thanks for bringing it up
  8. I always see people saying careful not to create a servitor or just warnings about them, what are they? And what do they do?
  9. this is really helpfull thanks guys... I think ima take more consideration as to what starburst wants to taste too... hope hes not picky though
  10. So like can tulpas taste the food we eat? I mean like just wanting to know cuz my starbursts favorite icecream is cherry flavor so today I got black cherry with chocolate icecream... I could feel he was excited
  11. Ok I've got his image and everything about him down but like what I don't understand is when he's moving ... Like should I visualize him and puppet him? Also Im thinking he can talk now through thought but I'm not sure because if I ask a question with a short answer he tells me through thought like for example I asked him his favorite bug and I thought of spiders (my favorite)and then all of a sudden I get dragonflies but when I ask him a yes or no question he doesn't answer... What does this mean?
  12. Basically its called imposition, imposing your tulpa in real life not only means you'll be able to see him but use all the other senses smell, touch, hear, and even taste him/her... but this process is a long one its takes alot of practice and it can take up to a year for some people, and its a dedication of time your willing to make ... you're basically training your brain to see something that isnt there. Im barley a beginner trying to focus on sentience still but that is the information I got from others when I tried going into imposition.
  13. Uea the wonderland isnt working out for me I just visualize him where ever I am when im in my house or outside or wherever I visualize him with me... hmm... the mediation thing sounds very interesting id have to try that... thanks
  14. Ok so im having a bit of trouble using wonderland... like what do I do if im laying down or sitting, do I just imagine with my minds eye a place? Or do I meditate? And how wood I meditate?
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