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  1. Have you tried "French Roast" (I-Doser) ? When im tired or im losing focus i like to takes this dose :3
  2. This is very risky and can kill if you have Heath problems Some years ago i stay awake for 3,5 days without rest or closing my eyes for more than 10 seconds and i started to see hallucinations. it was soooo cool, and i began to explore and somehow i found tulpa-related stuff in the way but that is another story , the point is if those hallucinations can help you to impose or visualize better your tulpa i know, i knoow, this has disadvantages like: -Cold -Hungry (even if you eat) -you will feel weak -lose concentration (focus) -Danger to become insane -in some cases pain -if you stay +5-7 days awake you may die (you feel drunk, and some organs doesnt work properly) PD: Im still learning english. be fair
  3. Share some music as a community Discover some music of any genre of music , it will be interesting and maybe great
  4. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday overall from Argentina !! I wish you luck to both :P
  5. Can a tulpa Write with one hand and you with the another? Simultaneously, at the same time , without delay and other things ? PS:My native language is spanish ... be fair
  6. Im still doing it 737